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Goddammit Kobe… stop doing that

I'm getting real sick of this crap.  What's next, Bill Laimbeer coming out of retirement to kick me in the nuts?

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  • Leo

    You might have missed, but there was a fan, who knocked away the ball from Calderon.

  • DRJ

    LA has lost 3 out of their last 4 games. I’m ok with them relying on Kobe’s game-winning shots. He’s missed a lot of them too, and if that’s how they’re gonna play going forward, they’re not gonna go far.

  • DRJ

    That was… hysterical. Has it ever happened in an NBA game before?

  • prefuse

    its funny how you guys arent even going far at all. i rather have the lakers be in this position than celtics position right now ;p

  • JJJ

    I remember Pierce saying that he’s better than Kobe. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  • Lal24

    7 GW in one season…. its not even close

  • johnny

    Eh winning is better than losing last time i checked. As long as the lakers don’t get blown out at home constantly like OTHER teams, they’ll be fine.