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Red's Army Player of the Week: You

Ray game winner

Yeah you… all of you behind Ray Allen in this picture.  And all of you up in the balcony, and in front of the TV's.

You all are the players of the week because of what you've all had to endure.  Starting with 42 minutes of complete crap against Washington before the big comeback.  And then watching the C's go to Milwaukee and fail in the end.  And then… where you really earned this award this week… booing the hell out of this team (deservedly so) as they laid down while the Memphis Grizzlies walked all over them.

It was a virtuoso fan performance that just might have kicked this team in the ass… and gotten them to realize you can only go so far before even the most faithful have had enough.

So congrats, fans.  You earned this award this week more than any player on the court… because you might have done more to turn this team around.

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  • DRJ

    Bravo, Red’s Army. Right on.

  • BleedGreenInOrlando

    Yes finally we get one 🙂
    Great stuff Red’s Army the fans sure did deserve this one.

  • Sal

    Oh my god. I didn’t think this would ever happen. I won! Um, I don’t have a speech prepared. I want to thank my manager, my PR guy, all my fans for supporting me for so long, my beautiful wife, my illegitimate kids…you know, there are so many people, I can’t thank them all. I just want to say this: you can do anything if you just-
    (orchestra music plays)

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    If that BOO-fest didn’t do it…ain’t nothing gonna do it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  • JD

    I’ll let Peter Griffin express my joy at winning this prestigious award: