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Enemy Chatter: Varejao made life miserable


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Cleveland.

What a game by Andy. The Celtics’ frontline is still formidable, but
they don’t move the way they use to and prefer to play physical rather
than use their quickness. Anderson Varejao was built to make life
miserable for opposing bigs who don’t move well and like to clutch and

Varejao beat KG on cuts when he watched the ball, he snuck under
guys to grab offensive rebounds, he beat guys to the spot on defense,
and he tangled everybody up and frustrated them to draw five fouls over
the course of the game. The Celtics had no idea what to do with
Varejao’s quickness, energy, and physicality, and it gave the Cavs a
definite advantage inside.

Mo Williams continues to impress, nailing some cold-blooded threes and
looking good running the offense. And the best part is that Rondo
didn’t torch Mo on the defensive end. I’d still like to see Mo get some
layups in a half-court situation sometime soon, but he looks to be
getting his confidence back.

Cavs – The Blog

Varejao and Williams – the two guys I despise the most on Cleveland – played major roles in the Cavs win. While I have immense respect for Varejao's hustle and talent, I cannot say the same about Mo Williams.

If the Celtics can find a way to stretch Glen Davis (2-3 inches), they'd have their own version of Andy V.

"I wouldn't say [their window] is closed," said Leon Powe, who played
the last two seasons with the Celtics and had six points and four
rebounds in eight key minutes off the bench Sunday.

"But looking at the defense from the championship year, they don't look the same; let's put it like that."

It looks like the rotation is slower and they're not getting to the
shooters and closing out like they did before," Powe said. "I don't
know if it is just effort, maybe they're a little older but they've
been old, so that doesn't matter."

Cleveland Plain Dealer

They don't look the same? That might be the understatement of the year.

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  • nick

    My biggest complaint when we face cleveland is the fcat that the 1 time we beat them.. Shelden ALMOST KILLED mo williams and had a good game and we won, O.K so y don’t he play to give us the same spark Varejao gives them? Mt other issue is the fact that Rondo is fucking LIGHTYEARS quicker and better than MO Williams, so y does he only attack him spuradicly? I mean if u really watch the game there isn’t 1 time Rondo wants to get a layup that Mo can stop him? Call me nuts but u guys overhype Cleveland, Orlando is still a much better team, The green will be back come playoff time u can bet on that. Fuck Cleveland they never win shit