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Your Morning Dump… Where it went just like Doc drew it up

Clutch jesus

Trailing by a point, the Celtics broke from a timeout with 27 seconds
remaining and were set to inbound the ball in front of Washington’s
bench. That’s when Ray Allen heard his former teammate chirping.

“He was trying to talk to me, you know how Sam [Cassell] is,” Allen said. “He
looked at me and he was like, ‘You’re getting the ball, you’re getting
the ball, I know you’re getting the ball.’ I tried to shrug it off.”

“It was exactly the play,” Allen said. “The bigs, Kevin and Perk, set a
great screen and I came off. I think I even had more time, but that’s
the one thing about shooting the ball – I don’t like to sit there and
wait on the 3-point line."

Herald: Ray Allen makes it as planned

Doc Rives gets criticized for not being a very good X's and O's guy… but the Celtics keep coming out of time outs with great plays that lead to points or wide open looks. 

Doc continued to take heat as the Celtics flat-out sucked for about 40 minutes.  But this is on the players.  And was there any better argument for the "these guys are bored and they're flipping a switch" than last night?

Boston called a time out with 6:11 left after an Andray Blatche jumper made it 79-66.  They whipped off a 10-0 run that had Rajon Rondo's fingerprints all over it (4 pts, 3 assists, 1 rebound)… and closed with a 20-4 run overall. 

6 minutes, 11 seconds of effort.  Did Doc do anything special in that huddle?  Are the guys hypnotized and Doc uttered the key phrase to suddenly get them to try?  

No.  The players decided to put in more effort.  That's what this mess has been about from the beginning.

Coming up, Page 2… where there's a little more optimism out there

Even when Kevin
, who had possibly the worst offensive night of his NBA
career after failing to connect on any of the seven shots he took,
missed the back end of two free throws to keep it a two-possession game,
Boston kept fighting and Allen's 3-pointer with 1:32 to play gave
Boston its first lead of the night.

answered with a 15-foot jumper to put the Wizards back on top.
But Foye later missed a triple that would have salted away the game
with 33 seconds to play, and Allen then connected on the game's biggest
shot — another trifecta — with 17 ticks remaining for an 85-83 Celtics

"I take it as a win," said Rivers. "We'll take it. You
know, it was good to win a game like this, as far as I was concerned.
We've lost so many of these, where we've played poorly and lost. It's
nice every once in a while to play poorly and win. It's a good win for

ESPN Boston:  Ray Allen saves Celtics from themselves

Chris Forsberg lays out 3 reasons to be optimistic… including the fact that the Celtics won a game last night that they've been losing all season long.

The bright side of things is the Celtics beat a team that was playing out of its mind (24 and 11 for Al Thornton? 23 and 9 for Blatche?  13 and 5 blocks for JaVale McGee??)… while the Celtics front line was largely a no-show (KG, Sheed, Baby: 2-20, 15 points). 

The pessimistic side says the Wizards had no business being in this game at all… and what happens when a good team rolls in here. 

It would be great if the home crowd could see more Gino.  But every team goes through its struggles.  The Lakers just lost their 3rd straight game and their 4th straight on the road.  They just lost the a Charlotte team that the Celtics blew out.  Does that mean the Celtics are going to blow out the Lakers when they meet?  No. 

It doesn't really mean much at all.  All that matters is the Celtics won.

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  • DRJ

    It’s all good. Way I see it, the Cs are forging a new paradigm for winning an NBA championship… Play the regular season for what it is: a virtually meaningless, very long practice session for the only games that matter – the playoffs. Remember that the only things that matter now are health and readiness. Not wins.
    It’s even arguable that playing in less-than-all-out mode, as the Celtics are, helps reduce the probability of injury. I know it’s counter-intuitive, and y’all might think I’m nuts… but if I were PLANNING a season with a team full of high-talent vets like the Cs, I’d plan it pretty much as they’ve been playing it. Keep the players healthy, do NOT let them burn out, lose the games where winning just gets too hard, and just make it to the playoffs intact.
    Then… roll over everybody who stands in your way.
    I think that should work for a title or two.

  • Danno

    They are now winning games they should have lost, instead of losing games they already had in the bag.
    That’s a good sign of things to come.

  • CFH

    Still only playing part of the game. Glad it’s the end part now!

  • JD

    I think you’re reading a little too much into it big guy; they just struggled, and maybe now things are turning around. But I don’t think they planned on taking the second half off for those games against Cleveland, Orlando, LA, etc.
    They are being much more cautious with injuries this season however, so I’ll give you that.

  • Perry

    I would hate to think this team ever plays at less than full speed. Sure, to a man they can’t wait for the playoffs, but I’d much rather see them treat every game as they did before they won a ring. That process of grinding it out game by game with something to prove seems to be gone. You win consistently and build a championship mind set when you strive for excellence.
    Once upon a time this team wore the ‘bulls eye’ very well. They approached every game with a chip on their shoulder. They never let down. In fact, we don’t even have to toggle back to the championship season to remind us of what once was. Let’s not forget this season’s 23-5 record. That unit was playing with that sense purpose that defined the Celtics. Now I’m not so sure.
    This season is shaping up to be more of a mind bender than a satisfying one. The record isn’t bad. They’re 3 games off the 2 seed, and there is no dominant team in the NBA.
    I’m hopeful these type of performances subside, but what we’re seeing is not encouraging. Sub par efforts at home, and a losing record against the iron of the east. It is oblivious they struggle playing against young, athletic front lines (an area of concern if they match up against the Hawks in the playoffs).
    The silver lining is they win on road and play together. I don’t think there’s any bad blood in the locker room, but I do think this ‘we can win wherever we want to’ is a dangerous way to approach the post season. I hope I’m wrong.

  • DRJ

    Yes, you gave an excellent presentation of the other point of view. And I know what I’m saying is probably blasphemy… ’cause really, why even have a regular season if that’s the case? But yeah, that IS what I’m saying… why? The way the NBA is structured, there’s barely a reason. This regular season is one long opportunity to injure your players. So in my view… and I’ve been thinking about this a long time… I’d play hard enough to get into the playoffs, but not much harder.
    The Cs are in a fairly unique position to do this, unlike most, if not all other teams in the NBA. First of all, no team in the Western Conference can do it, because almost no team is guaranteed a playoff spot… they’re so tightly packed over there. In the East, there are maybe 4 teams who are pretty-well assured a spot. Of those, only 2-3 are good enough to even think about doing it. Of those, only the Cs have their number of vets – who are more susceptible to injury by definition – as well as the cojones.
    For the Cs (and really, for every team, but MORE SO for the Cs) protection of health is priority #1. And our vets need the protection. The fewer minutes they play, the proportionally lower their risk of injury. The less intensely they play, the lower their risk. So… since we want and absolutely MUST enter the playoffs healthy, logic dictates that we not go all-out to win games now.
    But as you said… it’s hard to accept from a Celtics team. I’m able to do it because I personally view these reg season games as pointless.
    Thankfully, soon this point will be moot. The playoff are coming fast.
    (You know, it’s very disconcerting to type with Marisa Miller’s (perfect) butt sticking out right at me over here.)

  • Perry

    Dude I know the feeling. HUGE distraction. Can’t tell you how many times I clicked on her and her girlfriends. It’s like watching Godfather. You notice something different every time.
    I’m with you on the insane amount minutes Ray and Pierce log in, which is why I’m happy about the Nate acquisition. Also hoping Finely can deliver a few daggers when his number is called.
    Yeah, our roster is veteran, so their minutes need to be controlled, but I want to see more fire. I don’t care if KG shoots donuts from the field. Just as long as he’s engaged. Well…he was shirtless after the game. That’s good. That 4th quarter was the same swarming Celtic team we’re accustomed to watching. That’s my point. Also like to see some domination when we play these NBA softies
    So I’m optimistic moving forward and understand your point about gearing up for the post season. This what Perk was telling the media a few weeks ago. He’s just shrugging off Atlanta and has this ‘wait till you see how we roll in the playoffs’ attitude. I have a theory as to why we’re seeing this zigzagging type of play but I would need the Red’s Army editorial page. But who knows, maybe they are this good and we’ll be euphoric in June.