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T-Mobile Recap: The Cavs are better


There are a million reasons why the Celtics lost 104-93 this afternoon to the Cavs. Sure, I could blast the Celtics for their lack of hustle, heart, desire, rebounding, etc. But the main reason is… Cleveland is a better team.

Miraculously, this game was tied at 68 with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. The Cavs put the game away with a 23-6 run over the next 12 minutes.

LeBron James (30 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists) picked the Cs apart with his passing, especially in the first half. He routinely found JJ Hickson and Anderson Varejao open under the hoop.

Varejao (17 points, 10 rebounds) embarrassed all of the Celtics bigs, most of all, Rasheed Wallace. He displays heart and hustle Celtics fans haven't seen from anyone wearing green this season.

Paul Pierce (18 points, 3 rebounds) looked old. Real old. Don't be fooled by the box score. He was a pathetic 1-7 in the first half and had most of his points in garbage time.

The Celtics bench was awful. 15 total points. Wallace was 1-8, Finley 2-7, Nate Robinson 0-3, and Marquis Daniels 0-3. Props to Glen Davis for his hustle.

Anyone else annoyed with Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy's praise of LeBron's passing? They repeatedly snubbed Larry Bird when referring to the game's all-time leading passers. Idiots.

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  • Nick

    Marquis Daniels scores 0 points and he had a +/- of -15! and U guys that write this have the nerve to knock Pierce and Sheed?!?!?! Till u guys start taking this horrible off-season pickup to task I have no respect for your opinions seriously. I mean what the fuck u guys write about absolutely everything yet u haven’t devoted 1 article to Marquis Daniels’ uninsired and pathetic play. You goofed on me all summer for wanting Matt Barnes but seriously just be mature about it now and admit I was right and you were wrong and that the C’s fucked themselves by not going after Barnes. I also suggested we aggresively go after Shannon Brown which if we have we could have kept House and not signed Finley and have a solid 9 man rotation, but fuck it, I just which you guys would point the finger at the # culprit QUEEZY

  • Back to the practice thing. The team looks out of sync on offense and defense. I don’t see this team doing any better this year with out valuable practice time. At times this game, I thought they looked like a pick up team. No idea who was gonna cut or where. No clue about who was guarding who. Just bad.
    Yes, Paul doesn’t get half the calls he should.
    Yes, Sheed is a lazy ass.
    Yes yes yes to whatever you want to say. But when we lose in the play offs, it will be because of lack of unity and team rhythm, things you create and grow in practice. I love this team, but my hope is fading…

  • Joe

    i think it’s time for you guys to put your “#18 GuaranSheed” shirt on liquidation sale.

  • Joe

    quis isn’t the problem. sheed is. pierce is. rondo is. perk is. and kg, too. our starters except for ray absolutely suck right now. and our bench is good every other game but i have more confidence when they come in than when our starters are in. that’s how pathetic our starters look. against guys like verajao and al horford, we turn into a bunch of pussies standing around.

  • thetitleisours

    And someone tell me why Doc never gave Bill Walker a chance to play?
    Knicks fans are calling him the steal of the trade

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I hate everything about Mark Jackson and Van Gundy. They’re both horrendous, bias and just awful commentators.
    Also, I’m getting really sick of Perk. I was with EVERYONE else who was praising him earlier this season, but his stupidity is shining through once more. All I do is make fun of this guy…we need an athletic big…or at least a big that isn’t a lummox. Ugh, just venting a bit…but still, I’m pretty sick of his play at the moment.
    And you’re right, and I even said that during the game. Paul looks really old when he plays against Lebron.

  • Quisy has been good this season. He was out with the thumb issue for part of the 1st half of the year, but I have to cry foul here Nick. If you honestly think Marquis Daniels is the “# culprit” (you meant #1 culprit) then you have not been paying attention. Seriously-Marquis has been one of the only constants on this team. And Nick, I like you dude, but seriously..it’s almost the playoffs and you are STILL talking about Matt Barnes not coming here? I understand you’re a bit frustrated, but LET THE MATT BARNES THING GO. God da** man.

  • lummox…nice

  • JD

    Rondo and KG didn’t suck at all, and Ray sucked in the first half. There shouldn’t be any fingerpointing, its the team as a collective unit, not a few guys, that are the problem.

  • ‘Sheed is killing us on offense and defense. Lazy, hucking up 3’s. You have to wonder why Doc hasn’t put his foot down. When we have guys like Nate out there, their is no logical reason why ‘Sheed is down on the block jockeying for position or..dare I say..BOXING OUT. lol..I don’t think it’s slways fair to point the finger at one guy, but it’s SO hard not too with Wallace.

  • 2nd that motion.

  • larry

    you mean “if” they make the playoffs.!!they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.!!i gotta give you credit reds army..with every bad performance the celtics put forth..you always have a silver lining for this and that..let’s just admit it we suck.!!there is abolutely no desire to win with these guys.!!period.!! thats what bothers me the most.!!

  • Mauritz

    It was great when Jackson called LeBron the “greatest shot-blocker in the history of the league”. Van Gundy called the extreme ignorance, and quickly added “yeah, since the days of Russell” and tried to laugh it off…
    How sad is it when being nostalgic over a guy who quit playing 20 years before I was born is the best I can do as a Celtic fan right now? There is no way we’re going deep into the playoffs this year, not with the current versions of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Pierce in partucalar looked absolutely ridiculous matched up with LeBron today. I moaned and closed my eyes every time he tried to drive at him. To think that those tow actually battled to and fro less than two years ago? How quickly age strikes you.

  • Scott

    Rebounding Rebounding Rebounding. There are a lot of problems with this team, but to me it starts with Rebounding. The Celts still play solid D, but it doesn’t matter when a team out rebounds you so dramatically. All the defensive effort goes to waste when you give any NBA team so many second chance shots, let alone the best team in the whole damn league. That has been a glaring difference between the Celts of 08 vs. this joke squad.

  • Joe

    danny needs to blow up this team in the off season. i’d keep ray though if we can resign him to a more cap-friendly contract. he’s solid all around and we need that in the locker room. but dump everyone else including perk and rondo because they have value. if we keep them and the team becomes even worse next year, they’ll lose their luster. so trade’em when they’re coming off a winning season.
    as for the season in progress, stick a fork in them. this team is done. there is no way they’re going to pick up anything come playoff time. sure, they might look good for a series if they’re matched up against miami, but no team as inconsistent as this one can all of a sudden become consistent throughout the playoffs. they just don’t have the heart to do it starting with sheed.
    dump everybody. trade rondo and perk for high picks in the lottery. rebuild sooner than later.

  • chris halacy

    Kinda off topic,
    Does anyone know when the email will be sent out for the winners who won the tickets to tomorrow nights game.. its getting close on time :-/

  • NineSevenEight

    I think the only starter who played absolutely terribly, and it’s been a trend since Christmas, is Perkins. SIX points and as many or fewer REBOUNDS. What is he doing out there? He can’t make free throws, can’t make layups because he brings the ball down before going up.
    Sure the C’s starters, save KG, didn’t have it going in the first half but they all recovered (Ray 20pts., KG & Pierce 18 pts. each, Rondo 16 pts.) Where the drop off? PERKINS — SIX points and as many rebounds. He’s the softest guy out there. I think the loss really came down to Perk and Sheed having terrible games along with everyone else who came off the bench. How do you combine for 15 pts. for the game? That’s terrible. The bench needs to do a better job of showing up in games when it counts. Doc let them play a full five minutes in the fourth WITHOUT scoring and finally decided to sub. That was outrageous really. For whatever reason Nate is looking to be a passer instead of a shooter when he needs to do the opposite. I also thought a lot of guys missed a lot of good open shots, especially Finley. Hopefully those will fall eventually. They are going to have to if they want to get as far as they possibly can into the playoffs.
    Overall, this game to me was lost by lack of production (effort, moreso) from Sheed, Perk and the bench as a whole (minus Davis).

  • BigMck

    You definitely have the tickets Chris. Its just a matter of which will call window. I bet we have something in the morning.

  • DRJ

    And it looks like they’re right. Kid’s doing things — like being game-high scorer, hitting 3s, getting assists, etc. — that Doc never even had a CLUE he could do. Because he never gave him a shot. Not once, in almost 2 years.

  • DRJ

    Paul looked old, period. LeBron had nothing to do with it.

  • DRJ

    I thought Perk did pretty good work in the first half. Then nothing after that but fouls and missed FTs. Yeah, Perk’s gotta go. They can do better. He’ll never be good… hasn’t got enough neurons in his head, it seems.

  • BigMck

    Ray and PP recovered when the game was already over. When it mattered, they sucked.

  • BigMck

    Ha… that’s funny.

  • Perry

    Okay I’ll say then. Is it time to cut Sheed minutes? Can he ever deliver in the clutch or hit a shot to stop a run? I am almost at the point of admitting this acquisition hurt team chemistry on the floor. Okay he’s entitled to a 1 for 8 night, but he didn’t bring the energy required to a game of this magnitude.
    I’ve would have liked to have seen more of Kevin attacking the smaller front line, Celts had a size advantage, but couldn’t really exploit to its full value. Perk looked out of it. Amazing that he couldn’t exploit Hickson. Seventeen offensive rebounds for Cleveland ain’t gonna cut it either. Second chance points are killing this team. Cleveland found every lose ball. These guys are still not doing the little things that win ball games.
    You have to pin a huge part of this loss on the bench. With the exception of Davis they were out hustled. Quis was too passive, and Nate looked afriad to shoot.
    Still plenty of time for Doc to find the right combinations, but it’s becoming clear to me you can’t go into the post season with an 11 man roatation. Doc must find a way to trim minutes and find more energy and rebounding. It’s time for change my friends. Allocate minutes to Nate, Davis, Finley and Shedlen with Quis and Sheed filling around the edges. That’s right I said it. Move a few chairs down for Quis and Sheed.

  • Joe

    to be fair to the starters after i just bashed the hell out of them 5 minutes ago…our bench is really responsible for this loss. had they played up to their capabilities, the game was there for the taking. but we stopped scoring and the cavs built a 10-12 point lead in the fourth before the starters came back. it didn’t help that kg was committing stupid fouls and not converting his layups which i’ve grown accustomed to, but our bench could’ve played a lot better. and they will. but when they do, our starters won’t show up, so..oh, fuck it. we’re done. this team is more frustrating than that team lost 18 straight a few years ago.

  • NineSevenEight

    Agree. I really think using Shelden is what the C’s need and HAVE to chip away at our rebounding deficits. I’m just so disappointed in Perkins. He’s young, he’s tall, he’s a brute and he gets outrebounded just about every night. Either by his own teammates or opposing players. No excuses. He has to want better for himself and right now it seems like he’s content with his 6 pt, 5 rebound games. He should have double doubles every night and be a significant contributing starter and he’s not. It’s just sad.

  • Joe

    pp’s looking downright awful. the problem with ray is that he’s not getting enough touches because somehow perk and rondo have moved ahead of ray in our offensive pecking order. we’re at our best when ray is our leading or second leading scorer. when ray’s shooting early and often, our whole offense opens up. but they choose to iso perk instead. oh well..maybe we’re trying to build up perk’s trade value for the off season.

  • Giving up an offensive rebound is annoying. Giving up an offensive rebound off a free throw is maddening. Doing that four times in a game is just unacceptable.

  • BigMck

    He was too athletic.

  • NineSevenEight

    I guess they should just have stopped playing when the game was “over”? Nothing counts after that?
    Every second of those 48 minutes matters, actually. That’s how the games are won. Sure they didn’t have the greatest percentages, but the effort to get going was there. They hung in there and were within striking distance going into the fourth and Doc sat them all and let the lead balloon until there were seven minutes left. I guess that was the Ray, PP, KG, and Rondo’s fault too?
    “The negativity in this town sucks”. It really does. We all know they aren’t favorites to win it all but does anyone think for a second that maybe that’s just what happens with age. Maybe, just maybe, they can’t overcome what their bodies won’t let them. Maybe it’s time to stop being so selfish and accept the output from guys who are giving it their all, even if their shots aren’t falling. Maybe they really wanted this game today. It’s one thing to knock them when they lay down, but they didn’t lay down today. They got absolutely nothing from Perkins and the bench and they lost by 11.
    But just keep pouring it on the starters. You know, the guys who combined for 78 of 93 points. Some day soon people are going to have to stop expecting 30 point games from Pierce, Ray and KG to win. We knew this goday was going to come when Danny went for Ray and KG. The problem is no one wants to accept injuries and age as a factor that’s holding them back. I don’t know if they’ll ever turn the corner, but as long as I see a team that plays to win, I’m content. It wasn’t too long ago when this Celtics team was at the bottom of the barrell.
    But to downplay their offensive output as “the game was already over” Why even play then, if it’s never going to be good enough. I guess the Cavs stopped playing when the game was “already over” too? What does that say about them then?

  • Perry

    It’s actually strange that he has taken on a more vocal role off the court since his play on the court is slipping badly. In the old days Perk would just go about his business and take his cues from Kevin. I wonder if they relationship has been strained, and if so why?

  • NineSevenEight

    Perk isn’t displaying anything that would boost his trade value. That’s why it bothers me when everyone gets on the other three so much. KG’s recovering as best as he can, Paul looks to still be struggling. What do you expect from guys on the tailend? Really?
    But seriously, HOW OLD IS PERKINS? 24/25 and the guy’s constantly getting outhustled and beat. You can expect older players like KG and Paul fall off, but a guy who’s 6, 7, 8 years younger who’s got the body to be down low constantly getting beat? When will anyone hold him accountable for anything? Why is it always KG that has to be the one lambasted for not rebounding enough? Seriously Perk has become a black hole on offense and defense. He’s too busy working on his grimace instead of working on how TO DRIBBLE (without traveling) and bring the ball up instead of down to get stripped. He had it going the beginning of the year and has fallen dramatically. Luckily for him, the nagging injuries to everyone else, he’s been flying under the radar. There’s no excuse for him not to be under the boards getting double doubles every night. He shoots from two feet out and misses because he can’t finish. Anything further out and it’s cross your fingers. He can’t hit freethrows to save his life. I find myself cringing when he dribble drives into the paint most of the time out of control. But no one goes after him the way they go after KG, Pierce and Ray. Newsflash: Perk is a starter too. And as a starter he should be doing WAY more than he is. He deserves to be criticized just as much as everyone else. It’s hard to get rid of him because he plays straight up with Dwight and does ok. But he got torched by Bogut the other night, so his value is only good against one guy basically. And that’s only because Dwight doesn’t have an outside shot. If that were different, I’m pretty sure Perk wouldn’t be off the table in trade talks.
    He’s no longer a “beast” in my eyes.

  • NineSevenEight

    I think it’s partly due to Rasheed. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not (they don’t). I think when it comes to crunch time and Sheed’s on the floor and Perk’s on the bench it gets to him. This is the first season since the big three where Doc has reduced Perk’s role in closing out games. That can take a toll on anyone. But he needs to learn how to earn his place in the lineup when it’s crunch time. He hasn’t proven that this season. One can argue that neither has Sheed. But look at who’s coaching? A guy who is always going to go to seasoned veterans before anyone else. One thing Sheed has that Perk doesn’t is the threat of an outside shot. Right now, Perk barely has an inside shot. His percentage is high because he’s 2 inches from the rim when he’s shooting.

  • DRJ

    Well, Paul looked very bad today. Especially in the 2nd half. At one point, LeBron did a simple crossover and Paul almost broke his ankles, actually fell to the floor as a result.
    Paul seemingly LIVED on the floor in the 4th quarter. It was so pathetic and sad. Really, it looked like Paul had come from an old age home and was trying to keep up with the boys.
    Sheed and Perk were problems as well.
    But the team did well in the first half. If not for the Cavs’ FIVE lucky points (LBJ’s falling 3 and Varejao’s ridiculous rebound/tip-in), it would have been a 1-2 point game at the half — despite the fact poor shooting from both Paul and Ray in the first half.
    Then came Q3, which was bad, and Q4, which was horrible. Paul’s decent D on LeBron went out the window (ankles breaking, layups, etc.), and the whole team fell apart.
    Of their biggest problems, I expect Sheed to step it up for the playoffs. So that problem has a solution, we can hope. Perk’s gonna be Perk. But he can play better, and probably will. At least he didn’t dribble unnecessarily ONCE today when he got it deep.
    Paul — is starting to look like he’s not gonna make it. Doc needs to start thinking about somebody else. Maybe Fin.
    And that brings us to the final problem, which is Doc. Is he gonna grow a new brain? Get wiser? More flexible? Learn rotations? Hmmm…………

  • NineSevenEight

    Yes, Perk did dribble unnecessarily today and he got stripped. Same old story. That’s the problem. Perk can’t just be “Perk” and get a pass. He needs to play like he his capable of.
    But what bugged me most is that it was a winable game DESPITE Perk and DESPITE Rasheed and DESPITE their terrible shooting percentage going into the fourth. So what does Doc do? Puts the entire bench in to let an 8 point deficit turn into 17 points. Pretty bad strategy if you ask me. 5 whole minutes without a point while the other team was scoring at will? Really? What’s Doc waiting for anymore? He did it in the first. LeBron was sitting and KG didn’t come in until LeBron came back in. After sitting out the last 3 or 4 minutes of the first quarter. If KG is going to continue to play around 28 minutes a game from now on, would it be better served if he just came off the bench?

  • There was that and there were two straight possessions in the first quarter when the ball was thrown to a player that wasn’t there. The players were not in rhythm and I was screaming for Doc to call a timeout. Even ABC started to cut to commercial and the players approached the bench before everyone realized Doc hadn’t called a time out. I guess it was obvious to everyone but Doc that a time out was appropriate.

  • Celts5

    I hate these celtics. The glory years for this crew seem all but over. Is there any chance of this crew ever rebounding from this during next year or anytime after? I don’t really think so. So all that celtics fans can do is hope for the future.

  • NineSevenEight

    What else can we really expect from Doc when we need a rebounder, have one (Shelden) and won’t play him? Outrebounded every night and the guy who gets in position to get rebounds, aside from BBD, never gets any burn. I don’t even care abouot his lack of interior catching. Perk turns it over enough on his own to cancel that out. At least Shelden fights for rebounds. Perk does SO much ball watching and trash talking this season. He’s not backing up his mouth right now and it’s really a shame because he used to be able to. You’d think he were on the back end of his career.

  • Boston Man

    Why don’t the Celtics rebound? After a shot, they just run away.

  • Perry

    Quite true. A dismal as Sheed was today we all know he’s a more potent offensive weapon than Perk ever will be. He was bought here to shine in big moments, and this why Doc sits Perk on pine longer than in previous years. The Sheed experiment just hasn’t worked out, and it may be a determent to the team or at the very least a microcosm of what its missing. In a word it’s chemistry.
    When Danny assembled the 07′ team the chemistry just clicked. Up until this year’s 23-5 start it was still evident, and then boom. Injuries to Kevin and Quis, Ray and the trade rumors, Pierce being nicked up…I’ll stop now. But you can’t go through all these gyrations, subtract and add few players, and in doing so expect consistency. I look at this team on paper and maintain it’s one of the deepest one’s ever. I watched Celtic teams dating back to the Russell era.
    But we’re learning that a loaded roster may not be able to overcome all these moving parts. That’s why it’s such tough challenge for Doc because now the roster is at full strength. So a few guys who we thought would have played major roles may have to check their egos and sit. That rotation needs to be trimmed down to 8-9 guys for the sake of chemistry.
    I’m just taking the temperature of this team. I am not using this loss as a measuring stick. Give Cleveland credit. They have the world’s best player. The are a sound defensive team. They rebound. They know how to defend the screen and role. But are they dominant? They missed a ton of free throws, shot 7 for 22 from 3, and shot only 41% from the field despite scoring 117 points.
    What I’m saving is the gap may not be as wide as the ESPN suits tell us it is. But is there enough time for us to close it?

  • Has anybody seen the clip being showed all over CSN with Rondo in the Memphis game completely dogging it on the loose ball and watching it roll to him while Zach Randolph dives on it. Basically sums up this team in a nutshell.
    Doc in the post game was preaching “It’s just ONE GAME!, thats all, we play them one more time” blah blah I don’t buy it and Im so sick of hearing that crap. This team is completely in denial, it all stems from KG’s injury and ever since the injury this team has been playing in 3rd gear afraid to go all out because of injury and it will forever be their downfall.

  • DRJ

    I must have missed Perk’s dribble-strip. Damn… I thought he got through a whole game without one. You’d think he could… after 5 years of being told the same thing over and over.

  • DRJ

    They run to play D after they shoot, because they choose to forsake offensive rebounds in favor of optimizing their transition defense. It’s actually a good plan, a correct plan. But they fight hard for defensive rebounds… and usually do very well there — about 74% typically. Tonight, though, they only got about 68% of the available defensive rebounds (32/47), worse than usual.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Ha Ha. I think if we practiced some Doc might have realized Walker had it in him. If all you get is garbage time to showcase some skills your not gonna make the cut.

  • Shawn-cvd

    LOL. That was hilarious

  • Shawn-cvd

    The comments here about PP is a little over-the-top. Lebron makes EVERYONE look foolish. We still match up with them come play offs…Just need Shaq and Big Z to return.
    The thing is the bench MUST play better for there to be any success this post season. Nate must take shots and lots of them. He’s our Microwave. Heat is up.
    Perk SHOULD do one thing only : beast up the opposition. Rebound, block shots, hustle and intimidate. Doc needs to use center by committee. Perk gets two early fouls? How valuable is he at the end of the game? Keep him in with the understanding that Perk is to do one thing; effectively patrol the post. And if he’s stinking up the place put in Shelton.

  • If I was Danny I would already be searching for a new coach, a REAL coach. They said Doc could motivate the guys, what about now? He can’t motivate them. He can’t manage the starters’ minutes. He can’t manage the bench. And look at Bill Walker, he averages 11.4 pts and 61% FG in NY, and he barely seen the floor in garbage time in Boston.
    We can’t win this year or next for what it’s worth. But if we get a coach on the bench, we can still have a nice season next year instead of horribly sucking and barely manage to get over .500.

  • lainok

    lakers fan posting again. I know we are eternal enemies, but right now I hate lebitch more than I hate the celtics. You guys have had it rough lately, even though you still have the same team that you basically had when you won the chip. Trust me, as a laker fan, I know better than any other fan how frustrating it is to have a talented team that constantly coasts and underachieves. but it’s the nature of the purple and gold beast. fingers crossed that your guys can get it together when the playoffs start and smack those little bitch cavs back into the offseason.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Here, here

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I agree with the article: Cavs are better, period.
    But C’s help them to look better: Pierce is unwatchable, Ray Allen and KG are the shadows of the players they used to be, Perk just can’t compete at these level if he’s not surrounded by KG or some other good player around, and Rondo is a young talented kid that sometimes rolls, sometimes not.
    We’re not gonna win any title, let’s wake up from this illusion, and let’s start focusing on the future (that doesn’t look so bright to me, and that’s what worries me most..).

  • DEFINITELY. But I don't think Doc is aggresive/assertive enough to do it. Time will tell…

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ehh…I think he as a little bit to do with it. But yeah, the bottom line is that he looked un-athletic and tired.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Thanks, brah. I owe it all to Ren and Stimpy. \m/