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More C’s fans doing cool things

Kwapt quisy

That's our boy KWAPT hanging out with Marquis Daniels after the big comeback win against Washington.  Those of us who have gotten to know KWAPT have figured out pretty quickly that he might be the most diehard Celtics fan out there.  This dude is committed to this team.  So it's cool that he gets to do stuff like get down courtside hours before the game.

I  then went back over with some of my friends and said hi to Shelden
Williams, who went through an absolutely rigorous workout pregame.
Basically, one of the Celtics strength trainers puts a huge elastic
arounnd Shel's waist, and Shel pulls the kid around like a horse and
carriage. That was followed by sprints up and down the floor and
numerous other jumping/pulling exercises. After his workout, he stopped
and took a picture with me and didn't head down the tunnel until he
signed for every kid that wanted an autograph. Dedicated guy with a
great attitude. After watching Rondo and Scal play one-on-one, (see
video) I said "see you at haltime" to my buddy Cory and we headed to our

Check it out.  As an added bonus, you'll get to see Rondo torch Scal in a game of 1-on-1.

If you've got a great fan experience, send it along or post it in the comments.  We love to see and hear about them.

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  • Thanks for the love guys. As corny as it sounds,I always can’t wait to get home and upload pics/post things on Twitter so other fans can enjoy them. The Celtics are a big part of my life and following them has enabled me to meet some great people and have alot of fun. Being dedicated to a sports team (some would say obsessed) has it’s highs and lows but in the end it’s always worth it. Big shout to Corey who is to my left in the pic-he’s one of the coolest dudes you’ll ever meet and we’ve had some great times following this team…

  • SportsFan

    Cool stuff guys, but I always wonder why no one does things w perk. I’d love to see those juicy lips in a pic, or better yet in person…yummmyyyyy

  • How awesome is Little Perk?

  • SportsFan

    WOW, sexiiiii, bowchikawowow

  • He's the man! That kid is so cute, and he really is "Lil' Perk" as he looks just like him..