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Can we keep expecting this from Nate?

Nate 3

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I don't want to take away from last night's big win against the Pacers.  The Celtics mostly worked hard and they destroyed lesser competition like they should have.

Part of the reason for that big win was Nate Robinson's 4-4 shooting performance from beyond the arc in the 1st half.  He was 5 of 6 on a night where the rest of the Celtics were 3-10 from downtown.  Nate is 16-27 from long range in March… a blistering 59.3%. 

It's an impossible pace… and a dangerous one at that.  Nate has fallen in love with the 3. 

At some point, that long-range stroke is going to go cold… which is going to put a serious strain on the second unit.  And it was the second unit last night that made Gino possible. 

All I'm saying is we've got to be realistic about what Nate brings us in the future.  What we see now is not what we're going to get.  No one sustains 59% shooting from 3. 

So the question is… will Nate adjust and get back to attacking when he knows the 3 stroke has gone cold… or will he become a mini-Sheed who continues to shoot from deep without regard for reality?

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  • Perry

    Needless to say Nate is a home run hitter, and man does he get the crowd juiced. But unlike Eddie who’s a specialist Nate can get his own shot. There’s a lot more to his game than just firing away. He’ll shoot a better percentage inside the 3 point line than Eddie, and he when he penetrates you’ll see a nice floater to his game.
    A lot of his fortunes will depend on his defense. If he defends or is just pesky on the ball he’ll see more floor time. Last night was the first time this month he logged in 20 minutes. With Finley on the perimeter and Sheed/Davis working off the high post I see Nate working his way to the rim. That’s when it’ll get really good.

  • Nate was absolutely amazing last night. Can’t wait to see him get more PT.

  • rcry

    Everyone says that Nate can penetrate to the basket.. but I have yet to see that. Everytime he does so, he either loses the ball before he can dish or bring it back out, gets blocked, or misses the layup. Needless to say, I am worried when the 3’s stop falling

  • Nate isn’t just a 3 point shooter. He has a lot more to his game than that. The 3s will fall off, but he is an extrememly streaky shooter. The 2nd unit is getting him good looks at 3 which get him going then he goes on a barrage. I think it’s perfectly okay to expect big things from Nate for the remainder of the season, whether it be him hitting tons of 3s, or having big scoring games in other ways. Either way his play is going to be at a high level, he’s a great talent going against 2nd tier guys. and he loves breakin the back of the other team with a hot streak that he gets on

  • Blackberrfy33

    I love Nates game. He will give us 12-15 points a night in 15-20 minutes. Can’t complain about that!

  • Perry

    Understand the ‘live by the three die by the three’ trepidation, but I’ve watched him pretty closely here in New York. He’s a well rounded offensive player who can make plays for his teammates. But he needs time to learn the sets. That may not happen this season because there’s not enough practice sessions.
    For sure he is a shooter first. The Celts will use him the way the Pistons used Vinne Johnson.
    That being said, I think teams will have to prepare for him differently than Eddie because he is a one dimensional guard. So as long as he stays aggressive he’ll be fine. This not another Marbury type acquisition or even Cassell. We’re getting a ball handler that won’t be trapped the way House, Ray or TA was, and he’s capable of establishing the kind of tempo Rondo plays with. With Sam playing the point, the offense would come to a grinding halt. Marbury was afraid of his own shadow.
    So what Doc is trying to do in the short term is for him to come off these high picks and start launching. We need his offense. But you will see more dishes off the pick n rolls once he gets comfortable.
    One thing is for sure, the dude can finish.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Nate is still getting integrated. He’s played what ten games? The jump shots off the picks are very easy. To his benefit he is draining those threes. As fans we are yet to see all of his weapons.
    I don’t recall him finishing but I’ve seen Nate show that he can cut to the hole very effectively. Last night in the fourth he drew the defenders and rifled a pass along the baseline to Sheed. Sheed nearly got an “and one” on the play which was started by Nate’s penetration.
    Also Nate’s had the benefit of playing alongside Finley for only four games. Our second unit is now potent and Nate will find the open man be it pick and pop with baby, penetrate and dish to Finley or a cutting Quis, finding his own shots, etc.

  • Shawn-cvd

    The dudes definitely exciting to watch.

  • JD

    Regardless of whether Nate continues to hit his threes at such a torrid pace or not, I feel about ten times better about this second unit than a month ago. Nates not a one-trick pony like Eddie: he can score inside the arc, he can get his own shot, and he can create for others. And Finley is transitioning in perfectly, he’s going to give space for Nate and Marquis to create, for Sheed and Baby to post up and play solid defense to boot. As long everybody stays healthy (knock on wood) and Sheed shoots no more than 1-2 threes per game, this second unit is dangerously good.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Wow! Its a Nate love fest in here. How about we save the adulation for when he comes up big in critical games not just the blowouts….!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I don’t get it: we have a guy putting some fantastic shots in a moment where evrybody is worried about the black holes of this team and we start worrying when he’s not gonna make them??
    Enjoy the win..

  • Shawn-cvd

    Good point. Read my comments of Nate…they are very positive.
    I care not of the opponent the C’s will beat any team if they play like they did last night. It was a showcase of how many weapons they have. Now an ongoing willingness to use them would be nice.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    No one is worried about Nate. The state of the FRANCHISE is what is worrying. Who cares if Nate/House or whoever blows up against bottom of the barrel teams. We need the second unit to outwork and outperform against contenting team’s benches.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Sure. But I was referring to the lines in the article.