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T-Mobile Recap: Epic Fail

Chuck - Red's Army March 10, 2010 Uncategorized 55 Comments on T-Mobile Recap: Epic Fail


The Celtics suffered another humiliating loss on their home court, 111-91 to the Memphis Grizzlies. It was an epic fail on both sides of the ball.

This one was over after the first 12 minutes. The Celtics mustered only 12 points (29% FG) in the 1st quarter. Hopes that the Celtics reserves would take advantage of a weak Grizzlies bench faded quickly. The lead swelled to 22 (55-33) at the half. Kudos to the Garden crowd for booing the crap out of the Celtics as they headed to the locker room. They must have heard the boos, but I'm not sure they care.

The rebounding stats are horrific: 48 – 29.

The offense perked up in the 3rd quarter. The Celtics put 30 on the board in the quarter, but every time they put some buckets together, Memphis answered. Defense was no where to be found tonight.

The lead reached a high of 29 points (107-78).

Rajon Rondo had 17 points, 8 assists and -21 +/-. Hasheem Thabeet had a +25 +/-.

Is there anything left to say?

We were all hoping this team would be capable of flipping the switch, but they're more likely to lose in the 1st round than advance to the conference finals.

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"I can't comprehend what's going on here," – Tommy Heinsohn


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  • johnny


  • PalaceGarden

    Being in Michigan, maybe I just don’t see it but why isn’t there someone within the CEltics screaming bloody hell about this team? The few interviews I hear it’s blah blah blah I like our team. Blah blah blah we are missing our rhythm. Blah blah blah we get up for the big games. What is bigger than a home court game in the last 1/4 of the season? What’s a bigger game than a possible first round play off (but maybe we are kidding ourselves that we will be a 3 or 4 seed) matchup?
    Grrr, now I have to go back to work all pissy.

  • Scott

    Can someone, ANYONE, tell me what has happened to Paul Pierce? I am convinced the offensive problems are uniquely related to his struggles. Basically, without him being effective, they have nobody who can create their own shot in the starting lineup. Ray is capable of this occasionally, but is most effective coming off screens. Without anybody who can attack the basket, the Celtics first string becomes an easily defendable unit. Pierce needs to snap out of it, or I think we are done.

  • Ghost Of Paul Pierce

    …Fin’s jumper looked really good out there tonight! Silver lining people, come on!

  • Scott

    And I realize Rondo can get to the bucket, but he shouldn’t be our number one scoring option. If this is the case (which it has been lately) we are in serious trouble.

  • pardon my Language but what the fuck?

  • SportsFan

    Everyone this is not the time to panic. We all just need to realize this is just one game. We must all just ring around, keep the faith and get hard and everything will be A-OK.

  • DRJ

    Actually, Paul was one of the better players tonight. A tiny spark of light in an otherwise dark, dark night. He shot 50% from the field (4-8), and 60% from the 3pt-line (3-5), plus 3 assists. A lot better than last night.

  • DRJ

    Yes, Finley looks ready to go. Hope Doc gives him more PT.

  • DRJ

    This was a sad, sad night. Very little to be happy about. Paul and Fin seemed ok… at least.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    How does Paul seem ok? The only scoring he does is by getting shots created for him because of Rondo. He parks at the 3 now just like the whole fucking team. They are a jump shooting team that doesn’t even play defense anymore. Paul cannot take over a game anymore, Ray can’t either. KG is lucky if he can hit one shot in the paint and perk is downright awful. and Rondo is not a dominant scoring force. It is SO hard for this team to get any easy buckets. Everyone shoots jump shots, and the easy scores we used to get off our defense is gone out the window with our defense. How can people seriously be delusional enough to think we can win a title this year? Its ludacris to me

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    This season is one of the strangest, weirdest, disgusting things that I have ever witnessed.
    I’m not a Doc hater, not at all, but something inside me is telling me its his job to fix this kind of thing, through motivation or whatever. And obviously he isn’t doing it.
    Just look at his quotes regarding Sheed….Doc is always responding to questions about Sheed with, “Hey, that’s just Sheed, I’m not going to say anything to him because it wouldn’t do any good,” Blah Blah Blah fucking Blah.
    I don’t really think that is a good attitude for a coach to have to a player with a questionable attitude/work ethic.

  • SportsFan

    You know what’s ludacris…I wanna li li li lick you from your head to your toeesss, and I wanna, move from the bed, to the down to the, to the flooooor. OOO baby, you make it so hot, I don’t wanna leave…


    A big pile of elephant shit pretty much sums it up….

  • NineSevenEight

    I think this team officially finished scrawling its epitaph. I probably goes something like…
    “We looked good on paper,
    but played like we were in labor.
    Our offense was stagnant,
    our defense was spent.
    If we worked nine to fives,
    we’d have never made rent.
    Swore up and down,
    We’d turn it around.
    More effort and pride,
    more hustle rebounds.
    If only we had walked,
    instead of just talked.
    But we were too bored,
    so we fell on our sword.
    RIP Boston Celtics 2007-2009”
    You know there’s trouble when even Tommy can’t make anymore excuses for you. I guess the only thing we can do is ride it out because it doesn’t even look like it’s something in their control at this point.

  • NineSevenEight

    LMAO! Awesome.

  • Donald

    I don’t deal in absolutes, and I don’t deal in extremes. I’m not going to say they are going to lose in the 1st round and I’m not going to say this team is done. I’m also not going to say they are going to win the title. You all know how the sports world works. Just when you think one thing the opposite happens. It’s obvious that the offense is struggling and the D is a direct effect from it. Sheed played good on D tonight and his shot was off. Rondo doesn’t know how to get the other players going yet with easy baskets. He thinks he can take over a game with his offense and he can’t. No movement on offense is killing them. Kg hasn’t strung together a couple of good games yet, and Perk is down right horrendous right now. How he is leading the league in fg% is mind bottling, and of all the players who get down and take themselves out of the game the person who does it the most is Pierce. Why Doc continues to play Davis over Williams is flat out frustrating. There is no ball movement when he is out there because he stops it. Get’s the ball in the paint or the wing with 15 on the clock and waits till the clock is at 3 or 4 and tries a turnaround or get’s his shot blocked. The bench is fine but there is a reason they are the bench. They sustain leads they don’t create them. With all that being said I’m as frustrated as all of you. However I will say this. If this teams does not have a 60’s Celtics moment and ask each other “what can I do better” than they are indeed done because that means there is no chemistry and they don’t trust each other.
    R.I.P Corey Haim. You now have a license to drive in Heaven.

  • KY Celts fan

    There’s no answer for this team. It’s all a mental game and they aren’t willing to play. We tried to convince ourselves it was injuries, but the team is healthy now and the problems are still there. They just simply don’t care. They have some complex where they think that every team will just roll over to them. But they’ve called our bluff. There is no switch here to flip. And I’m having a hard time accepting it.

  • Just got home from the game. What a crappy night. The folks I really feel for are the Dads/Moms who bought tickets to this game in September thinking, “Ok, it’s the Grizzlies- I can afford to get some decent seats for me and the kids and watch the Celts kick butt.” Then said parent loads the kids in the car, all of them with their KG and Pierce jerseys on, spends $40 on gas driving from New Hampshire/Rhode Island/Connecticut, and probably about $300 for tickets to come to the Garden. The kids get their faces painted and get to their seats all excited for tip-off. Then, the Celtics absolutely STINK up the joint. THOSE are the fans who really lose out when this team decides to take a night off. The boos were louder than ever tonight and deservedly so. I just knew after watching the first 8 or 9 minutes this was going to be one of those nights. I spent the 2nd half talking with Daisuke Sugiura, a journalist that covers the NBA for a Japanese magazine. He covers alot of Knicks and Nets games and said “this reminds me very much of a Knicks home game.” Ugh. There is so much more I could say tonight, but I’m really just too tired and disgusted right now.

  • JD

    Send the entire starting lineup to the D-League. That is all.

  • JJJ


  • lainok

    I know as a laker fan we are all suppose to hate eachother… but right now our teams are both going thru the same thing. And as much as we hate each others respective teams, let’s at least get together on one thing…fuck the Magic, the Thuggits…and more than anyone, fuck the Cavs and that whiney brat man child LeSuckit. They have no place being in the big show that has been owned by our teams more than half of the NBA’s full existence.

  • Doctor Hardwood

    Anybody else sick of rooting for these guys yet? I’ll always root for the Celtics. But it looks like we don’t have any Celtics on this team.

  • KY Celts fan

    I’ll get behind beating the Magic and the Cavs, but I’m rooting for the Nuggets. Actually, I’m rooting more for the Mavs cuz they’re more likable, but the Thuggets play more physical. But yeah, screw Lebron.

  • nick

    Um I though Marquis Daniels was supposed to be a spark off of our bench this season to compensate 4 the fa that Ray and Truth are getting older??? WOW i guess they missed on that because wtf does that guy do out there?? MATT BARNES MATT BARNES MATT BARES!!!! He is the missing link. Speed shooting defense toughness balls. Everything the green are lacking. I mean wtf is left 2 say about this team anymore? They don’t have that swagger anymore and thats the issue, we’ve gota just get a good streak heading into the post-season. I still believe.

  • Lee in Oregon

    THEY SUCK!!!!!
    Just admit it! This isnt gonna go away…you people that are trying to spin it like they’re a team hitting a bump in the road are fucking blind…..
    THEY SUCK!!!!!!!

  • DRJ

    (Repost) Something positive:
    Tonight was the bottom. Not the Nets game, as many believed. From this deep dark hole, there is only one way to go, and that’s upward, toward the light.
    They did not come to this game lazy and unwilling. I believe they tried in the beginning to play well. But the Cs’ shots weren’t falling, and the Griz hit a few tough ones (including one ridiculous 3 that went off the glass.) And that’s when they just stopped trying, and kinda gave up. That includes pretty much everybody except Ray and Sheed (of all people).
    But this kind of total carnage is going to stick in their craw. They will not soon forget the sound and feeling of being booed off the court in their own Garden. Imagine that… our Cs were BOOED OFF THE COURT BY THEIR OWN FANS. The same fans who would, normally, do ANYTHING to support their team. That’s gotta hurt. And that pain will, hopefully, stay with them the next time they are tempted to throw in the towel.
    If anything can awaken these guys, tonight will. Now we must hope that the awakening will be complete by the time the first playoff game begins.
    Oh, and one more thing: Perk’s gotta sit for a while. And see a shrink. Something’s not right in that boy’s head.

  • Jimmy

    What are you C’s fan complaining about? This what happens to a supposed “storied” franchise(it was storied in only 2 decades: 60s and 80s) that intentionally tanks a season (Lakers have never stooped that low) to try to get Kevin Durant, then gets their old buddy to take a lopsided trade for KG (Lakers offered Odom and Bynum for KG and McHale said no, but wanted Al Jefferson….puuuhlease for all those C’s fan complaining about Gasol).
    They sold their future to win 1 title. Of course, had the Lakers had 2 of their starters (Ariza was never 100% and Bynum) and the refs didn’t give away Game 1 (look at the FT discrepancy) this would be a whole new debate.
    Regardless, you guys are old and capped out. This whole thing was always just a 1-2 year rental (should’ve kept Posey) and now you guys are done!
    Even if the Lakers lose this year in the Finals, they are still primed for a 3-5 year run.
    So all you bandwagon C’s fans….welcome to reality and realize in a matter of a few years you guys will be second on most NBA championships ever (btw, the Lakers have 9 rings out of 15 Finals appearance in the last 30 years! Celtics have 4 rings out of 6 Finals appearances)

  • DRJ

    Fyi, it was KG who nixed the LA deal, not McHale. And, LA isn’t winning it this year. And every year from now on, Kobe gets older. And the way the Lakers have been playing lately… I wouldn’t be trolling around to Celtics sites if I were you. (Thankfully, I’m not.)
    Go away, jerk.

  • rob

    how many times are we gonna tell ourselves “dont panic” “its just one game” “we will be ready come playoff time” “relax its season aint over yet”
    what will these people tell us once we get ousted from the 1st round? huh? thats it i am all up for rebuilding mode fuck all of this.

  • Lee in Oregon

    ps….that pic of the elephant absolutely epitomizes this entire season….well done!
    The only thing that could top it is if you had a pack of hungry lions waiting for the elephant to crap out before they eat it.

  • The 2008 celtics played harder in the preseason that year than this team has played at any point throughout the year, they flat out are banking on the fact that they will be able to start playing for real once the playoffs come

  • The Truth is Here


  • The Truth is Here

    honestly I think it is a horrible mixture of things:
    the age the celtic’s have is slowing them done, therefore they can no longer defend on the ball the way they used to. This is alright, if the effort is exerted by the rest of the team to compensate and rotate over and play team defense. This effort is not there, thus giving the other team easy drives, or drive and dishes.
    On offense, it is a similar problem. Because Paul can no longer create his own shot, it just forces everyone to run through screens a bunch of times, which just ends up giving us jump shots.
    Another problem is Glen Davis. I hate him, and almost everything about him. He tends to be a black hole on offense. Why do we give him more iso’s than PP? I JUST DON’T GET IT!
    How about this lineup:
    small, but at least we could defend on the ball and run out on the break, giving us some easy transition hoops so we do not have to wait and go into our ineffective half-court offense.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Let’s face it guys, we’re done.
    Phisically, mentally….there’s nothing left.
    A supposed pride should be there as the last defense, but it’s gone and dead; without the super-lucky win over the Wizards (like many others this season) this wouls have been the third straight loss in a crucial time. So, what we’re talking abbout?
    They’re old, in their head before all. And they’re weak, incredibly weak, like practicing was something optional the whole season. I repeat it: we’re simply done. And, apart from fans, nobody seems to care.
    Let’s begin focusing on next season and see who we can get, beacause Danny HAS to blow the team, there are no other options left. At this point, go Nuggets.

  • James

    While I’m not officially in panic mode yet, it’s time to start worrying…
    The playoffs are a little over a month away, and for all the talk about “turning it on” once the playoffs start, by then it’s too late. Momentum is a real thing and you need it going into postseason basketball. The 2009-2010 Boston Celtics are not done yet but NOW is the time to turn it around. If they’re not playing better and get some type of consistency in the way they play by say…9 or 10 games before the playoffs, I will officially enter panic mode.
    By the way, I love all the things that Big Baby does well….but i’m sick to death of the 15 foot iso’s that result in him bricking a jumper with 10 seconds left. Move the damn ball and play your role.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I disagree.
    I think if you still don’t know who you are at this point of the season, chances are you’re not gonna find out in a playoff series. Time for the momentum you’re talking about is today; and we’re in the middle of a desert.. 🙁

  • ….in D.C.

    At some point, it IS time to panic…now is that time. It has nothing to do with being a loyal fan or not. The Celtics will always be my team.
    I can’t tell if this is a question of age/injuries or attitude/chemistry.
    You have to wonder if certain guys will be shipped out in the off-season. You have to wonder if we’re going to learn about locker room issues after the season is over.
    Believe me, I’m not blaming the failures of this squad on ‘Sheed…but a 7 footer not willing to crash the boards and play under the basket is certainly part of the problem.
    And while I like Marquis Daniels, does he not strike you as a guy who would excel in a contract year? If so, what’s the deal?!!!

  • DRJ

    Thing is… the Cs DO know very well “who they are”. They’re a “defense-first” team, which thrives on tough, physical play, and on Rondo distributing the ball to its many shooters.
    Their identity is clear. Their execution is shot to hell. As is their motivation to hang tough when the going gets rough — their worst problem. ‘Worst’ because the going ALWAYS gets rough in the NBA, and if their response is to hang their heads and quit, as they did today, they have no chance in the playoffs.
    There’s still a strand of hope for me that this inability to hang tough is related to the calendar: the fact that we’re in the regular season. I’m still hoping — against hope, it seems now — that this attitude does a 180 in the playoffs. And that then, they’ll never give up… like in game 4 of the 08 Finals (who can forget THAT… the greatest sporting event ever!)
    Can’t say anymore that this turnaround IS going to happen. But it’s still possible. We can hope.
    And this kick in the gut they got today might help. Because this was no ordinary kick, folks. This one HURT, I guarantee that. When your previously-super-loyal fans BOO YOU OFF THE COURT… it has got to hurt. They will not forget this night.
    I’m hoping that they will take that pain in their gut, and use it — especially when the playoffs finally arrive. Win or lose… they must never give up.

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    I think Doc should bench the starters and start the bench with the exception on Wallace, he needs to sit his three point jacking up ass down as well.

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    You must really admire the Celtics if you spend your time looking for blog sites to talk shit to. We are the best even if these guys don’t play like it right now. Go jerk your team off who ever you jerk for.

  • larry

    no wonder they aren’t playing with any passion.!!have you seen the playoff bracket lately.? i think they want this.!

  • zippittyay

    I was just wondering.. What would the celtic record be if Red’s Army got every single game prediction right?

  • They’d be heading to a 73-9 season – which was my preseason prediction.

  • right on. embarrassing for the fans, and that’s sayin something.

  • you rock

  • For ‘nothing else to say’ we got a lot of comments on this one. Just awful, taste of bile in my mouth. I flipped over to watch the Nomar 3 HR, 2 GS, 10 RBI game on Red Sox classics in protest.
    I even tried to flip back to watch the bench get minutes and I was rewarded by Sheldon dropping a pass on a wide open dunk. Then I got distracted trying to find where I left the razor blades.

  • Amen brother.

  • Alot of self-pity from the fans..
    I’ve been saying this all along, KG is done, Paul is right there with him now, which is actually the suprise..
    the one positive is the growth of rondo this season, but the chemistry within the entire team is way out of whack, and how can this actually be a suprise, if you have watched all the games this season? its not suprising…oh let me guess, because you thought they were purposely losing? or saving it for the playoffs? get a clue

  • NineSevenEight

    I’m sorry but you are THE most self-righteous person in the world. You live to wait in the wings to have the last laugh and tell everyone to “get a clue”. You love hearing yourself talk about how great you (and Rondo) are. Your “all-knowing, holier than thou” aura is repulsive — and it’s not even about basketball anymore.

  • its ok, everyones entitled to their own opinion…I got nothing wrong with you my man… have a good day

  • NineSevenEight

    First, I’m a girl, but I wouldn’t expect you to know that since we’re all behind computers. Second, you’re right, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s just bothersome how you always look for the bad 99% of the time. If you’re ever positive, it’s only in reference to Rondo, which is perfectly fine. But from personal experience, it’s so much easier to be negative in life that it is to be positive about anything. That way, when things take a turn sour, it’s easy to say, “Hey, it’s a good thing I didn’t get my hopes up.” or “I knew they weren’t as good as they thought.”
    I’m not a Celtics apologist, and I think that comes across in my posts. I think fans were encouraged by the terrific star the team got off to (20-5?). How can a start like that not make anyone believe that they had a chance to win it all again? But to come across as almost reveling in the trials of the team and spirit of the fanbase, with the “I told you so” attitude is just overkill. It’s kicking someone when they’re down. That’s all.

  • kdb

    Ok, Jimmy — The Celtics have been to the finals 20 times and won it 17 times as the BOSTON CELTICS (85%). The lakers have been to the finals 30 times and won it 15 times. Only 10 of those as LA lakers(33%), the other 5 as MINNEAPOLIS Lakers.
    Nuff said.


    Dead on the money 978 – he’s a narcissist – loves to write those – ‘u don’t have a clue’ comments cos it makes him feel superior.
    He relishes the C’s losing – even good wins recently on the west coast swing weren’t enough for him to be positive…
    The guy’s worse than a troll – a so called C’s fan who shits on them and other C’s fans because he’s so much better than us…..

  • Jimmy

    nice cherry picking as well kdb.
    If you want to discredit Minny rings (even though its the same franchise), then let’s examine this:
    Celtics won 10 rings from 1957-1969. Ever since then, in the past 40 years they have 7 rings and 8 Finals appearances! That’s a storied franchise??
    Contrastly, the LA lakers in the past 40 years have 10 rings of 18 finals appearances.
    Plus, you never acknowledged you guys tanked a season (Lakers have never and will never do that) to get a high draft pick. Explain how a “storied franchise” who chanted “MVP” for a Laker (let alone Kobe) in your own house! You’ll never hear MVP chants for a Boston player in LA. Never, ever, ever!!