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Where did The Beast go?

Perk dunk

Remember when we had a valid argument for Kendrick Perkins to be an All Star?

Perk stormed out, like the Celtics did, to a strong start.  November through January, Perk was averaging 11.7 points, 8.7 rebounds, and a hair under 2 blocks.  In February and so far in March, he's averaging 7.6 points, 5.5 rebounds, and barely more than 1 block per game. 

Perk seems to have regressed into some bad habits.  He's gathering a lot more often rather than going straight up.  His shooting is starting to tail off.  He's just not the same out there.

Is Perk caught up in the same malaise as the rest of the team?  Doesn't that fly in the face of "they're old and tired"?  This kid is 25 years old. 

Is he a victim of trying to cover everyone else's ass when they get torched on the perimeter?  Rondo, Ray and Pierce are letting guys get by them pretty regularly.  At some point, all the rotating and helping puts guys out of position.

But whatever it is, there's still no good excuse to explain why your beast of a center is currently averaging 6 boards since the All Star break. Look at the people who are grabbing more rebounds than Perkins since the break:

  • Jason Kidd (7.1)
  • Quentin Richardson (6.9)
  • Jason Richardson (6.8)
  • Carl Landry (6.8)
  • Rudy Gay (6.5)

I don't see how it's acceptable that 25 year old Kendrick Perkins is being out-rebounded by Jason Kidd… a point guard who turns 37 in a few weeks.  Sorry Perk.  I love ya… I really do… but that's crap.  That's gotta change.

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  • I remember earlier in the year having a discussion on “2ManGame” about him garnering votes for Most Improved. I really don’t know what to attribute his “decline” to. Could his shoulder be bothering him and he’s not saying anything..? It really stinks because he was looking so dominant. His footwork was great, was implying new post moves and he looked alot quicker. Not to say that he still isn’t playing well, but there has been an obvious drop-off in production. His defense and shot-blocking are what really matters though. Their is some stat to the effect of the C’s being 22-7 I believe when he has 2 or more blocks in a game…

  • Mr West

    Go and join the Facebook group ” I cant stand Perk!”

  • Perry

    Count me in on being concerned, but Perk knows his role and should be able to play through this bad patch of games.
    Some of it I think can be attributed to Kevin coming back. When he was out Perk assumed a larger piece of the offensive pie.
    I don’t mind establishing him early in the post, but that list is troubling. You know he’s not playing his game when he’s out rebounded by Q. Rich

  • Shawn-cvd

    RA this is like when you did the daily praise for each player after we won it all in 2008. Only a hall of shame and malcontent instead of a heartfelt thank you.
    Perk most definitely has been stinking up the place. Be the Beast we know and love big fella!!!

  • Bummed about the Beast’s decline. At the beginning of the season we were pumped about how solid and consistent he looked. Seems since the Magic game, (the last second loss), he hasn’t been as strong a presence. I think a lot of it is due to the other starters commanding less attention, (fewer double teams), though I think his fundamentals are slipping, sliding feet, flushing dunks. Maybe his shoulder is hindering too.

  • I have to agree with Perry to some degree – the return of KG has definitely made an impact on Perk’s recent decline.
    Just check out the game log for Perk since 1/22 (when KG came back).
    The baffling part is that he was playing great alongside KG prior to the injury, so there’s certainly more to the equation.
    Just not sure what…

  • hah… true. We’re running down all the faults of each player.
    Hey… they get what they deserve. Play well, we’ll praise them. Play poorly… and we’ve got to bring it up.

  • Perry

    Yep, you’re right. Just point to that 23-5 start, and what’s happened since is a total enigma.
    I hope he can play through it because if the fortunes of this season don’t take a positive turn I would think Danny has to at least listen to offers during the off season.
    Perk is respected around the league, and he carries a small price tag. It would be a shame if it came to that.