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Better Dunk: JR Smith or Gerard Anderson

JR Smith caught a 360 alley oop this week:

But Cal State Fullerton’s Gerard Anderson jump clear over some guy:

So which is better?

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  • beastondo32

    Def Gerald Anderson… thats a rare thing to see

  • Trevor

    Id have to go with J.R.’s because that guard was like four feet tall. A spur of the moment 360 alley oop by a SG is insane.

  • ohio

    Anderson’s was better. Smith’s looked like a dunk contest jam there was nobody near him.

  • idaho_jim

    Smith….360 ‘oop in the run of a game? Get out of here that’s insane. Even if it was against the T’Wolves, the competition is faaaaaaar better than the Big West.
    U of Idaho used to be in the big west, I’ve seen Cal-State Fulerton play…looked more like high school games.

  • Whether it was a high school game or a college game, Anderson jumped over some guy in the middle of a game. They cant even do that in dunk contests.

  • William Hathaway

    the guy he dunked over is small, I bet I could jump over him.

  • Justin

    Anderson’s dunk was far better. Jumping clear over someone is ridiculous enough but how did that break start? Two amazing blocks by that Miller guy.

  • Me

    JR Smith Better…