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T-Mobile Recap: Did anyone see Paul Pierce or Ray Allen?

Those brash Milwaukee Bucks won a hard fought game tonight against the Celtics, 86-84.

Paul Pierce had 12 points on 3-13 FG. Ray Allen had 3 points on 3-3 FTs. The Celtics won't beat many teams when Paul and Ray churn out those types of stat lines.

Andrew Bogut absolutely destroyed the Celtics – 25 points, 17 rebounds, 4 blocks. Meanwhile, Perk had another underwhelming effort on the boards – 5 rebounds. He also had a stupid offensive foul which cost the Celtics a possession with 90 seconds left.

Brandon Jennings (13 points) is one cocky little bastard. He mixed it up with Glen Davis and jawed at Kevin Garnett as the teams walked off the court. He gets hyper when shooting above his pathetic season average of 36%.

The Celtics led 77-72 with 5:58 left in the 4th quarter. The Bucks then rattled off a 14-2 run over the next three minutes.

The key sequence started with 53 seconds left in the game. With Milwaukee up 86-84, the Celtics forced John Salmons into a tough shot with 31 seconds left. He missed, but Bogut got one of his 5 offensive rebounds. The extra possession allowed Milwaukee to burn another 22 seconds off the clock. Credit to Ray Allen for playing tight defense on Salmons which forced Jennings to brick on jumper.

On the Celtics final possession, Milwaukee had a foul to give, which they did with 3.9 seconds on the clock. Pierce got a decent look, but his shot rimmed out. The extra foul really helped Milwaukee in that situation.

Rajon Rondo led the Celtics with 20 points (6-10 FG), 6 assists, 4 rebounds and 4 TOs. He had a spectacular dunk off a missed shot in the 3rd quarter. 

A solid effort from the Celtics bench – 29 points on 11-20 FG. Michael Finley had 5 points.

More to come…

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  • greenbeand

    well the hell just happened?

  • Sal

    So, how many more times will they keep doing this until we just aren’t surprised anymore? I’m getting close.

  • I’m not surprised anymore. The one saving grace – Milwaukee has been playing well.

  • Lee in Oregon

    this was a game that actually mattered, against a team that’s been playing well & fighting for a playoff position and the boys in green wilted.
    Anyone who thinks this team is championship bound is completely delusional. it’s the same act (jumpshooting-no rebounding) they’ve shown all year long, and quite frankly they’te lucky to have won as many of these close games as they have.
    Watching Nate was painful. Watching KG try to play D is painful. They made that Aussie look like freakin Moses Malone.

  • The Celtics are a horrible rebounding team…and horrible rebounding teams don’t advance far in the playoffs.
    Bogut’s offensive board with under a minute left killed the Cs.

  • I have to say that I really can’t “live” with any losses, but at least (in my opinion anyway) tonight’s was not due to a lack of effort. Perk just missed alot of shots, Ray couldn’t get it going and I also was quite confused with some of Doc’s play calling/substitutions. Nate looked good early but got no minutes basically down the stretch. Bogut was dominating so why not try throwing Shelden in there for some rebounding help? Anyways, let’s hope we can now take advantage of 4 subpar (Memphis is talented but we should still be able to beat them at home)teams coming into our building and get some more wins and cohesion within the ranks. That sandwiched around a visit to Cleveland and a chance to redeem ourselves for that pitiful collapse at the Garden a couple of weeks ago. Jennings is a stat-whore and a real punk. He reminds me of a young A.I only much more arrogant and much less talented.

  • “Memphis is talented but we should still be able to beat them at home”
    Really? They struggled with the Wizards and now are playing a rested, energetic Grizzlies team on a night they probably won’t arrive in Boston until 3am.

  • Joe

    another game, another inconsistent job of distributing the ball by rondo: 3 shots for ray allen while rondo himself and perk take 10 each. our problem is very clear to me. rondo hasn’t figured out when to get guys involved and when to get his. and perk has just become a black hole. yeah, our rebounding sucks ass, but it’s unfathomable that this team, THIS TEAM, can’t crack 90 points against the bucks. and i blame rondo for this. his assist numbers look good but he collects most of them in the first quarter. overall, he’s been horrible running our offense all year long.

  • r.r.

    I’m so tired of everyone trying to win the game themselves.
    Glen gets down inside and tries all these fancy moves and usally gets blocked or miss.
    He had 4 guys on him during the washington game went up for the shot and missed uh hey glen 4 guys on you means 3 celtics wide open.
    I would rather see ray take the 3 paul pass the ball to rondo to ray in corner sitting there watch paul miss.
    How many game winning shots or game tieng shots has paul made.
    I bet hes missed more then hes made.
    And almost every player on this team can be beat of the dribble and espicialy in the 4th quarter.
    Still think docs not the greatest coach never have.
    Can this team win a playoff series against anybody i have my doubts.
    After going 23-5 i think a lot of us thought 68-14 or better.
    Thats what frustrates me the most the fact that sometimes i feel that there not trying as hard as they could.
    Only time will tell I will wait till the playoffs to pass final judgement.

  • DRJ

    Cs played a good, hard game. They came close to winning, despite having virtually ZERO input on offense from both Ray and Paul, and virtually ZERO input on defense from Perk and Sheed. On top of that, the Bucks made SEVERAL very tough shots they were lucky to make, and also got SEVERAL lucky bounces on rebounds. It happens.
    On top of that, ref Kogut kept calling offensive fouls on the Cs (wrongly).
    Don’t know why Doc let Paul take the last shot, after he’d missed 9/12 prior to that, and all but 1 of his jumpers. Who knows?
    Overall, I have no problem believing that the Cs can take the Bucks handily in a series. All these things that went wrong would not go wrong all together again.

  • Still, they are not a better team than us. If the C's play the way they are capable of playing and come out with some heart and energy, we should be able to beat them at home. And of course, as has been so much lately, the key word is IF.

  • JD

    You are delusional if you think Rondo is the problem on offense… what do you want him to do, start counting how many shots each guy has? No, thats stupid… he’s doing fine, other guys have to step up.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah a bad loss but I mean, 0for3 from Ray and horrible from Pierce as well. Still I understand the play call, it’s either Paul or Ray taking that last shot, and whoever wants someone else taking it is outta there mind. No matter what kind of shooting night, both Ray and Paul have proven they will take and make big shots.
    It’s proven over and over that Perk cannot guard centers like Bogut and Kaman. Good thing there is not many of them in the league. I knew going in that Bogut would torch Perk and he did. They should have been doubling him the whole game but instead Doc let him go 1 on 1 and got him going and he never looked back. Also there was way too many offensive sets that were trying to have Perk attack Bogut, I assume to get him in foul trouble, only problem is Perk is the worst offensive player on our team, and Bogut is a great defensive center, 2nd in the league in blocks. That was bad play calling, and also took away from Ray and Pauls attempts and never really got them going. Not the worst loss in the world though

  • Joe

    it’s rondo’s job to get everyone involved. and the hottest celtic since the all star break, ray allen, gets three shots and that’s not on rondo?
    the problem with rondo is that he’s trying to play like chris paul; dribble the clock down to 6 seconds and take a fade away. and he just continues to rest on defense, so much so that you could just hear tommy holding back his frustration. and it wasn’t just tonight. during our entire losing streak, rondo’s been playing like he wants to be chris paul. i don’t care how many points he scores. rondo just needs to be rondo and get everyone involved first, second, third and fourth. and he needs to play 4 quarters of basketball, not one or two.
    at this point, doc should just bench rondo in the fourth quarter and let marquis handle the ball and close out games.

  • rico

    actualy its not rondos fault if doc is telling them to run there offence through pierce, if pierce is told to carry the ball up and make plays in the 4th you cant put it on rondo

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I think that the point stays somewhere in the mid of these opinion.
    It’s clear that Rondo someway exceeds in self-confidence about his play: insane drives to the basket, pushed-to-the limits plays.. the result? Incredible points and killer turnovers, just the way it is. Sometimes he makes me think he really has to learn how to drive himself before driving his teammates. But then, what’s the point in involving that much the ghosts of Pierce and Allen? What’s the point in letting Perk playing the post?? I think in the end it’s a troubled Doc himself who allows Rondo to play that way, trying to find a rabbit out of the magic hat.

  • ball don’t like

    when is doc going to make getting ray allen involved a priority? and why play pierce the minutes that he did in the 2nd half when he’s shooting 3 for 32098384? i would’ve loved to see finley get some of those late 3rd-early 4th qtr minutes that pierce got. anyone still think the celts are just coasting till the playoffs?

  • DRJ

    They were coasting. But not in this game. They did their best, everyone except Sheed that is, but fell short because Ray AND Paul were either off their game or, in Ray’s case, hardly got a chance to play. That, plus some tough breaks = close loss. It happens.
    I don’t understand why Paul got that last shot. Shoulda been Ray, or anybody else (except Perk of course). Even Fin or Nate, for example (because that would have been totally unexpected.)

  • Joe

    i would just argue that this season, arguably our worst season during the big 3 era, i can only see two players who are consistently stepping out of their roles and trying to do too much. and that’s rondo and perk. you can make the argument that our big 3 has gotten older, blah, blah, blah, but none of the big 3 had any big scoring nights when they won the championship. i’m no rondo hater and i love perk, but they need to remember who they are and what they’re supposed to do.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Um…Pierce had 42 in game 7 against the Cavs. If that’s not a big scoring night I don’t kn ow what is…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Bogut has to be the second best center in this league. A sad story for centers, I know, but he’s playing outta his mind.
    Nice to see Finley do a few things that TA could never do: spread the floor, hit a three, and that pull up J near the base line. Sheed playing behind the arc and leaving Glen Davis to play post with Fins and Robinson out on the floor is criminal. Yo Sheed! Your our back up Center! So get your fat ass on the blocks and let Glen play some pick and pop with Nate!!!
    Time for the Green to rip off another four+ game winning streak! We won’t have to wait long to start it!

  • Shawn-cvd

    It shows the improvement of our D and bench play. If Ray Ray only got half his season average it’s a satisfying win. How Jesus only got 3 shots is beyond me…

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I agree on Bogut. I’m kinda new about getting to know other teams’ players, but I was impressed by this guy since the first time I saw the Bucks playing early this season.
    Any chance to bring him in Boston?

  • The Bucks are playing like the C’s should be. Passing well, hustling like hell, chasing boards.
    Once again the C’s lack of intensity put them in a hole they couldn’t dig out of.

  • JD

    Everything your saying is just plain wrong dude. Rondo’s not trying to play like Chris Paul, and I have not seen him intentionally dribble the ball down until there is very little time left on the shot clock and try to make a hero shot. Rondo’s running the offense fine; occassionally, a guy like Ray, who cannot create his own shot anymore, is going to get less shots than expected. Especially with three other all stars on the team. I can’t believe you’re blaming Rondo at all for the C’s woes this season, he’s been the most consistent Celtic….

  • aaron

    people you are deluding yourselves when you say he is an ELITE center.