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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics deserved the boos


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Asked about the boos from the home crowd Wednesday night, Perkins said
he was surprised they started so early, in the first quarter, but that
it didn’t bother him. “Not really. I think we deserved to get booed last
night,” he said. “We didn’t give our best performance last night. We’ve
got to do a better job.”

WEEI: Perkins on D&H

Rivers said his team earned the boos that rained down upon them from the
TD Garden crowd. “Yeah, that was pretty good, and we deserved it,” he
said. “Listen, I’m not a fan of booing anything. … But that was
frustrating for the fans as well. I always think you support your team
good or bad, but last night was so bad — and it’s rare where I’d say
this — I had no problem with it at all.”

WEEI: Rivers on D&C

I keep saying, that Memphis game was worse to me than the Nets loss.  You can dismiss a loss to a team like the Nets as a "they didn't care, and it bit them in the ass."  The Memphis game is a game that should have been tighter.  It should have been a game. 

So now what?  Who knows.  Aside from a couple of guys, this is all seemingly mental.  Are the Celtics too cocky for their own good?  Are they delusional?  Who knows.  We're out of answers.

Coming up, Page 2… where the Celtics are just like the Patriots

"right now, they're getting a lot of stops but they're not getting any of the stops that they need to get in some of these games…

"this team defensively, what they've looked like to me… the analogy that I keep drawing in my own mind is the football team that plays pretty good defense but can't get off the field on third down… that keeps allowing third and six conversions… third and four conversions."

That's the absolute perfect analogy from Scott Souza on last night's edition of The 2 Man Game.  How many times have you watched the Patriots this past season where they made two great defensive plays on first and second down… then on 3rd and 6 they give up a 10 yard pass? 

The Celtics are doing a lot defensively in stretches, but then they're not stepping up when it counts.  They're not getting those run-stopping stops that will prevent the collapses that have plagued them.

Download last night's show and listen to Scott Souza.  It was about 25 minutes worth of great stuff. 

And after the interview, we gave you instructions on how to win loge tickets to Monday's game.  THIS IS NOT THE CONTEST.  DO NOT PUT THE PHRASE IN THIS POST.  Just listen to the show to find out how to win.  You'll know when we ask for the phrase.  These are great seats.

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  • Of course they deserved the boos, they scored 12 in a qtr and 33 in a half. Put those two games behind us and move on.
    Thankfully it’s Friday, got a game tonight. Granger is coming off a suspension so he’ll be looking to light it up. Eyes on you Truth.
    Even though they’re cellar dwellers it should be a good test at home.

  • Orb

    There was one specific moment, I think in the third, where there was a scramble and a loose ball was on the floor right in front of Rondo. He kind of looked at it and turned back to the other end. I heard the boos loudest then, and they were well deserved.
    And we keep saying it’s mental, but I think they may just not be physically able. The run they went on at the beginning of the year, which is the reasoning for their current problems being mental, had a lot to do with being a veteran team going against a lot of teams who were learning/implementing new stuff. When everyone got comfortable in their systems and started clicking, we fell off the table completely. Now they want to “turn it on” and their finding they just can’t do it. I don’t buy that they’re STILL not trying, they were pumped up and came up empty once again.

  • thetitleisours

    The relationship between team and fans is a two-way street. Fans can accept losing if the effort is there (diving for loose balls, etc)
    But the way this team has played at home at times seems like complete lack of respect or care about the fans

  • Perry

    Souza’s analogy is spot on. However, the pundit’s reaction to the boos is only an ancillary part of the real story that’s plagued this team. Booing, and hissing from the home crowd will not turn this season around. Let’s fact it. They have lost twice the amount of home games (12) this year than the previous two years combined (6). I don’t think they’re really that surprised that negative fan reaction has come to this.
    More importantly, as you said, there is a game tonight. A convincing win, then a completive effort at Cleveland would at least restore some confidence.
    Espn’s Forsberg had an interesting take on Doc’s comments about tweaking the line up. While I’m not a fan of bringing Pierce (the best offensive player on the team) off the bench, I do agree with his take on starting Quis for Ray. Pierce must regain his offensive prowess if this team has any hope of making it out of the first round. Why not establish him first with a Kevin as the second option? I like the idea of Quis guarding the opponents best scorer, which puts let’s pressure on Pierce at the defensive end.