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This might be the dumbest question ever asked

I completely missed this piece from Shaun Powell on until I saw it pop up in my Celtics Town RSS feed.

The headline: Was the Celtics' choice to win quickly worth the long-term payoff?

It's a question that has me struggling for an appropriate response.  So since I can't really find the words… I'm just going to let this guy sum it up for me:


I'm sorry, Shaun Powell.  I know you were just looking to spark a discussion.  And I know I've written some of my own stuff that is worthy of me getting called out (and I will almost definitely churn some more of that stuff out in the future)… but that's some Grade A ridiculousness.

We went to a parade.  We beat the Lakers.  They put up a "World Champions" banner…

How many teams get to do that?  Ever?

Yeah, we now get caught up in our little myopic, game-to-game foolishness… but my Celtics championship T-Shirts aren't even faded yet.  The title was so recent, the photos I've uploaded are on still-relevant social-networking sites…. which says a lot in this breakneck world of sites flourishing and crashing.

So the answer is… the title is ALWAYS worth it.  ALWAYS.  It's never a question.  It's silly to even ask.

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  • He spends a lot of time referring to money in the article, so maybe the question was directed at ownership and not fans.
    I’m guessing Wyc and co. will say it was worth it. And with the way the salaries are set up, the Celtics should be able to rebuild rather quickly. Ray’s big deal is up after this year, Pierce the year after, and KG two years later.

  • BleedGreenInOrlando

    Great comeback to a stupid question.

  • C

    Bill Simmons has been asking questions like this a lot recently. Although Daryl Morey told him point blank how wrong he was.