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T-Mobile Recap: Blowout

Chuck - Red's Army March 12, 2010 Uncategorized 19 Comments on T-Mobile Recap: Blowout


A blowout win… over a bad team… at home. That's not something we see everyday by the Celtics. Fortunately, we got to see it tonight, 122-103 over the Pacers.

So what was the big difference between tonight's victory and Wednesday night's debacle? Two reasons. 1-The Pacers are awful. 2-The Celtics played hard.

The Celtics broke this game open with a 38 point second quarter. The bench (56 total points) stretched the lead and the starters continued the run.

Indy made a mini-run in the 3rd, cutting a 24 points lead (76-52) to 16, but the Celtics offense was too damn good for the Pacers to keep up.

Paul Pierce had 20 points (7-12 FG) in 22 minutes. He even threw down a dunk on an alley-oop from Rajon Rondo (16 points, 11 assists). Glen Davis and Nate Robinson each chipped in 15 points.

Rasheed showed me something new in the 4th quarter – he faked a 3, took a dribble past his man and nailed a 20 footer.

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"We played with 200% more energy tonight than the other night," – KG


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  • I know Pierce and Baby had good numbers tonight also, but Nate and Finley were just superb. That 2nd unit as a whole moved the ball very well. I wasn’t terribly excited about the Finley move at first, but I do like what’s he done and what he brings so far. People still respect him and what he can do from outside. This has, and will really open things up. Now I’d like to see us go into Cleveland and win, or at least play very competitive ball on Sunday. After that, we have what “should be” (ugh..) two easy home-games vs Det and NY. And then folks, PUT YOUR HELMETS ON. It gets real tough. If you are a bandwagon fan, or not strong-willed, you might want to stop following the C’s after St.Patty’s Day. Here is what we have: Hou, Mavs & then the Jazz on the road. Then Nuggs, King, Spurs, OKC, Hou, and Cavs back home-I truly believe that stretch of games will dictate the rest of the year and the playoffs. Should be fun to watch…

  • Funny… lose at home to the Grizz…. 50 comments.
    Blowout win just like we’re supposed to see…. 2 comments.

  • lol…
    We love ya.

  • DRJ

    It’s always like that. Big losses bring people out… I think looking for comfort and understanding. Who knows… but happens every time that way.

  • I was about to comment on the same thing.

  • Shawn-cvd

    How can this not be mental? EVERYONE played with effort and purpose.
    Guess the Green didn’t want to let down all the men and women in uniform there for Seats for Soldiers night.

  • DRJ

    There were many good things to take away from this Pacers game. And one really bad thing.
    – The defense started great, and kept it up until it wasn’t needed anymore (i.e., blowout time).
    – The offense moved the ball A LOT, and was very effective.
    – Paul played very, very well. Another step up. Should be all the way back very soon now.
    – KG continued to look great.
    – Rondo behaved himself.
    – Nate was spectacular
    – Fin was excellent. He seems absolutely ready to play… can’t tell he’s 38 years old, at ALL. Great, great pickup, apparently.
    – Baby chucks a bit too much. Excellent D though.
    – Everybody else was good too…. except one guy.
    The one really bad spot of the night: Perkins. I know Doc said he played better tonight than he had in a long time, that he was a “pick machine”, etc. But Doc says things for many reasons (including propping up the player). Here are the problems:
    The scariest thing is the way he sets his picks. He sets ’em almost every trip down. And almost every one of his picks IS ILLEGAL. If you watch the game again, focus on his picks. HE’S ALMOST ALWAYS MOVING. The refs weren’t calling moving picks in this game, so the Cs and Perk got lucky. But the refs often do, aggressively. And then Perk will be dead in the water. TO almost every time down, if they call them correctly. Really. Watch the tape. It’s very, very scary.
    But the thing that got my blood boiling, and finally made me realize that Perk CANNOT STAY ON THIS TEAM — were 4 plays, all of which resulted in lost possessions (not always reflected in his official TO count). The worst by far were the TWO times he got the ball within 2 feet of the Pacers basket, and instead of going up, went DOWN for a dribble, and lost the ball. He did that TWICE (Q1 6:40, Q3 7:15).
    How many times has Perk been told to go straight up? Over how many years? FIVE. After FIVE YEARS, he still can’t get it right. Amazing.
    The other two: His dunk was blocked by Granger at 2:30 in Q2 because he hesitated an extra beat after catching the pass, and then at 0:23 of Q2, he let a Rondo pass sail out of bounds, when he could easily have caught it for an easy score, because he thought a Pacer had touched it. Ref didn’t see it, and it became a TO (blamed on Rondo).
    After 5 years of trying to teach Perkins a few simple rules of basketball — don’t move when you set a pick, and do NOT put the ball down to dribble if you don’t have to — he still does not get it.
    My conclusion: Perkins is too slow-witted for this team. He will never be good. He will never even be complete. He will always be highly defective because… he’s simply not smart enough.
    That’s the bottom line. Sad to say, but Perkins has to go. They need to trade him out of town as soon as possible. Meanwhile, use Sheed when you can, try to get by, try to AVOID giving Perkins the ball on offense… and hope we get refs who don’t like to whistle moving picks.
    Main thing: start thinking about how to move Perkins out of here, and who can replace him.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Fins is a HUGE pick up. I said it before; we got Quis and a poor man’s Quis named Tony Allen. With those two on the floor the spacing was all off and it forced Sheed to camp out on the three point line. Look what Finley does for us (even if only for 12 minutes a game);
    1 Spreads the floor.
    2 Provides an offensive punch
    3 Move’s Sheed’s expansive backside to the post.
    4 With Sheed where he should be Baby can set NASTY picks to free up Nate to score at will.
    5 Let’s Quis play some horny D. Should he pick up some fouls insert TA to continue the pressure.
    6 Finley will help keep our second unit out longer which allows Truth and Ray Ray to get much needed rest and the second unit much needed playing time.
    I truly believe that our playoff rotation will be eleven deep. Other teams may field only 8 players but we’ll be all hands on deck. I couldn’t say that before Fins landed in our laps (easy the SportsFan…)

  • DRJ

    Right on, all your points. Fin is an awesome pickup. Doc will have the luxury of being able to pick the hottest players and run with them when things get tough. We can only hope that he has the flexibility to do that… not just stick with his vets because they’re his vets. There is a LOT of talent on this team now… use it, all of it.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I cannot agree with you on this one. Perk had 7 board and 10 points on 4-6 shooting to go along with his 2 turnovers and dozens of illegal screens. That’s a nice line for twenty three minutes.
    Perk is one of the few guys in this league that can cover Dwight Howard one on one. Should the C’s trade him be prepared for up to a decade of being outclasses by the Magic.
    Perk’s expectations are to get boards, patrol the paint and look brooding. I would also add get the ball up instead of that for shite dribble.
    Perk’s worth should be measured this Spring. Until then Perk deserves our scrutiny but not the trading block…

  • DRJ

    I know… it’s hard to agree with this. But if you have the game recorded… watch it again, focusing on Perk’s picks – which he sets almost every time down – and on the 4 plays I mentioned. It gets a lot easier to think about trading Perk after that.
    Really… we can do a lot better.

  • Missed the game, unfortunately…Looked like it was much more enjoyable then the Grizz game…just my luck

  • NineSevenEight

    Agreed. Kind of shocked BBD took 10 shots (but there was a LOT of garbage time.) He does have that nice spinning jump hook that seems to work out for him a lot more though, which is good to see — a shot that has less of a chance of getting blocked.
    And Perk has got to be infuriating to share the court with with that power dribble in the paint. How does that even become a habit? Why go down to go up, when you could just go up? I don’t get it.
    I think there was one point where KG drew the defense and dished to Perk who was wide open under the hoop, and instead of going straight up he went straight down and gave defenders enough time to get back and strip the ball. Perk, as always, chirped for a foul. He makes his life ten times harder and he has to know because he started off so well this season and it looked like he kicked that habit.

  • Perry

    Prescription filled. Medicine taken. A convincing win makes everyone feel better.
    After Nate knocked down his first 3 it all just seemed to kick in for the entire team. I didn’t think the opponent mattered much last night. This was all about the Celtics getting back to playing like the…Celtics.
    Kudos. You guys were right. Have to admit I was dubious about the Finely acquisition, but there’s no denying he still has offense in that utility belt, and looks real comfortable using it. No question he can spell Pierce for 10-12 minutes a night. Oh, and he had +11 differential.
    Pierce looked more fluid after a shaky first quarter. My hope is he recognizes the depth off the bench will allow him to get back into form at his own pace — 7 for 12 shooting, and some nice finishes is a step in the right direction.
    The only negative I came away with was Indy shooting 49%. They were at a 55%+ clip for most of the game. Could be a byproduct of the open floor game Oby loves to play, but lately the opponent is shooting a percentage that’s way too high. Gotta clean up that mess Sunday, and please…rebound!

  • the-FACTS

    the celtics lost to memphis at the garden the other day was really bad, now they felt like they have to prove something to the fan. they played the lowly pacers with a since of urgency. i would not say the celtics are back to normal form. im looking for an 8 to 12 winning streak from the celtics with the same high intensity like they played against the pacers. play defense for 48 minutes. i been waiting since christmas for this team to showed me that they are a championship team. i haven’t seen it yet. lets see what happen in the next 10 games that they’ll play.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Finley was a unique late season pick up. It’s unlikely you improve dramatically off waivers but it’s as unlikely that a player like Finley requests a release.
    He may be old but Fins does have fresh legs due to all those DNP’s in San Antonio. Our depth is now off the charts! As important we have a squad that matches Doc’s mentality. He will play everyone which is what our veteran elite need.

  • Agreed. This team is just a mindset away from making things happen. I really hope w/vets there like Finster, SugarRay, P-Dub and Ticket they can get the fire back under this team's a$$.

  • aaron


  • Shawn-cvd

    True but the Celts don’t need him to be. KG at 75% will be enough. Truth is the one we need to be fully recovered.