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Your Morning Dump… Where now I’m concerned

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“The only thing I told my guys I was disappointed in was that we went
through a game with Ray Allen and he only got three shots,’’ Rivers
said. “I thought all of the little plays were going to be the difference
in the game, loose balls and offensive rebounds. I thought they won
that battle.’’

Globe: Celtics misfire in fourth

“I’m mad that we lost – I’m
just ticked off,” said Garnett, who added of Milwaukee’s offensive
rebounding, “What it is, man.


nights you make it (hard) on yourself. What it comes down to is
making all of these plays, the little stuff.”

That way, a force like Bogut doesn’t exact so much damage.

He had a good game,” allowed Garnett. “But he doesn’t scare us. We
just got overmatched tonight.”

Herald: Celtics buy into Bucks

You should be scared of Bogut, KG.  In 2 games against the Celtics, he's scored 50 points on 21-35 shooting, grabbed 31 rebounds and blocked 6 shots.  He's killing the Celtics.

But that's not why I'm concerned.

Last night, the Celtics tried.  They tried to play hard.  But in the 4th quarter, they still made the same mistakes.  Their offense went stagnant at the wrong times.  Kendrick Perkins was getting the ball in the post with single-digits on the shot clock…. the ball movement died in Paul Pierce's hands… they gave up offensive rebounds that killed any momentum their defense had built.

And that's the biggest problem.  Rebounding.

Brandon Jennings made Milwaukee's last basket at the 2:42 mark.  Rondo finished off a 3 point play with 2:30 left.  But they gave up an offensive rebound on Milwaukee's next possession… extending it to a 45 second possession (Perkins got the defensive rebound at 1:30).  Later, KG made a jumper and Milwaukee called a timeout with :53 left.  But another offensive rebound let Milwaukee kill :45 seconds and didn't give Boston the ball until 8 seconds were left.

So why couldn't the Celtics finish off the comeback?  Because on 2 of Milwaukee's last 3 possessions, they forced the Celtics to play 1:30 of hardcore defense, sapping the energy and time they needed to get the job done.

Yes, the Celtics put forth a solid effort in this game.  It was a fantastic game to watch.  But it was not encouraging at all.  Fundamental mistakes leading to a loss against a potential first round opponent do not make me feel good this morning.

Coming up, Page 2… where a weight has been lifted off Michael Finley's shoulders

 Associated Press Photo

“It was good for the first one to go in,” Finley said. “In a way it
lifted a weight off my shoulders. But with these guys, I don’t really
feel that kind of pressure. When I first went to San Antonio I felt a
little more pressure. But this was different.”

The C’s system, and especially the way this team plays defense, will
be a bit of a challenge for the 37-year-old veteran forward.

“Ultimately it’s the same game, but defensively the schemes are
different from what I experienced in San Antonio,” he said.

Herald: Celtics notebook

Finley came in and did a decent job in limited time.  You can see he's still got a decent stroke.  This could be a "bail out" guy for the Celtics… a guy who comes in and bails out bad possessions by hitting tough shots. 

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  • Doctor Hardwood

    Really sad to see the C’s not up for this game. Yes they did try to win it and couldn’t, but they didn’t attack the Bucks as if this was a potential play-off match up.
    I have to say, the C’s have become “That Kind of Team You Just Don’t Like”. They act like they have a sense of entitlement and nothing to prove. They don’t take the entire 48 min. seriously. They trash talk without backing it up. They don’t rebound well. They turn the ball over like crazy.
    They’re becoming the crazy old uncle who comes to visit and talks up his past when everybody else in the room sees right through him.
    I’d love to have faith in this team, but there’s only so long you can suspend the disbelief before you start committing intellectual suicide.
    I predict either a first round exit, or a tough series like the Bulls series last year that saps our energy and causes a second round defeat.
    Hope I’m wrong!

  • DRJ

    There are 3 kinds of rebounds you don’t get. Failure to box out, failure to hustle for the ball, and bad luck bounces. Last night, especially at the end of the game, those balls really bounced unluckily… at one point through 3 green shirts, right to the sole white shirt who was standing behind the foul line.
    On top of that, they lost a few possessions to that jerk ref Kogut, the one who called the jump ball a charge early on. He’s the same guy who called 3 other charges on the Cs (2 of which were also bad calls), and that totally bogus foul on Perk near the end of the game (which killed their momentum at the time.)
    On top of that, we had Ray and Paul totally disappearing on offense. And Perk sleeping away. And Doc going with ANOTHER Paul iso, after he’d missed everything in sight throughout the game.
    Bottom line: Yeah, the effort was there. The luck was not. And the Bucks played a really good game, especially Bogut… and that’s why you can’t win em all. With that effort and ANY kind of offense from EITHER Ray or Paul, or just a little better luck… we win most games against those guys. So… this game didn’t worry me.

  • Jon with no H

    I have no problem with Paul taking the last shot even if he missed all game. It was in and out and it’s a shot he’s hit a million times. What’s becoming a trend however is Paul’s guy going off. First Al Thornton has a career night and then Delfino lights it up last night. If Paul’s going to have an off night offensively it would help if he could stop his guy on the other end. For the guy that manned up and guarded Kobe in the Finals, I have to think it’s more of an effort/disrespect thing rather than ability. And it’s annoying.

  • larry

    that’s it right there.!! the ball dies when it’s in paul pierce’s hands.!!10-7 celtics up..pp drives the down the middle throws up a wild looking shot….bam.!!bucks go up 14-10.!!i knew then how the game was going go.!!i think pp thinks..hey this is my team .!!i’m gettin my points.!!the thing is nobody is afraid of him anymore.!!c’mon how does ray allen only get three shots.?

  • BigMck

    Wait a minute. You mean the Celtics flipped the “effort” switch and all those bad habits didn’t suddenly disappear?
    Welcome to the dark side, John.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    How’s about Doc puts a lil faith in Sheldon, and gives him some minutes. He’s a damn big body, and would definitely be a unwelcome annoyance to the bigger guys out there.

  • 100% agree. Was thinking the exact same thing while watching the game.. i hope they are proving to themselves that this switch thing is a delusion. You have to practice winning.
    success is a habit.. something like that?

  • Perry

    During the broadcast Mike Gorman repeatedly called this a playoff game, and rightfully so. Disappointing results, but it was fun to watch.
    It looked to me like the Celts took Milwaukee’s best punch, and the results may have been different if a chilly Pierce could have strung a few baskets together in the second half; if Ray had more than 3 looks at the basket; if KG was allowed to enforce his will more at the offensive end; if Perk had only played like this was a playoff game.
    I’m growing concerned over Perk. I could not believe the position he surrendered to Bogut. On many possessions Bogut was allowed to park his rear 10 feet away from the rim, Naturally any skilled, ambidextrous big man would be able to put up the numbers he did.
    Lately Perk has not been a beast to say the least. His numbers are dropping faster than Obama’s approval numbers. My hope is this funk he’s mired in is a byproduct of being reacquainted with Kevin. In Kevin’s absence, it was Perk who became the third option. Did Perk forget his role?
    I did not like Kevin feeding a shaky Perk who’s lay up was blocked by Bogut when the Celtics down by 5 needed a hoop. Perk is back to slamming the ball on the floor and not taking hard to the rim in one motion. Old habits are hard to break.
    The other sequence which jumped out at me was Rondo’s score at the rim being wiped out by an offensive foul. Not sure that Ilyasova had position. At that point the Celts were clinging to one point lead (79-78). That call lead to an 8-0 Buck run (86-78). By the way, Milwaukee stayed on 86 for the remainder of the game.
    Very, Very frustrating!

  • aaron

    when will someone acknowledge perkins ISNT ELITE.
    trade him while the rest of the league still thinks so (obviously in the off season)

  • Double P Reppin the B

    We don’t need Perk to be elite. He is a piece of the puzzle. Who are you going to trade him for? He’s the only guy who can guard Dwight and Shaq.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Last nights game is a DIRECT result of not taking the season serious. You cannot flip the switch and win games its not that easy. When was the last time we won a tight tough game? We used to NEVER lose games because we were the calm collected team who knew how to win, well it looks like we forgot how to win… and the playoffs are coming fast

  • aaron

    shaq? you’ve gotta be kidding me bro. and we play orlando a couple of times a season. there are more and more talented bigs…
    perkins THINKS he is elite (i.e. team usa, media etc) but ISNT.
    EVERY major championship team has a blend of following:
    inside presence
    slasher/scorer who is clutch
    we had this in 08
    with KG down and basically at 50% (he aint at 70% fellas…)
    we dont have anything.
    losing leon powe, whether people want to admit it or not had an impact. dude could get to the line and slow games down.

  • aaron

    you have a dude who is 6’11” who mustered up, what? 5 rebounds. thats pathetic bro.
    and yeah, the playoffs are coming fast… good thing doc keeps ray’s minutes in the high 30s every game…

  • DRJ

    It’s impossible to win every game, even when you are the better team, and even if your switch is flipped. Factors like bad bounces, bad calls, guys going ice-cold (Paul) or MIA (Ray and Perk) — combine to decide games too often.

  • DRJ

    All the bad calls last night came from the same ref, “Marat Kogut”. He’s the one who called an offensive foul at the same moment the other ref called a blocking foul, and it ended up being a jump ball, early in the game. He appears to have done his best to make bad calls against the Cs last night. (Probably had money on the Bucks. Wouldn’t surprise me!)

  • DRJ

    If you think KG is at 50%, then you blind fella.
    KG’s at 90%+, fyi.

  • DRJ

    It happens. Luck plays a role. Ray not getting more than 3 shots is weird and unusual. Paul’s offensive game is still off. This game didn’t worry me. Despite many problems, they were still close at the end. It was good to see a full effort, for a change.

  • Perry

    Yeh, that call resulting in a jump ball made no sense. Is ‘Kogut’ really the refs name? Could be related to Bogut.

  • DRJ

    Yeah, “Marat Kogut” is the jerk’s name. Sounds Middle Eastern. Must be a terrorist.