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Perk states the obvious about Cavs

“In my opinion, I think they’re better,” he said after practice on
Saturday. “They can run more, you’ve got Anderson Varejao who’s more of
an active body, he gets LeBron open a lot, opens up the paint for him,
so I think they’re a better team. I mean obviously Shaq could help them,
but I think they’re a better, more fast-paced team.

WEEI:  Perkins: Cavs better without Shaq

Thanks, Perk, for saying what a lot of us have been saying.  I hope Shaq and Z play a lot for the Cavs when they both return so they Mike Brown can ignore the obvious in an effort to keep Shaq happy. 

No Shaq = more athletic Cavs team.  It will be interesting to see how the Celtics fare with the Cavs… and whether that second half collapse at home fuels any sort of "revenge" factor.

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  • Perry

    If there was an all-star game for under the radar players Varejao would get my vote.

  • DRJ

    Yeah, Varejao is good. The Cavs are so lucky, again, not to have Shaq for this game. Damn!
    The good thing is that it looks like Shaq will be back for the playoffs. Whew. We really need him ready to play. And our guys need to be told NOT TO INJURE SHAQ… very important rule!

  • MikeintheNE

    Shaq is Wack. Cavs are much more dangerous w/o him. He’s there for the Lakers and Magic matchup

  • celtics are not very good

    this garbage ass team better beat the fagaleers

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    This may be the last regular season C’s game I watch. If the C’s don’t put up a solid effort – if they give up a 10 pt lead, etc., I’m pulling a Sheed and waiting till playoff time.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    See you guys during the playoffs!