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We’ll DO IT LIVE… from the Garden

(NSFW language in video)

We're happy to announce that Red's Army will be doing it live… from every remaining Celtics home game.  We'll be in the T-Mobile suite giving you readers who can't make it to the games a live taste of what's going on.  Here's how it will work:

The myTouch 3G has an app that runs Qik.com.  That allows us to broadcast live using the myTouch.  So we'll turn the phone on, run the app, and you'll just have to go to Qik.com/redsarmy and you'll see us broadcast live pre and post game… and during the quarter breaks.

We're the only site around that can do that.  We're hoping that it helps bring the game a little closer to you guys. 


We're running into a little roadblock.  No big deal.  But we're not able to go live tonight.  Hopefully soon.  Sorry

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  • It’s great to see you guys’ hard work paying off. T-Mobile has really given you guys a huge boost. I hope to be able to take a peek at that suite and hang out at some of the games w/you. I should be at most of the remaining ones myself.

  • Orb

    Damn, awesome.
    When do you get to start broadcasting from the T-Mobile Blimp?

  • We’ll definitely try to pull you in for one.

  • bigmck

    Bill O’ Reilly – one of the truly great American heroes.
    Long live Fox News!

  • Congrats John!
    This is amazing and no one deserves it more than you!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    movinnn on up.. to east sidee, finnally gon’ get a piece of the piee!! haha congrats guys thats some sweet digs, now I dont have to watch the egghead gary tanguay??? and the slightly homosexual donny marshall, anyone else notice that?

  • We’re not going to be doing crazy studio shows. We’re still broadcasting live through a phone… so don’t expect TOO much.

  • DRJ

    LOVE that O’Reilly clip. How the hell did that get that, I wonder. Always thought he was a douche, but he’s awesome in this clip.

  • DRJ

    Say… would it ever be possible to bring a laptop and actually have a LIVE CHAT LIVE FROM THE GAME??

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I know, im not assuming an ace tickets studio B, I just would rather come here for a makeshift pre and post game than watch them! haha either way good job and keep workin hard cause its paying off!

  • not from the suite. I’d have to be on press row