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Matt Barnes vs Kobe Bryant

Chuck - Red's Army March 8, 2010 Uncategorized 23 Comments on Matt Barnes vs Kobe Bryant

There was quite a little battle Sunday between the Magic's Matt Barnes and the Lakers Kobe Bryant.

Laker-lovers are hailing Kobe for not "flinching" as Barnes faked throwing the ball in his face. Whatever. Anyone over age 13 wouldn't flinch. 

Barnes did a great job harassing Bryant who responded by shooting 12-for-30. Cue Red's Army follower Nick and his "I told you we should have signed Matt Barnes" comments.

(courtesy: A Stern Warning)

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  • G4L

    Nick waiting on you…

  • Orb

    Sorry, as much as it kills me, I have to disagree. To not flinch at that is badass. And if Ron Artest was throwing that in, there’s a 95% chance he IS about to break your nose.

  • Nothing really bad ass about it. Smart, but not bad ass. Bryant is a fun target for Celtics fans, but he is smart enough to know that a guy wouldn’t throw a ball in his face like that. And you mention Artest? If I had Artest on my team i’d be begging the other team to pull something like that just to watch Ron Ron beat them down.

  • Orb

    That’s actually not a bad plan. Something we could get Scal to do for the team, just to get Artest tossed.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Scal would fuck ron rons shit up

  • Walk

    I fully agree with you. To not flinch is pretty awesome. There is no way Kobe expected Barnes to pull a childish move like that, especially right in front of the ref. Best part is that Kobe didn’t even blink. Yea it’s fun to hate on Kobe, but that was the most impressive thing I have seen him do this season.

  • Nick

    I still have faith that Marquis Daniels can come through and help us win a title, BUTTTT….I clamored for Matt Barnes all offseason, and look at the fire and intensity he played with yesterday. Marquis Daniels is a guy who doesn’t look interested, if thats just his demeanor like u people always claim, then thats fine but judging by the way things look right now, we had oppurtunities to have James Posey, Matt Barnes, Mikael Pietrus, or Queez, we took Daniels and right now I’de rather have every single guy on that list than him. Barnes plays great D and hits 3’s, same as Posey..Pietrus is a terrific offensive player who can carry a team for stretches. Marquis? what does he do? does he carry us offensively for any period of time? does he hit 3’s? does he play great d? I mean feel free anyone to respond and tell me if I’m wrong but how can u look at this right now and think anything other than Danny made a mistake. Matt Barnes is just a better player and we could have got him for 2 or 3 years, Marquis came here as a mercenary…I’de rather have any of those guys than Daniels, Barnes almost foguht pierce and Kobe in 1 season…He plays with his heart on his sleeve which is what I want out of my Celtics.

  • Nick

    Matt Barnes is a god walking amongst mere mortals…Matt Barnes shits and it doesn’t smell…He is a bad MAMAJAMA…Y isn’t he in green? Honestly does anyone still think the 1 YEAR AND DONE Marquis Daniels is better than Barnes? I don’t care if this tatted up Gangster plays for 15 teams in 15 years..Bottom line is that he is a key component to a winning team..I love Marquis Daniels but man it hurts me 2 say I think Barnes is better at what “THE CELTICS NEED” A defender and a guy to stretch the floor. To almost fighty pierce and kobe in 1 season is pure heart and balls. It kills me as a C’s fan to say we fucked up, but c’mon how can any of u guys not think this guy would be perfect with us? Kudois to the few who are with me here.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I remember Ainge once blasting the ball off an opponent’s head during a play off game with the Barkley lead Suns. Anyone else recall that ?


    Ok Nick I’ll have a try as long as u don’t call me a complete asshole for disagreeing with u….
    Matt Barnes can’t bring the ball up, is turnover prone and shoots the 3 poorly – by that I mean 30%. And this is as a starter.
    The C’s needed a guy who can bring the ball up with the 2nd unit and remember Nate Robinson wasn’t with the team when they signed Quis…
    I had Matt Barnes on my fantasy team for ages – he has games where he does nothing statistically just like Quis and he throws in 3 clanging 3rd row passes a game. Just cos he niggles guys doesn’t mean he’s a game changer
    The celtics at the time NEEDED a ball handler

  • If Marquis gets back to his bread and butter of slashing, posting up, hitting the mid range J, and getting to the free throw line we’ll be fine
    We’ll now be able to bring in Finley with him, so Mike will be the guy standing behind the three point line taking threes instead of quisy, and our second unit will have a pretty balanced attack
    In theory what your saying is exactly right, we all want a a backup three that is a shutdown defender and can hit clutch threes coming off the bench
    but Posey has shown numerous times this year that he is ten steps slower than he was in 2008 (watching him try to guard vince carter made me cringe) and im not sure matt barnes totally fits the bill
    but if its any consalation, the only guys in the league that FOR SURE fit that bill, and dont prove to be head cases are Shane Battier and Teyshaun Prince, Posey just isnt what he used to be, and Artest is a nut, and Raja is a tad bit short and injured at the moment

  • Michael

    bottom line – neither teams’ success hinges on Barnes or Daniels. They are different guys with different on-court strength and weaknesses. I totally agree that we can count on Marquis to handle the ball, while Barnes is a turnover machine.
    Barnes is a better rebounder, and yes plays with more noticeable energy. Barnes is more of a nuisance, but that’s obviously not deteringing Kobe. Quis is more solid overall player. Quis needs to shoot the ball where he catches it, not back up for the 3. He’s obviously better in the midrange and driving. Barnes really hasn’t found his shooting touch this year from what I’ve seen, but he can take it to the basket.
    As for defense, I think it’s a wash, but I prefer the consistency of Quis to the xtra bursts of Barnes
    I was clamoring for Barnes as much as anyone on this forum, but I’m not disappointed with Quis. I do have a feeling Matt Barnes will actually LOSE a playoff game for Orlando, but he might help them win a couple too. We’ll find out in May.

  • michael

    yes, well said. all of it.

  • Nick

    we will see…I like Marquis but its like comparing Pierce and Ray..different strengths and weaknesses, but at the end of the day when both healthy, Paul just brings more to the table that helps u win..same goes for Barnes and Q with Barnes being Pierce’s end of the argument. Barnes hits 3’s doesn’t need the ball to be effective and he can cover power forwards..He’s 6’8-6’9..he’s longer and a bit more athletic. I love Daniels honestly I do..but he’s more of a wild-card than Barnes. Barnes is tougher and he is fearless. For OUR team THIS season I feel like Barnes was the missing link along with a healthy BIG 3 TO WINNING A TITLE. Marquis looks like he is fuckin stoned half the time…he went scorless against L.A, he got 2 points yesterday..It’s like c’mon now..we all waited for this guy’s thumb to heal and lauded him as the 2nd coming of Paul Pierce. We talked like he was THE piece we needed for a title and I have watched him closely through his 6 year career but c’mon now Queez show me something. Barnes has already shwon me alot. He’s played great against Kobe and the Lakers..he’s shown that he has balls and he played great against the cavs too. Just be honest with yourselves guys, we all bleed green but just be realistic.

  • Joseph

    Even Ainge isn’t stupid enough to pick up Barnes. There is a reason why Matt Barnes has been on 7 teams throughout his career. HE SUCKS!!!

  • Joseph

    “Laker-lovers are hailing Kobe for not “flinching” as Barnes faked throwing the ball in his face. Whatever. Anyone over age 13 wouldn’t flinch.”
    You’re right, Paul Pierce would’ve taken his gay-ass wheelchair and been injured.

  • miked

    Taken it on his way to an NBA Finals MVP and a huge choke job by the Lakers, you mean?

  • johnbagley

    It’s worth mentioning that after this little episode Kobe torched Barnes in the 4th quarter. Lakers weren’t far off from winning that game.

  • Give that joseph idiot a break. I mean, how would you feel if your team got torched by a guy who just a few minutes earlier was in a wheelchair? I mean, everyone knew the lakers defense was soft but to get completely dominated by a guy who was in a wheelchair, that’s got to sting.


    It’s worth mentioning Kobe took 16 SHOTS IN THE 4TH!! That’s right in the 4th….

  • marvin76

    did someone actually say Scal would fuck Artest up? ahahha that is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Wow you guys should lay off the crack in Boston.

  • rod

    lol i laughed at that too. ron artest would anally violate scal.

  • Joseph

    HAHA, You guys still living in 2008? Wow, that’s very similar to the way you guys lived in 1986 for 22 years. HAHAHA. Quit living in the past and live in the present.
    Face it guys, the Suckdics are done! They’re old and quite frankly, Cleveland, Orland and Atlanta are better teams.
    Don’t worry, I’m sure you guys will enjoy watching the Lakers win the Finals … again (It will be the 5th title in 11 years – HAHAHAHAHA), and I’m sure Paul Pierce will be watching the game from his wheelchair (what a f*g)