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It was worth the BS technical

No… ref who's never dunked a basketball… go ahead.  Call tech on the little guy whose momentum caused him to swing almost on top of someone.  Of course Nate should have let go, fallen onto the guy below him, and potentially hurt himself.


Oh… awesome dunk, by the way.

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  • DRJ

    It MUST be rescinded. Don’t remember a more bogus call. He hangs for LESS than a second.
    He’s 5’6″, maybe?, and he does that? Is he the best jumper in the world? The guy is just amazing.

  • CFH

    I love how the announcers grouse about how they shouldn’t have done a showy dunk….
    As ESPN replays the dunk over and over and over, because the viewers apparently want to see this horrible awful immoral thing?
    Thanks for the show, Tony and Nate.

  • Who are the two a-holes at ESPN? Nate can’t dunk, but LeBitch can dance while winning and Kobe can dunk whenever he wants. I call that COHERENCE.

  • oooP

    wtf is the announcers problem? after the recent shows the c’s have put on at the garden its nice to see a little showmanship.
    also i dont understand how he could have hung on the rim for less time without landing flat on his back, but i’ve never dunked a basketball.

  • Spiraea

    Thanks for posting this, didn’t get to see the game so I’ve been looking for this clip. The announcers are the worst though.. maybe it’s not the best show of sportsmanship but it wasn’t like they shot someone as disgusted as the announcers made it seem to be. Hell, the C fans needed that

  • Nick

    its not like he came off the rim and started harassing / taunting Detroit players. he let go of the rim, came down to the floor and without ANY expression on his face slowly jogged back. COMPLETE BS…..

  • Joseph

    Yes, because he really need to lift his little legs in the air. It’s a T – LIVE WITH IT!!!

  • DRJ

    It will be rescinded. Why should he pay a fine for that?

  • Perry

    The ESPNer’s better get the starch out of their shirts. What a double standard!
    Do they even consider the fans who wait for these moments? Or just the fans in Cleveland or LA?


    Great dunk – bullshit yapping over the top…..

  • Shawn-cvd

    Haven’t read comments above yet. I was so mad at the ESPN crew for being critical of that play…that it was unsportsmanlike. Hey jack asses, it was a steal leading to a fast break by our bench in garbage time. For the home crowd give them something to get excited over. Paying fans want to enjoy a competitive game, watch their team get the W, and if not be at least entertained.
    It’s like the ESPN blowhards wanted TA and Nate to be embarrassed that they had just out hustled the Pistons. What kinda BS is that. I know! While we’re at it let’s stop keeping track of the score so we won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.
    If that was Lebron they would be kissing his a$$. You got the three time Slam Dunk Champion on the team and you want him to lay it up? Are you ef-ing high?

  • Shawn-cvd

    No the Refs were petty over this call. In fact the Refs get SO many technical fouls rescinded I do not understand how any of the border line ones stick.

  • jason benn

    yeah t him up for hanging on the rim for less time then perk does when he dunks it or anyone else for that matter hell t up lebron everytime he dunks it now and the announcers come on aholes did u forget ur commentating an nba ur getting paid to win and when ur on the celtics ur getting paid to win a championship so detroit wants to waste 110 million over the next five years to put together a team that got totally destroyed by us oh well haha love tommy on the comcast channel you jerks lol go tommy but refs next time remember nba u get paid to win here not be nice and not run up a score no matter in wut fashion

  • DB

    Of course Breen the ultra-douche condemned the C’s for doing it. But had it been his girlfriend Queen James, there would have been “NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE, OH MY GOD!” as Breen creamed his pants under the broadcast desk…whatta jerk!

  • NineSevenEight

    HAHA! You beat me to it. Guy is leader of the Celtics hater pack.

  • Orb

    Thank god I watch the Comcast feed. All I heard was cheers and Tommy screaming at the refs for the tech.

  • What really annoyed me was the way the ESPN guys, in typical fashion, said the Celtics were “rubbing in” the blowout and Nate was out of line. Not a shock.
    PS– Hubey Brown was the only guy in the booth to make no comment. Of course, Hubey probably secretly loved the play. lol.

  • Perfectly said. Nate had so much momentum leaning towards the basket, he couldn’t help but hang on the rim for a few seconds.

  • jbb

    btw the way did anyone catch the sportscenter playoff nba bracket to point out they had byron scott pick the teams for the east and west brackets so of course he picked lakers over the cavs snubbing the cs in the east finals why is this funny well its just another hater that works for sportscenter and comments on games or halftime sometimes he prolyl would have been right there saying oh t him up you dont need to rub it in oh yeah why does any of this even matter haha i just think its funny that all the people that snubb the celtics have if you look back far enough a reason to hate byron scotts reason simple he was a faker

  • DRJ

    Actually, it was less than 1 second.