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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc’s taking responsibility

Doc pointing up

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“If we win the title, do you think that Jersey loss is going to mean
anything? And then if we didn’t, maybe you can say, ‘Well, it all
started in the Jersey game.’ So that stuff doesn’t bother me. But I’m so
above that crap. My focus is on our team, not who you lose to.”

At the end of the day it’s about winning in the playoffs. And if that
credo describes the Celtics’ mind-set, it has to start bearing fruit
now, not in late April.

Rivers doesn’t want to saddle his players with ownership of the

“They do take some, but at the end of the day I put it on me to find
that right combination that will turn on the next combination,” he said.
“I’ve been in that continued search for that, but I don’t ever put that
on the players. At the end of the day it’s got to be me. I have to
figure out a great way of getting them motivated, and picking the right

Herald:  Doc's Medicine: Bitter Pill

Doc is doing the right thing by trying to take all the responsibility… leaving it to Danny Ainge, or people like us, to blast the players for the recent stretch of poor play.

But honestly… when you watch the games the Celtics have won recently.. has Doc done ANYTHING different?  Hasn't it been the players who have stepped up and made plays that they haven't been making? 

Sure, Nate Robinson has helped spark the second unit.  But he's not the difference here.  The difference is Kevin Garnett playing better.  It's Perk stepping up and making some huge blocks when Philly was trying claw their way back into things.  It's Rondo remembering he can pretty much get to the basket at will.

Doc didn't draw up anything special.  He didn't throw crazy combinations out there.  The Celtics just played better.

Coming up, Page 2… where a fan became part of the team… sort of.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images  

As Garnett was eventually replaced, he took a seat between Shelden
Williams and Hill. He turned to Doc Rivers and, trying to catch his
breath, said something to the effect of he is still trying to get used
to Nate when he replaces Rondo at the point. Doc didn’t hear him and
asked Garnett to repeat it. Garnett, still unable to fill his lungs with
air, told him “nevermind.” It was so human. These guy’s really are

The buzzer sounded and the third quarter was over. The Celtics had
taken a 74-67 advantage behind Rondo’s 14 points and KG’s strong picks
and defensive intensity.

The differences between the player’s is incredible.

Perkins and
Garnett seemed intense and focused. Though Garnett is more vocal, it
seemed most of his teammates did not pay much attention to him barking
at them. Perk was silent the whole time though really honed in on the
activity on the court. Rondo never stopped talking to Doc the entire
time on the floor. Ray Allen smiled a lot and frequently mumbled to
himself. I think I found Paul Pierce to be the most intriguing of the
starters. He was having a sub-par game but didn’t stop encouraging his
teammates for a moment. When he took the bench in the third quarter, he
laughed with Tyrone Lue, sitting directly behind him. Paul smiled a lot.
That’s something you don’t see that often on TV.

North Station: My experience on the Celtics bench for 24 minutes

That's Nick Gelso of North Station running down his experience sitting right behind the Celtics bench for the Philly game.  It's nice to see someone who can appreciate a seat like that get a chance to have that experience.  It's a good read. 

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  • John, Thanks for giving my story a headline roll in “the dump”
    I am flattered and humbled that so many people really related to and enjoyed my post. It was very sincere and heartfelt.
    Thanks again!

  • DRJ

    – Maybe Doc’s “accomplishment” was more finding something to motivate the team? But I doubt that too… I think the Nets loss motivated them. Plus the semi-lateness of the calendar. Overall, I think they STILL haven’t reached their motivational peak… and that probably won’t happen until the playoffs actually begin. Meanwhile, they’re still a great team, as they are. What happens when they peak? Got a feeling they may surprise a lot of people…. but not us, eh, not us.
    – It would be interesting to get a report from Nick, sitting in the exact same place, from a game they lose. Bet it would be a completely different experience.

  • Jay

    you would never hear Pil Jackson say that