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Your Morning Dump… Where someone else needs to be a leader

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When asked if it was time for him to
take more of a commanding role, Perkins said, “I think maybe a
different guy gotta try to step up and be a leader. I think sometimes
you try to feed off your All-Stars, but maybe somebody else gotta step
up. I’m talking about leading by example. One spark or positive energy
on the court and guys tend to feed off that. Maybe it’s gotta be me,
Rondo, ’Sheed, somebody.’’

you have your list of potential leaders written down, let’s cross out
Rasheed Wallace. A leader needs to produce, and the Rasheed we have seen
throughout this season — effective about every four games — is what
we’re going to get the next three years.

Rondo’s tongue is bleeding because he has
been biting it so much trying to hide his disdain over the team’s
inconsistency. He said yesterday that the Cavaliers are “on the same
page. They didn’t shoot the ball well either and found a way to get the
job done.’’

Globe: Time for some new math

Well, I'm not exactly thrilled that we're talking about looking for new leaders with 17 games left in the regular season.  But clearly, something needs to happen.  The Celtics are now the 4th seed and slipping fast as Milwaukee's hard charge has put them just 5 games behind the C's. 

You know who would have been a great leader on this team.  Leon Powe.

“We brought it every game,’’ said Leon
, a key reserve on that 2008 team who signed with
Cleveland in the offseason. “We stressed the bench as key. We stressed
the starters starting us off on the right foot. If the offense wasn’t
on, you’ve still got to go out there and dig deep on defense. That’s
what we relied on the year we won it.

“I can’t put [their being bored] in
perspective, but it’s probably because we won the championship that
year. Maybe some people are satisfied [on the 2009-10 Celtics], maybe
some people are not. It can go either way. But you don’t expect it from a
veteran team. That’s what you don’t expect it from.’’

Here's the problem with them still being "bored"… these are the games where they should be excited.  You want to send a message in these late March games.  You want to say to these teams you'll probably meet in the playoffs "hey… here's a black eye.  When you look in the mirror, remember who gave that to ya.  See ya in a few weeks and maybe I'll make it a matching set."

Nope.  Instead its the Celtics looking in the mirror… trying to figure out how to explain to their friends how Anderson freakin' Varejao gave them a black eye, bloody nose and fat lip. 

So I don't care if it's Brian Doo that steps up and becomes team leader… someone just do it… soon.

Coming up, Page 2… where Perk's gauntlet-dropping continues

“I think we’re close,” Rivers said. “I think we’re really close. But
we can say that all we want. You’ve got to prove it at some point.
Listen, we had a chance to win this game, but we didn’t. It was
frustrating for me, because you can see in a lot of ways how close we
are to breaking out and to being really good.”

Some Celts still tried to play the effort card, and that may be the
best way for them to handle this. Kendrick Perkins hedged on the issue of proximity.

“It’s hard to say,” he replied. “The game we played them in Boston, I
feel like no way we should have lost that game. We gave in. That game
was winnable. Tonight I thought we should have won. We didn’t shoot the
ball well. But, like I said, it’s all about effort. So I don’t really
know where we’re at because we haven’t played them with our best game.
It’s hard for me to say where we’re at against them. I don’t think we
went as hard as we should have.”

Herald: Celtics no match for Lebron-led Cavaliers

It's just beyond frustrating to hear a player say that. 

So… will the Celtics ever go as hard as they should this season?  '

Any time now would be great, thanks.

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  • JD

    I’m not gonna even listen to whatever Doc or the rest of the team says from here on out, because its the same recycled “we’re close” or “we just need to try harder” garbage every time. Only thing that matters is that the C’s don’t completely blow the last month of the season and hold onto that 4th seed. Then we’ll see what they are really made of in the playoffs. The fan in me still has hope that this team will be able to turn it around (it always will), but my mind is saying that this team is levels below the real championship contenders and has no chance to make it past the second round.

  • CFH

    Eddy “effort is a funny thing” Curry has obviously died without anyone knowing and his spirit is now possessing the entire Celtics team.

  • G4L

    I dont understand how Doc just doesn’t start ripping the entire team. I mean I’m so frustrated.. if I were the coach I would rip the team a new Asshole. This team is more frustrating to watch than the 2006-2007 team. At least then you knew what you were going to get. This year you have no clue what Celtics are going to show up.
    Maybe Rondo was right when he said players had different agendas.

  • NineSevenEight

    I don’t buy the whole “bored” excuse, really. I think that what we are seeing now is what we are going to get from here on out. I think it’s a combination of age and not everyone buying in. Cut and dry. They hang their hats too much on excuses lately and are content. That’s the scary part. I’m dying for Perk to step up and be a leader as much as anyone.

  • CFH

    And with the 2007 team, there was hope… young talent and all. Now there’s basically no way that this team can get better before it gets much, much worse. Not that it wasn’t worth it to get that one title. But still frustrating to watch.

  • Perry

    Here’s another troubling submission from Perk. He made a revealing comment stating that Doc has more confidence in the team’s ability than the players do.
    Give him credit for being honest. He’s been the most vocal Celtic during this train wreck. His play has been out of sync and he’s searching for answers. Those answers were almost always delivered by Kevin on the floor and inside the lockeroom. But as we know Kevin has problems of his own and can no longer be counted on to provide the intangibles the Celtics have been missing.
    In Kevin’s absence Perk asserted himself more and became a third scoring option. Now that Kevin is back, Perk has to accept his role and get back to doing the little things. He’s not a 20/10 guy, but he certainly is capable of putting up double/doubles and being that enforcer. Yesterday they played hard, but not tough. They held Cleveland to 41% shooting, but gave up too many easy points in the paint.
    Where was Perk?
    By the way, Kevin had zero rebounds in the first half.
    In 17 minutes Sheed scored only five points. In eight minutes, Leon had six.
    I’m not saying the Celtic front line mailed in, but we need look no further than Varejao.
    Varejao does all the little things Perk and his teammates are not.
    The desire and determination once prevalent are simply not there.
    Notice I have not singled out Perk. Every player is culpable top to bottom.

  • thetitleisours

    Skill is one thing but you cannot teach character
    Powe, Walker and Posey had that willingness to sacrifice their bodies to win

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Enough griping on past players who are nobodies on their own teams. Sorry but Powe, Walker, and Posey would not be turning this team around guys wake the hell up.
    The problem with this team is that they still feel like they have another level they can play at and they just are simply “not pushing hard enough” but the simple truth is they are playing at their top level and it is not good enough anymore and they are all in denial thinking they will just crank it up in the playoffs. They can’t raise their games to another level anymore because they dont have the ability too. Rondo can take his game to another level for flashes during games like we have seen but he’s not capable of winning games on his own. You need ray paul and KG playing at another level to win and none of them can get there anymore

  • DRJ

    Agree that Powe, and the others, would not make a difference to this Celtics team.
    I don’t think they’re playing as hard as they can now. I virtually KNOW that Sheed isn’t (he’s said so, and it’s in his history). Perk and Rondo don’t look like they are either.

  • DRJ

    Perk… I like Perk. But as far as taking what he says to heart, no, I wouldn’t do that. He’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch, and I really don’t care what his opinions are.
    Perk needs to focus on the simple things. Do NOT dribble the ball (and lose it 90% of the time) when you catch it 2 feet from the basket. Do NOT foul guys when you set picks. DO fight for every rebound. And continue playing great defense.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Powe and Posey yes. But Walker? Enlighten me.