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What happened to Paul Pierce?


I'm not sure who is wearing #34 for the Celtics the past few months, but it sure as hell hasn't been Paul Pierce. (John took a few whacks at Perk earlier, now its my time to feast on Paul).

Yes, he's shooting a highly efficient 45% from the field and 44% from three (the latter being a career best).

But like I stated on last night's The 2 Man Game, something isn't right with the Truth. He's moving around with heavy feet and it's hampering his drives to the lane. Want more proof? He's taking only 5.9 FTA per game this season – the second lowest average of his career.

On to rebounding. We've been pointing the finger all season long at KG, Perk and Sheed for the team's  woes on the boards. Well, Pierce is to blame as well. His 4.3 rpg average is the lowest of his career.

What about defense, you ask? I'm not seeing much intensity from Paul on this side of the ball either. There may have been 1 or 2 games where I noticed Pierce making some key defensive plays.

Are injuries to blame? Partly. Pierce has struggled with knee, foot and thumb injuries. It seems like once he gets over one injury, another one pops up.

I really hope Pierce steps up his play… and soon. I'm in full support of Doc Rivers shaking up the rotation and in my eyes, Pierce is the one who needs to sit.

Editor's note: CSNNE's Sherrod Blakely stole my idea also has a solid article today on Pierce's struggles.

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah it really seems like ever since he had that “knee infection” and two surgeries, he has not been the same. It’s funny because the beginning of the season I remember Pierce is all I really was talking about because the guy was playing so well, he looked like he was in good shape, he was dunking alot more, remember him postering Bosh? He was attacking and finishing like the old Pierce. Well that has since disappeared… Only thing I can tie it to is those surgeries on his knee

  • Jason

    While agree Pierce isn’t his normal self, I really blame the refs for the FT numbers. Pierce is still driving, still drawing tons of contact, getting zero calls.

  • nick

    U guys are ridiculous. Perk and Pierce will both help lead us to great things in the playoffs. Chill out all of U!!!

  • Danno

    The same upfakes that used to be automatic fouls now get no calls. same when he drives the lane. It’s liek they changed the rules just for Pierce, like the NFL did to the Pats on the pass interference calls after the Colts whined about it.

  • Cue the magic wheelchair comments from some of the less intelligent visitors on this site who are still bitter. Should be any minute now as the school bell will be ringing soon for lunch on the west coast.

  • We could write these posts about everybody in the organization, from Scal to Doc to Doo.
    Sure, injuries aren’t helping, but I just think it’s an overall epidemic on the team.
    The heart isn’t there. The killer instinct isn’t there. When the veteran leaders can’t get up for the games, it spreads to everyone and after a few games it becomes the norm.
    Ubuntu is buried in the past. Everyone is just biding their time, hoping they can flip the switch come playoff time.
    It’s rather depressing to watch.

  • Perry

    Chuck I respectfully disagree. If this team is to break out of the doldrums they need Pierce to regain his offensive prowess.
    I hate to beat a dead horse, but if Pierce and Kevin do not revert back to the players we’re accustomed to watching than we’ll all be doing other things this Spring. The fortunes of this team lie with both superstars playing at or close to peak level with an average of 32-35 minutes to regain their rhythm and timing.
    Two points:
    1- If you’re debating a line up tweak why not start Quis at the 2? Establish Pierce first with a Kevin as the second option. Assign Quis to guard the opponents best scorer. It will put less pressure on Pierce at the defensive end. Having Ray come off the bench with Nate and Sheed spaces the floor and gives that 2nd unit 3 legit scoring options. Finley is more than capable of spelling Pierce. You may lose some perimeter defense, but you’re talking about him guarding the opposition’s back up 3, and we do have TA for defensive purposes.
    2- Put Pierce in a position where the opponent can’t double him. When he’s one on one the percentages are higher that he’ll make a solid decision resulting in dish or assist.
    Although Rondo has proved he can take over games in spurts, Pierce remains the team’s number one offensive option. Unlike Ray he can get his own shot, and regrettably the Celts’ offense does not run off Kevin on the blocks. These days Kevin seems more comfortable playing off the high post.
    Obviously Pierce is not 100%, so the question is how far off that magic number is he? Unless those injuries are debilitating ones that require him to sit out you have to let him play his way out the funk.

  • Danno