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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics are not-so-gracious losers

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Memphis.

Another thing that deserves to be first, but the Conley shot was just a
bit more huge in the context of the game, was the Grizzlies' poise as
they piled it on against a bunch of not-so-gracious losers. The Celtics
got more and more frustrated, played more and more of a dirty game, and
the Grizzlies just kept doing what they were doing. Yes, the whistles
were, shall we say, inconsistent on both ends this game-but Perk just
doesn't know how to set a screen that does not involve movement or a
hip check or both, Rondo played pattycake with every Grizzly in the
building, and KG did what he does. And the not-so-baby-anymore Griz
pushed right through it….

As for the Celtics, the player who showed up tonight was Sheed. I've
cussed that cat many times over the years, but he is just a darned
talented basketball player. So smart defensively, and good on offense
from the rim out to about 27 feet-just how the ideal PF should be.

3 Shades of Blue

Last time the Grizzlies
played the Celtics, they pushed them hard but ended up losing in the
4th quarter. That game was before most people realized how improved
this team was, so the game recaps were filled with Boston's players
spouting off lines about how this team was so improved and had a bright

Welcome to that future. Last night the Grizzlies ran the Boston Celtics out of the gym, their own gym no less, winning by 20 and leading the entire game…

This was just a fantastic win for the Grizzlies, there's not much to
say but that you've got to respect the Celtic's lifetime achievement

Straight Outta Vancouver

I'll be honest… these Enemy Chatter posts were a lot more fun when the Celtics were dismantling teams and rubbing their noses in it.

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  • gotta take our medicine right?

  • DRJ

    “Not gracious losers”? What, they should have given up SOONER? Or more completely? What BS.

  • G4L

    1)Sheed did do alot of good things for the first time in a long long time..
    2)Rondo needed to take over the game! He seemed to get anything he wanted offensively.
    3)Where the hell is Perk? I’m not sure if teams really have figured him out or if he’s really been sucking that bad.. Will the real Perkins please stand up!!

  • Scott

    I have given up on this team for this season. That’s not to say that I will stop watching them or rooting for them, but I am absolutely convinced they are going to lose in the 1st or 2nd round.
    Any team with any semblance of athleticism is running circles around the Celtics. Danny needs to make a major move this offseason…we need to get younger ASAP.
    Rondo is really pissing me off too…I’ve got to think Doc is irate with the haphazard way he plays D. Seems as if Rondo is only concerned about getting his steals. I hope this isn’t the “uncoachability” factor coming into play.

  • Hall

    Celtics fans are bitter losers and they have been since they got KG. There was a lot more class coming out of Boston when the team was pretty good but now a days you are worse then Yankee fans. Did you hear me? WORSE THEN YANKEE FANS.