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Your Morning Dump… Pierce, Quis answer Doc’s call

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"When Paul is aggressive like he is, there isn't a forward in the world that can guard him," said Kevin Garnett. "He sets the tone, not just for the offense, but for the defense as well."

"We're obviously really working to try to re-establish [Pierce]," said Rivers. "And, like I said before the game, it's coming around. It's still not there, but that was great to see. He looked explosive. So
those are the signs I keep seeing that I think he's getting closer and our team's getting closer."

ESPN Boston – Pierce, Celtics come together

“He has to play better, point blank,” Rivers said. “He has to play harder and he has to play better.”

Daniels then went out and did just that, scoring 11 points, grabbing five rebounds and dishing out four assists. It was a stark turnaround from his previous six games when he put up a total of just 17 points, two rebounds and two assists.

Herald – Daniels delivers on Doc's orders

Paul Pierce made a statement that the Celtics would not let Sunday's loss to Cleveland linger. He was aggressive (Unlike KG and Doc, I just can't use the word "explosive") and his teammates followed his lead. I don't care that it came vs the woeful Pistons. It was needed and it was done. Now the bad news, Pierce tweaked his back in the 1st half and was unavailable to the media after the game. Let's hope it's not a big deal.

As for Marquis, I didn't realize he was struggling and that's because the dude goes about his business the same way every night – head down with no complaints. I love his versatility and it was on display last night.

On Page 2, if Dan Shaughnessy believes in the Celtics, you can too.

Everybody around here is simply too negative.

Not me. I still believe.

I don’t care if the Celtics are 2-9 against the Cavaliers, Magic, and Hawks. Seeing them lose at home to the New Jersey Nets
doesn’t discourage me. Getting whupped by the Grizz by 20 at the Garden
is OK. Sometimes you’ve just got to see the glass as half full.

This is one of those times.

“If we can get this right, it could be an unbelievable feeling at the end,’’ said Rivers.

Count me in. Put me on the Big Green bus. I believe.

Globe – Saving their best for last

While there's a better than 50/50 chance Shank is full of crap and took this perspective because he was out of column ideas, I'll buy in. If you'd rather have piss in your cereal, try Ron Borges column in the Herald (link below).

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  • Perry

    For those of you who couldn’t watch due to ulcers from Sunday’s debacle, this might have put you into shock.
    Like the Indiana game, I thought the opponent didn’t matter last night. This game was all about Celts getting that focus back on both ends of the floor. Kudos to Pierce who established himself early. Quis came in the first quarter and played with a real sense of purpose. I though he responded to Doc’s pre game comments as well as anybody.
    It will be interesting to watch how they take this performance and apply it to the upcoming games (NY/Houst/Dallas) this week. The players are on record now about staying consistent. Doc says they’re getting closer. They sure played like it last night

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Anyone notice Pierce last night on the bench, he looked absolutely miserable whenever they showed him. They kept showing the bench and Ray and Finley and Perk are laughing and talking and Pierce was sitting there yawning and mulling around looking horrible. Then at the end they were showing KG and Rasheed laughing watching Gino and dancing and Pierce was in the background looking like someone just killed his puppy, during GINO!! So strange

  • Nick

    you haven’t noticed Daniel’s struggles?? Because he’s had his head down? wtf does that mean? That guy has so much talent and ability that he could affect the game in so many ways yet for most of the year he’s ran around doing shit with his dreads swinging like Rick James. WE NEED Daniels to play well especially against Orlando because they are so deep at the 2-3 spots. Thats the bottom line, this guy is so crucial to what we do and his..I dont want to say efort but his..I’m at a loss for a word but lets just say he isn’t AGGRESSIVE every night which is what we need, because from what I see he’s nearly unguardable attacking the rim so why does he settle so much? Lets give doc a little credit for finally calling him out and credit to queez for responding. Lets keep it going.

  • Perry

    I was so upset with Quis’ abysmal performance on Sunday that I called for Doc to bench him. But after last night I’ll retract my words.
    You can’t replace a guy like Posey, but you can come awful close with Quis. He’s that second defender behind Pierce this team must have ready when the post season starts. I like TA’s energy, and he’s been solid on defense, but he gives away height at the 3.
    You’re right though the dude has been playing with his head down. Over the past 6 games his numbers have been dreadful. I just don’t understand it. He’s not a great perimeter shooter, but he makes up for it by utilizing the paint so well. From 10 feet his offensive game is really measured. Like everyone else on this team he’s been inconsistent, but he should start feeling his oats playing alongside Nate and Finley. Both can open the floor for a guy like Quis. He just has to bring the energy as he did last night.
    If Quis is part of a set rotation, Doc’s problem will be shortening the bench in the post season. I think he has to react better in game situations. I thought he didn’t work hard enough to find the right combinations on Sunday.
    Because he has so many options we may not see the same rotations in round one as we would in the semis or the conference finals — should we get there. It could be a similar situation to that of Sam/Eddie in the post season. During the Cleveland series Sam was the first guard off the bench, but as the series wore on Eddie proved to be invaluable. I think we’ll see different guys in a particular series step up. I’m hoping that Quis plays up to his potential. If so he’ll be one of those 8-9 guys, and not the odd man left out.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I predict Doc will field 10 players in the first round. KG will play only 30 minutes a game so that means Baby and Sheed will get plenty of time. We are already at 7 with the starting five.
    Nate and Fins play too well together and provide bench SCORING which the Celts will need. How rare is it that each member of the Big 3 contribute 15+ points in the same game? That will need to be subsidized by a potent bench. We’re already up to nine.
    Quis will play and hopefully well enough to get PP some much needed rest. We cannot expect Pierce to be able to play at an elite level for 40 minutes each night. Quis needs to chip in 20 minutes of good defense and 8-12 points a game. That way Pierce will have the energy at the end of games to be that assassin we all have grown to love.