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Enemy Chatter: I can feel KG’s lips touching my face


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Washington.

But that buoyancy the Wizards used to build that lead simply gave way
to bumbling youth, as they succumbed to a game-ending 20-4 run and lost
"Well, we choked," Saunders said, explaining how the Wizards squandered
a huge lead so quickly. "The disappointing thing is we outplayed them
for 42 minutes, but we didn't have the gall, the leadership and the
know-how to close it out when we had to."

"We beat ourselves by getting them energized, which got their crowd
energized," Saunders said. "Dray is wolfing the whole time at Kevin
Garnett. You can't do those kinds of things. When you're coming up and
establishing yourself, you don't take a guy that's been defensive
player of the year and is probably the best power forward and get that
guy juiced up to play against you. You got no chance."

Michael Lee – Washington Post

"I see myself as defending myself as a player. I'm a man, just like
they a man. If a man is talking to me this close to my face," Blatche
said, moving his hand toward his cheek. "I'm going to say something
back. He has to respect me just like I respect him. I just, 'Get up out
of my face.' He was this close in my face – I can feel his lips
touching my cheek – I wasn't bragging saying 'Ah we winning.' It was
'Back up.' "

Andray Blatche (Washington Post)

As I watched the Celtics make their 4th quarter run, I did not think of the Blatche-Garnett exchange as a tipping point. It seemed like such a minor incident.

And it's not like KG took over the game. He was 2-4 FTs with 2 rebounds during the final 5 minutes of the quarter.

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  • OfcourseUdo

    I don’t know why boston fans are excited about that win. the celtics beat a hurt, under staffed, and very inexperienced team. and KG, i love KG but if he doesnt show up you have no chance against the cave, magic, or hawks. if u want you can hit me up on rivalroo ill be on the celtics page.

  • nick

    I still have faith that Marquis Daniels can come through and help us win a title, BUTTTT….I clamored for Matt Barnes all offseason, and look at the fire and intensity he played with yesterday. Marquis Daniels is a guy who doesn’t look interested, if thats just his demeanor like u people always claim, then thats fine but judging by the way things look right now, we had oppurtunities to have James Posey, Matt Barnes, Mikael Pietrus, or Queez, we took Daniels and right now I’de rather have every single guy on that list than him. Barnes plays great D and hits 3’s, same as Posey..Pietrus is a terrific offensive player who can carry a team for stretches. Marquis? what does he do? does he carry us offensively for any period of time? does he hit 3’s? does he play great d? I mean feel free anyone to respond and tell me if I’m wrong but how can u look at this right now and think anything other than Danny made a mistake. Matt Barnes is just a better player and we could have got him for 2 or 3 years, Marquis came here as a mercenary…I’de rather have any of those guys than Daniels, Ainge needs to be called on this


    Ok Nick I’ll have a try as long as u don’t call me a complete asshole for disagreeing with u….
    Matt Barnes can’t bring the ball up, is turnover prone and shoots the 3 poorly – by that I mean 30%. And this is as a starter.
    The C’s needed a guy who can bring the ball up with the 2nd unit and remember Nate Robinson wasn’t with the team when the signed Quis…
    I had Matt Barnes on my fantasy team for ages – he has games where he does nothing statistically just like Quis and he throws in 3 clanging 3rd row passes a game. Just cos he niggles guys doesn’t mean he’s a game changer

  • Shawn-cvd

    I was thinking of your devotion to Mr Barnes while watching the Magic extend the Flakers’ losing streak . I was always a MB fan and wanted him last summer too.
    Let’s not forget he’s been on 7 teams over 7 years though. Daniels is a superior version of TA and has great handles and moves very well into the paint with out the ball. As a result he has games where he shoots 6 for 8 mostly off cuts and when on a poor rebounding team shooting high percentages is useful. I like the guy even though his demeanor is JD Drew-like.

  • Shawn-cvd

    About that demeanor: it’s a yin to KG’s Yang. Imagine the technicals with Barnes, Kg, Perk and Sheed ? Powder keg !

  • Posey could barely run up the court last time we played him.
    So cool, call out Ainge, I’m not defending him.
    Danny, we have the wrong 7th man. I hope Danny would reply, “if our 6th or 7th man was our biggest problem right now I’d be thrilled.”

  • the-green-way

    that’s what the celtics does best. talk trash to their opponents. talking trash doesn’t win you games. they not focusing on playing solid defense. they spend all their energy on talking trash. they don’t act like professional basketball players. sheed, perk, kg, big baby, and pierce they all act like thugs. this team will not win a championship.