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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc finally hints at change


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“We’ve been reluctant to make many changes with our rotations and stuff
like that,” he said after last night’s 111-91 loss to Memphis. “Maybe
we have to think about that. Maybe not, but we have to think about it,
because right now we’re just sketchy. We’re not playing consistent.”
Yeah, but, you know, I’m slow to change,” he said. “I think consistency
is better, but I think at times you do have to think about it. I’m not
a big believer in change for change. If it’s not going to be a long
change, I think that’s a waste of time personally.”

Herald – Frustrated Doc Mulls Changes

repeatedly hear Mike Gorman say the Celtics are allowing teams to shoot
a ridiculously high percentage in the first quarter. To combat this,
Doc needs to start games with his best defensive unit. Throw Marquis
Daniels or Tony Allen into the starting five and bench Paul Pierce. 

wise, Pierce is having one of his best shooting seasons. But something
is missing. The fire, defensive intensity we saw the past two seasons
is gone.

also bench Perk for Sheed. Wallace has slightly improved his play as of
late, but this move is more about sending a message to Perkins. He
needs to wake up and start rebounding.

The old adage – it doesn't matter who starts games, it matters who finishes them – doesn't apply to the 2010 Celtics.

On Page 2, 'Sheed maintains his optimism.

“I think we can do some real big
things here, going into these playoffs. It’s a matter of us coming
together and going out and getting wins.

think we step up more in big games. But teams where they’re struggling,
or they’re not making the playoffs, sometimes we have the tendency to
disrespect them a little bit. But we can’t do that too much because
they’re in the NBA and they’re some of the elite athletes in the world.

team has been there, no matter where we’re coming from — Mike [Finley]
from San Antonio, me from Detroit. The guys here have won it already.
Once the big-boy shots come we’ll be ready.’’

Globe – Wallace Still Upbeat

Do the Celtics really "step up" in big games? They are:

  • 0-4 vs Atlanta
  • 1-1 vs Cleveland
  • 0-1 vs Dallas
  • 0-1 vs Denver
  • 1-1 vs Lakers
  • 1-3 vs Orlando

3-and-11 vs the top six teams in the NBA? That's stepping it up?

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  • R.R.

    Same thing I said a year ago.
    These guys think they can do it all themeselves for some reason.
    Perks like a black hole rondos out of control paul wants to be the star ray is the star most of the time.
    Kevin is not the kevin he was 2 years ago i think i could dribble buy him for a layup.
    I think they forgot what team means now the guys on the bench are trying harder in my opinion.
    Doc sucks hes the tony larussa of basketball.
    I would shake up the starting lineup it hasent worked since last year.
    It hurts to watch these guys lose when they have so much talent.
    Ive been a celtic fan since 81 and been thru a lot of bad times but not with this much talent.
    Start robinson dainiels finley williams and sheed or baby.
    Also i havent been impressed with glen davis at all this year sheed im waiting to see but babys trying to do to much like the starting 5.
    One frustrated celtic fan here we need help or sundays going to be a national embaresment again.
    Someone needs to walk into that locker room and say hey you guys suck.

  • I guess ‘Sheed has to say something, it’s part of the job description. But damn I’m getting sick of hearing crap like that, “when the big boy shots” What kind of arrogant crap is that?
    Right now you need to show some humility, tuck your tail, lick your wounds and come out RUNNING and SPRINTING up and down the court. JUMPING for a fkn rebound for the love of god. YOU ‘Sheed, I see you standing flat footed most of the time along with half the team.
    When is the last time we saw anyone but Rondo or Ray Ray doing that? Nate dove on the floor in the last minute.. but our stars aren’t lookin too bright right now.

  • larry

    if you guys could shake things up what would you do.?and who.?when you watch thier defense,it really is a thing of beauty..the switch outs..they don’t even worry on the picks because the other defender is already there..but on offense it seems like there is the first option..and when that is taken away..they get out of sorts…and confused..and then force up some silly looking shot..more and more lately it seems the shot clock is winding it me.? or are they just not a good team.?trust me, i can’t stand la or cleveland..but they have a go to guy we don’ of now.

  • Grant

    Why does this guy keep predicting the Celtics to win? That’s the mystery here…

  • Perry

    It would be easy for me to pile on what has already been said by the beat writers, pundits and the blogsphere about last night. What all of us want is answers. When will we see a consistent effort? Has the fire truly burned out, and if it hasn’t when does that proverbial switch get turned on?
    Right before the trade deadline I had pitched an idea. Benching Ray in favor of TA. At that time Quis was still nursing his thumb, and TA was playing with the same spark before his ACL tear.
    Ray had been struggling mightily during the trade rumors. His FG percentage was slipping badly. His sloppy offense carried over to the defensive end. He was out of position when Reddick nailed that 3, which turned the game for the Magic. The following night JJ torched him in the 2nd half as the Hawks completed the season sweep. Everyone was calling for his head. The smart people who follow this team knew Ellis wasn’t coming to Boston. Then it became a matter of what player being shopped could work as a viable replacement for Ray, and at the same time keep the Celtics in contention for a title. I think we all know the answer. There was none.
    So my point is, as bad as things are let’s not cast the Captain overboard. I will paraphrase Doc and concur that making a change for change sake isn’t necessarily a good change.
    It’s simple my friends. If this team has a future beyond April, it lies with Pierce and Kevin playing at the highest level possible. Right now that vision seems impossible — implausible, but it’s still early. This team has a template for success. It’s defense. With defense comes easy buckets. Then you start feeling good about yourself.
    Even Doc admitted his team is dogging it on defense because of their lack of offense. Well this team will start scoring the ball again. Right now they lost their identity. It wasn’t too long ago Doc said they wanted to be to the NBA what the 85′ Bears were to the NFL. They can get it back – if they want it.
    In the scheme of an NBA season you can point to games and mark them as cortical mass or turning points. So it depends on how we, and more importantly the team treat last night. Are they looking at the glass being half empty or half full?
    Well, I glanced at the standings this morning and noticed we haven’t relinquished home court in the first round. I also remember last year the Magic blowing the 2 seed. We’re still in striking distance for that coveted seed.
    So pounce on the Pacers early and win convincingly tomorrow night, and go out and show us something on Sunday.
    To quote a great philosopher who wears #5 ‘Anything is possible’.

  • Katie

    I definitely don’t think this team is too old and injured, like alot of people are saying. Go back to the Cleveland and LA games in Boston. If they could play consistent 48 minutes like they did in the first half of those games, absolutely nobody could beat them. They looked like the 2010 champs to me, until the 3rd quarter started of course. I think Doc goes with guys too long when he knows they aren’t playing well. Pierce should have been pulled out of the game against the Bucks. Rasheed is lazy and worthless. Perk wastes precious time making a move when he gets the ball. TA gets pulled for one turnover last night, and put back in in garbage time. I wish I knew what is wrong with these guys. It’s like some of them just don’t care anymore and are using the old and injured excuse to justify their lack of effort, enthusiasm and spirit.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I cant believe how many people still think this team is a contender…..what the hell have you people been watching?
    For God’s sake, how many beat-downs and losses to crap teams before you acknowledge this thing is over & done?
    Changes? Kinda late for that. They held onto Ray’s expiring contract which was a huge mistake. Benching KG or Perk isnt gonna change much.
    FIRE DOC! They’ve stopped listening to him, completely, Ubuntu is dead. It’s time to rebuild and Tom Thibidou is ready to coach. (Amazing he’s still here but that could change after the season).


    Bantam KG puts in the effort but I don’t think the body is as willing as it was.
    Rondo reminds me of AI back in his prime to a degree, AI played little D back then other than reach in steals – all the effort went into his offence. He needs to WANT to stay in front of his guy….


    As someone said earlier – the best thing about last night was the booing and the walking out. C’s fans ((other than TTR) are intelligent – they can see what’s going on and they’re finally sick of the lack of effort at times and DEFINITELY the lack of adjustments from Doc.
    Danny needs to look at his coaching options, sometimes all u need is a new voice…..

  • I agree, KG shows flashes, so do PP and ‘Sheed, (less so with ‘Sheed). For example we saw the KG alley-oop again last night, hell yeah dust it off!
    To do well in the post season they need to do it every play, or at least TRY to do it every play. KG probably is better at leaving it all out there but I still see him flat footed not going for rebounds, and I see him, PP and ‘Sheed standing still for spells on offense. They’ve said as much themselves, put together a full game, don’t take any team for granted… that sounds like taking plays off to me.
    There’s a difference between not jumping as high as he used to and not jumping at all.
    I don’t see the AI comparison.

  • donald

    FOR EVERYONE TO WATCH. Especially the RedsArmy higher ups. KG needs to watch this. Around the 1:28 mark Bill Russell say’s it all. He knew before anyone.

  • Joseph

    When are you losers going to learn and accept the fact that Doc Rivers is a hack of a coach (he’s terrible). He’s never been good (and don’t say “he’s won a championship”, because that’s major horsesh*t). Before KG was gifted to you guys and before Ray Allen, Doc Rivers’ record was below .500 team and now Doc is driving them back down in that direction (which I love by the way). Face it guys, your coach sucks, your GM is terrible (he has no more friends to gift you guys players), you’re players are old and I’M LOVING IT!!!! BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS! (you guys know the chant, join in!) BOSTON SUCKS!, BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS! BOSTON SUCKS!