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Your Morning Dump… Doc has figured it out


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“People talk a lot about this team vs. the team that won it, and
there is one difference we’ve found,” Rivers said. “There’s one thing
we’re doing now that we didn’t do in the past.

“Before, we never got down when our offense was down, and now we do.
We hang our heads when we’re not making shots, and it leads to bad
defense. And that’s a hurdle we haven’t gotten over yet.”

It’s a hurdle that fells young teams that don’t yet understand the simplicity of the game and base their self image on scoring.

Herald – Relentless defense critical to Cs

That's it? You mean, the singular issue plaguing the Celtics that has driven us fans mad all season long is… confidence?

Statistically, this season’s bench
(26.8 points, 11.5 rebounds) and the 2008-09 bench (26.2 points, 11.6
rebounds) are a wash, even though the Celtics brought in reinforcements
in Wallace and Daniels. Defensively, though, it has been more of a
challenge, as Wallace is still picking up the schemes.

guys that are here now, they know the system,’’ point guard Rajon Rondo
said. “Marquis is a smart player. Say if Paul wasn’t playing, Marquis
steps in. [Tony Allen’s] been in the system five, six years. As far as
bigs, when Baby comes in, he’s [experienced]. The only thing is
Rasheed’s still learning the system. That may be the only exception as
far as rotations on defense. Other than that, we’ve been together a
long time.’’

It surprises me that a veteran, high basketball IQ guy like Rasheed Wallace is still learning the system. What the hell is Thibs running?

On Page 2, a couple of cool stories about Red.

Steve Pagliuca, part owner of the C’s, told a story about visiting
Red Auerbach’s office in Washington, D.C. shortly after his group
purchased the team in 2002. “[Auerbach] hadn’t changed anything in his
office since the 1950s,” Pagliuca told the crowd. “He had rotary phones
and about 500 letter openers.” 

Red offered the new guys two pieces of advice:

1) No cheerleaders. “Nothing but trouble,” Red said, according to Pagliuca.

2) Auerbach wanted the C’s “to go out and sign instigators, not retaliators.” 

A few years later, Pagliuca went back to D.C. to argue for the
merits of cheerleaders. Auerbach again objected. Pagliuca mentioned
that the team could sell the rights to sponsor the dance team for
$500,000. Auerbach’s response: “That’s a no-brainer.”

The Celtics hired some cheerleaders.

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  • DRJ

    – Seems to me cheerleaders are a no-brainer even without the 500k. That was weird of Red, eh?
    – Not surprised that Sheed’s the one problem player on D. You can see it on the court. But it’s worrisome. The idea… the expectation, I should say… that he can “flip a switch” goes only so far. He can’t magically absorb their whole defensive scheme whenever he feels like it. He’s got about a month now. He needs to get it done, right now.
    If Sheed doesn’t do this… if he screws up the playoffs because he’s too damn lazy and won’t even flip the switch in April… I am gonna hate that man forever.

  • the-green-way

    that 4 games winning streak doesn’t mean that doc figured things out yet. they played under 500 teams that they should beat. but they almost lost that wizard game. this team is not focused 100% on defense, they rather talk trash to their opponents. lets see how they do in the next 2 games against the bucks and the cavs.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Bucks and Cavs bookend equally important Grizzlies and Pacers. We’ve been one game over .500 since our 23-5 start. Building on that is key for us right now.