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Enemy Chatter: “They weren’t going to punk me.”


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Milwaukee.

“It was a hard foul,” Jennings said after the game.  “They’re known for
punking people, but they weren’t going to come in here and just punk

As Davis stood up he went chest-to-chest with Jennings before both
players were quickly separated.  The officials issued both players a
technical foul, and Davis’ initial foul was ruled a standard personal
foul, not a flagrant.

“We’re competing,” Jennings said.  “They’re a team that doesn’t take
any mess, so we don’t either.  I said once that happened, I said ‘Oh
yeah, it’s on now.’”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Tale of the Tape: Jennings vs Davis

Because the Celtics are the trash-talk kings, it would be hypocritical to criticize Jennings for his antics. But I don't care – Jennings is a yet-to-accomplish-anything child.

And the latest is a Bucks win over the Celtics, chiefly the result of magnificent play by Bogut, and magnificent plays
by Bogut. The center started the game as strongly as ever, picking up
right where he left off in Boston about three months ago. But as the
Bucks moved away from him, the Celtics moved into the lead. Not
coincidentally, Boston won its only period in the second quarter when
Bogut was scoreless.

The Bucks trailed entering the fourth quarter and didn't score
during the final 2:41 of regulation, but they did enough in between to
make it work. Namely, Bogut carried the team on both ends while the
sickly Delfino hit his fifth three of the game, Salmons popped in five
quick ones, Ilyasova was eternally right-place/right-time, Jennings
scooped in a floater for the final points, and the defense, oh, the

Brew Hoop

Bogut is the anti-Jennings. A multi-talented professional. I love this guy's game.

After the jump, a Bucks blogger's opinion of Sheed and Rondo.

'Sheed. Not sure how he avoided a technical, but on offense,
defense, during timeouts, in between quarters, possibly via telephone
before and after the game, Rasheed Wallace barked at the refs. 'Sheed's
natural reaction to sinking a wide-open three? Like anything else:
Rather impolitely berate the official all the way down the court, of
course. In the league since 1995, and this act hasn't expired?

Rondo's free throws. Rajon Rondo entered the night shooting
60.6 % from the free throw line this year, 62.8 % for his career, and
83.3 % for his career against Milwaukee. Law of percentages, that has
to go down, right. So of course, Rajon just kills the Bucks, making 8-9
at the line. Nifty player though.


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  • Orb

    That’s the first I’ve really watched Jennings, and man, yeah, he really rubbed me the wrong way. His chattering at KG at the end of the game was disgusting. And it’s not in a I-hate-him-but-secretly-respect-him thing like Vagina-wow or Noah. I just hate him.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I think the celtics bring out that side of players. KG and the celtics do a whole lot of barking.. and when we are on the road trash talking and lose the game it gives the opposing team the right to talk shit, sorry, but it does. Until the celtics can back it up you are going to see more and more guys doing this sort of thing

  • No one needs to instigate Jennings-he is a stat-chasing self-centered snot. Sure, he’s extremely athletic and has game, but I don’t particularly care for his attitude. He’s young and rich, so he could care less what I or anyone else think. If he can become a team player and stop focusing so much on making Top Plays and breaking statistical records, he has alot of potential. Otherwise, he may have a great career and break alot of scoring and assist records, but he’ll never do much in the team-leader category. Go ahead-call me a hater..lol

  • jared

    Jennings jawing at the end of the game was the only positive from this night for me. Should we meet again in the playoffs, it could come in handy. These C’s need all the motivation they can get.
    He is a little bitch though.

  • Jon with no H

    I like that they wrote Davis and Jennings were chest to chest, it was more like chest to dyed faux-hawk.

  • aaron

    davis wouldve fucked him up for sure. have you seen his high school clips from football?
    punks like jennings need a good ass whooping.
    the NBA is soft. bring back the days of the enforcers

  • JJJ

    Your team does a lot of barking but you cant back it up. Orlando or LBJ is going to whoop your team. You guys are just bitter cause you cant do anything about it.