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Rondo’s not so subtle hint: we’ll try in the playoffs

From Jess Camerato:

The Celtics repeatedly have mentioned “turning a corner” to get back
on a winning track. But with 17 games left in the regular season, how
far away is that corner?

“I don’t know, maybe 17 blocks,” Rajon Rondo guesstimated on Friday.
“It should be the same zip code.”

Maybe I'm missing something… or maybe I'm reading too deep into things.  But I don't think so. I think the message is clear:  We'll turn the corner when the playoffs start.

That's dangerous territory, fellas.  Hopefully DRJ was on to something.

Ray Allen, for what it's worth, was a little less forward with his metaphor.

“I live on an island. I don’t have blocks or anything in the country,“
Ray Allen said. “Any time you have to turn a corner, the corner is a
block away. It’s just a block away because once you do something well,
you feel like you’ve turned a corner. So it’s never that far away. Just
like when you’re good, you’re just teeter-tottering on being bad, vice

Sorry Ray… Rajon already spilled the beans. 

Hey Celtics… I want to personally thank you for letting everyone know that you're pretty much bailing on the rest of the regular season.  We've still got ticket giveaways and content to produce.  We'd like our readers to still be a little excited.  So even though you're not trying right now… we still have to.

Pay attention… so you can see how it's done.

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  • Ken

    I’m still excited to make it to the game tonight, whether they are trying or not. If I hadn’t won the tickets, I’d have not made it to a game this season, which would have ruined my streak of at least one game for the past 9 years. I’m not counting not making it during the 2006-2007 season, since the team didn’t actually play a single game.

  • DRJ

    Well, Paul sure looked like he was trying last night. Rondo and Ray too. Just couldn’t get it done.
    Sheed and Perk were particularly bad last night. Maybe this switch-throwing business applies to those two… I know it does to Sheed (though there’s some question about whether he still has a switch to throw… but there’s hope).
    Ray is the interesting case. First, he always looks like he’s trying 100%. Second, when you go up for a 3-pointer, “trying” is not an issue. You either hit it or your don’t. You can’t “try” your way to a better shot, not at that moment. Maybe Ray’s talking about other guys… like Sheed, or Perk, or who knows, maybe even Paul.
    Also note: Doc’s failure to properly rotate guys in and out COULD be a symptom of the “regular season syndrome”. He has motives now he will not have in the playoffs, like getting guys ready, getting certain guys more burn because they need it more than others, etc.
    Who knows. Anything’s possible.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    How do you get all that from a simple comment/joke like “17 blocks” ? I don’t get that from what he said in the least. I just think he was saying we are pretty far away, but not too far, just frustrated.

  • I took it as each block is a game… 17 games is 17 blocks away from turning the corner

  • NineSevenEight

    I just don’t see how this “saving ourselves for the playoffs” theory has any legs to stand on. During the preseason, wasn’t this the team that wanted to be the best defensive team to lace them up? The Chicago Bears of the NBA? The team looking to break the 70-win mark? What happened to all that? Did that mentality just go down the drain with the injuries? Maybe what we are seeing is just what we are going to get. I, as much as everyone else, hopes that that’s not the case but they aren’t doing much to prove otherwise.

  • DRJ


  • DRJ

    I think it mostly comes from Sheed, and/or started with him. Because it’s almost certainly true that he at least THINKS he’s saving it for the playoffs. Whether he has any switch to flip, we’ll see….

  • Sal

    I’m curious to know what specific question he was answering with the “17 blocks” comment. It’s good for them to have the playoffs in mind. I doubt he was dropping as big a hint as you might think.

  • Lex

    Something to say.
    Coming up with theories to make themselves feel better.
    What are the odds the team does improve significantly by the playoffs?
    That’s a tough question:
    Even when they were good, they struggled in the playoffs.
    So other than losing in 4 or 5 games, we’ll never know.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I think that all went out the window when KG was out for another month due to injury. The team decided to take it easy and not go all out so they won’t injure themselves more.

  • DRJ

    Well… we will know. One way or the other, we will know.

  • Joseph

    Interesting theory. You see from L.A. you have Ron Artest of the Lakers saying something completely different:
    “We just want to win every game and hopefully just win out,” Artest said. “That would be the main goal, just not to lose anymore.”

  • Shawn-cvd

    The Lakers are scared sh!tless of the improvement of the Mavs and Jazz. The Flakers thought they would have HCA in the West. Now Denver AND a red hot Dallas team are breathing down their necks. Coupled with Kobe bailing them out SIX times this year and Artest’s disappointing play so far and it makes perfect sense they want to win now. The seeding still means something to them. The Celtics seam fine finishing between 2-4 seed.