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Our new Nate shirt

RedsArmyAdmin March 16, 2010 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Our new Nate shirt

Dominate shirt

Nate Robinson has walked in here and torn things up.  So let's show him (and Chuck's bookie) some love by buying our new "Domi-Nate" shirt.  If you like the one you see… click on the picture to buy it.  If you want to see what other styles we have (including women's and children's) just head on over to the Red's Army store.  We've got a ton of stuff there beyond this shirt and most of it is under $20.

For those of you who have bought shirts in the past…. we thank you.  We hope you've enjoyed all of our products.

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  • Joe

    Man, Nate’s been inconsistent as hell since he got here. He lit up all the bad teams but against good ones he sucked the life out of our second unit. One night he’s confident and aggressive, on other nights he’s gun shy and does nothing good. I don’t trust Nate. Finley on the other hand has been nothing short of amazing. He looks like a grandpa out there but he is money! Finley’s gonna help us big time in the playoffs. I have nothing but good feelings about this guy.

  • Losers

    I bought a Losers t-shirt. The silkscreen was poor quality. So I told Cafepress that it was poor quality, and they sent me another for free. Equally bad quality but I have two now.
    You’re welcome