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Has ‘Sheed really been that bad?


Rasheed Wallace has been the whipping boy for everything that's wrong with the Celtics; lazy, lack of focus, wait-til-the-playoffs attitude, etc…

But has he really had that bad a season? The answer is yes, according to Kirk Minihane of WEEI.com:

Take a look at some of his numbers vs. the best teams in the league:

Atlanta: 40.2% FG, 28.5% 3-point FG, 50% FT

Cleveland: 32.0% FG

Orlando: 39.5 FG, 22.2% 3-point FG, 50% FT

Denver: 40.0% FG, 0.0% 3-point FG

Lakers: 21.4% FG, 16.7% 3-point FG, 3.5 PPG

Dallas: 38.5% FG, 0.0% 3-point FG, -3.0 assist-to-turnover ratio

Brutal. Think those numbers should earn 23 minutes of playing time a night?

But wait, there's more:

Rasheed Wallace has attempted 257 3-pointers this season, 35th in the NBA.
That number, by the way, is more than Larry Bird ever attempted in any
season of his career. Wallace has made 73 of those 3-pointers, or 28.4
percent. That number ranks dead last among the 123 players qualified
for the league lead in that category. He's also averaging the same
amount of rebounds (4.1) as 3-point attempts, which is exactly what you
want from a power forward doubling as the worst 3-point shooter in the

So, he's been the worst 3-point shooter in the NBA
this season. OK, that's life. He is 35 years old, after all. But here's
where it gets a little strange. The worst 3-point shooter in the
league, having the worst shooting season of his career, is firing 3's
at a career-high pace. It's true. In 2009-10 Wallace has taken a
3-pointer an average of once every 5.6 minutes on the floor. For his
career he's averaged one every 11.5 minutes. How does this make any

Tough to argue with those stats. After all, ball don't lie.

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  • JPD985

    Good thing the amount of 3s he is taking is decreasing.

  • Joseph

    Hehe, his lousy stats are Gaurant-sheed, lol. I can’t believe you guys thought he was going to contribute to a championship. LOL. Suckers!!!

  • thetitleisours

    I think I would would rather have had Swift or Fazekas lol

  • Perry

    This is a cookie cutter example of a veteran past his prime, but yet functioning as if he were still in his prime.
    Naturally he is not the same player as he was a few years ago, so he can’t compensate for the abundance of missed 3 pointers. Once upon a time he was able to make for the bad shots. Not anymore.
    When you think about how Danny, Doc and the Big 3 pursued him you would have to conclude that so far Sheed let them down. I know they won’t say it, but it’s what they think.
    The most frustrating elements of his game is that he refuses to make a living in the paint although his post up game remains his biggest strength. On the defensive end he keeps getting beat consistently by his man and continues to pick up cheap reach in fouls. Lazy!
    I think Doc’s patience is wearing thin, and I would hope we see a little more of Shelden down the road — if Sheed continues play like he’s in a coma.

  • thetitleisours

    The thinking at the time was we needed to find Posey and PJ clone. It was not that outrageous the choices that were made. Injuries required more use of the bench and not only have some guys not just played average but below average. Disappointing but not crazy thinking at the time.
    Dwayne Jones anyone? lol

  • DRJ

    Yeah. Ball don’t lie. There is no explaining it in a way that satisfies.
    There is only one hope with Sheed, and that’s that he’s saving his best game for the playoffs, and until then doesn’t wanna take chances, doesn’t wanna work too hard, etc. Doc maybe knows this, and might now be coming down harder because he needs Sheed to get in the mode as the playoffs approach.
    All conjecture… but there’s some hope.