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Your Morning Dump… Where the fans get credit

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He couldn’t hide how much it bothered him. The boos rained down late in
the first quarter of the Celtics’ blowout loss to Memphis Wednesday,
the fans left early, and Paul Pierce took the sights and sounds home
with him.

Two days old, they were still echoing in his mind.

wants to be booed at home by the home crowd,’’ he said. “That really
sat with me that night, to be honest, and I think it sat with

Globe – Celtics Turn the Switch

Doc has been screaming at this team for months – nothing. The media has provided its fair share of criticism – nothing. The fans have booed before, but nothing like we heard at halftime of Wednesday night's game vs Memphis. Judging by what Paul Pierce says, it really had an affect. Congrats to the Garden faithful.

“I’m not really feeling that idea, but, hey this is the 'Doc Rivers
Show' and we are just guests on it," said Garnett. "So whatever he
feels is best. You know, Paul and I, I think I speak for both of us, we
don’t really feel that. But practice does make everything better. You
get to clean up a lot of different things. We're not ones that like to
miss games and he threw that idea at us, but we’ll see. He gives us a
lot of rope around here, Doc’s really good at the dialogue and speaking
with us, he only asks that we are honest with him. So I don’t suspect
that to be continuous, but for the most part, it's about having a
rhythm and playing well going into the latter months.”

ESPN Boston

That's KG reacting to Doc's idea of sitting Pierce and Garnett in games so he could work them hard in practice. Nice in theory, but it will never happen.

On Page 2, Doc's LA story.

The article featured quotes about a team playing with a lack of
urgency. There was talk about a lack of focus. And the bottom line of
the piece was that the team wasn’t going to reach the NBA Finals if it
continued its recent play.

The only curveball came when Rivers revealed the story wasn’t authored by a local writer about the Celtics.

“Then I told them it was the LA Times and it was from Phil Jackson,
Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant – it was their comments,” Rivers said before
the C’s beat the Pacers, 122-103, last night. “(The Celtics) all
laughed because they thought it was them. I even asked, ‘Do you guys
remember saying that?’ and guys were saying, ‘Yeah, I said that.’ And
it wasn’t them, it was actually somebody else.”

Herald – Talk says it all

Doc read this story to lighten the mood? Did he feel his guys were too
tense? I don't get it. The Celtics are a .500 team over the past two
months. While the Lakers' recent woes have been ridiculously overblown
by the media, the Celtics struggles have not.

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  • chris halacy

    I’m just wondering when you think the tickets will be sent out for the winners of the trivia thing yesterday i still didn’t get it yet.

  • Tickets will be picked up at will call. Expect an email soon with the will call window number.

  • chris halacy

    Thank you BigMck.. I’ll keep my eyes open for the email!

  • DRJ

    Yes, the booing and walking out were extremely effective. It’s a great story, actually. One of the few times in history, I think, when the fans were able to directly influence events on and off the court, and to change outcomes.
    It’s a beautiful thing, when you think about it. “Greater love hath no man than this…” kind of thing.