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I don’t know what to believe anymore

Hey Celtics…. how about less this:


And more this:


Are you ready to start jerking us fans around with up and down performances?  Are you ready to start pumping out virtuoso performances that remind everyone that you're best.

Because one night I see one thing… and the other night I see a different team.  So what's it gonna be KG?

“It is frustrating,” admitted Garnett, speaking of the Celtics'
inconsistency. “I’m not even going to make up a word. It is frustrating
because you know what you are — you know what you are capable of. It
doesn’t matter if it’s Cleveland or Detroit, That level of defense. I
feel like tonight it was like an edge. We have to play like that every

I'm not smart enough to keep up.  You got one month left.  Just do it. 

And yeah… I get that the "yo yo" vs. "Yo Yo Ma" thing might be a little weird.  Cut me some slack… I think I'm still a little drunk from last night.

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  • DRJ

    It’s not so hard.
    Cs know the reg season is BS. It’s obvious. They don’t hand out any rings for it.
    But they can’t talk about that openly, because the entire fiscal structure of the NBA depends on the regular season. All that TV money, etc. So they say one thing one day, another the next… whatever… we know and they know and we know they know that this is all BS now.
    Further, playing very hard now increases the risk of injury, which could kill their chances. So they don’t. They win the games they can win without killing themselves over it. If things get too tough, the other team too hungry, the refs too crappy… ok, take it. Who cares?
    Cs can do this because in their Division, there is no way they’re not going to the playoffs. Most other teams have to worry about that.
    Also – the Cs’ vets are more susceptible to injury… so they need more tender loving care. Translation: don’t play too hard now.
    There is one thing that will change all this, instantly. The playoffs. When games suddenly matter. Till then, more of the same. What does it mean? Nothing. What do we learn? A little about their physical condition… Paul looks slow and clumsy, so I worry about his status. Everybody else looks fine, so no worries there.
    That’s it. Next stop: playoffs. Till then, more BS.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I’m going to bed. Wake me when the playoffs start! When is that again?

  • the-green-way

    it doesn’t matter man. this team is done. they not going anywhere. lets focused on the off season, can’t wait to see what danny is going to do with this team.

  • Joseph

    dude, you guys beat a sh*tty Detroit team. When the Suckdics put a together a string of wins against higher quality teams, then you can talk, but until then, their done. Actually, they’re done period. It feels great.

  • DRJ

    I’m happy to report that both of us cannot be right.
    green-way… are you sure you wanna be lumped into the company of guys like “Joseph”?

  • Omigod i am so sick of rondo not getting any credit… hes bee playing amazing man! KG is all hype. he looks like an old man, and plays like 1 too. i mean hes a nice guy and all, but he cant make the 11 footers that he used to knock down, he cant post up, and he cant play defense. hes turning into mikey moore from last year. why do they still start him over marque?

  • Shawn-cvd

    You sir have a pathetic knowledge of Celtics’ basketball. Which makes sense considering your posing as a Celtics’ fan.
    KG at 25% and four inches shorter would still be twice the player Mikki More is.
    Also “Marque” backs up Pierce, Ray Ray and occasionally Rondo. He would *never* start for KG.