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T-Mobile Recap: Ray saves the day


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Ray Allen (25 points) nailed a pair of three pointers in the final 90 seconds to lead the Celtics back from a 13 point fourth quarter deficit and past the Wizards 86-83.

I've endured some pain in my life – double root canal, hernia surgery, fiery hemorrhoids. But none compare to watching the first 44 minutes of this game. The Celtics were horrible. They were shooting 35% through the 3rd quarter. Al Thornton (24 pts, 11 reb), Andray Blatche (23 pts) and JaVale McGee 13 pts, 5 blks) looked like the new Big 3.

With 6 minutes left in the 4th, the Celtics trailed 79-66. Many fans started leaving. Those who stayed were booing.

And then the Cs flipped the switch. They closed the game on a 20-4 run.

Rajon Rondo (15 points, 7 assists) got things going by picking up the tempo. He had 6 points and 3 assists over a 4 minutes span where the Celtics clawed back and trailed 81-79.

Now it was Ray's time. Perk grabbed an offensive rebound (off a missed Rondo FT) and kicked it over to Ray who drilled a wide open 3 with 1:32 left.

Can anyone explain why Randy Foye jacked up that 25-footer with 33 seconds left and the Wizards up 83-82? Was he thinking 2-for-1? KG ended up with the loose ball and after a time out, Ray drilled another three with 17 seconds left to put the Celtics back in front 85-83.

Kevin Garnett had a tough night. 8 points, 0-7 FG, 10 rebounds, 4 TOs.

The Celtics bench: 3-21 FG.

Yes, the Celtics did what they had to do to win, but the Wizards might have the least talented roster in the NBA. This should have been a 20-point blowout with the starters laughing on the bench for the final 12 minutes. Aww… nevermind. I should know better by now.

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  • DRJ

    Cs were BADLY outhustled and outplayed for 3.5 quarter – I mean it was DISGUSTING – like they absolutely REFUSED to try to win. Then they flipped a switch midway through Q4 and won a squeaker on the back of Ray’s awesome shooting, and everybody’s decision to FINALLY hustle a little
    Best news: KG has a real bad line tonight, but it’s CLEAR now that he’s physically back to at least 90% of his pre-injury self. He was doing everything – even falling on the floor after loose balls – just like in the good old days.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Know whats funny about that? I didn’t tune into this game until 5:00 to go in the 4th. How perfect is that? What a finish. KG was FIRED UP, its real good to see him get that rage back

  • Just wanna say one thing.. don’t update your twitter 50 times about a Dleague games that NO one cares about, real annoying.
    Other than that.. didn’t matter if we won or lost tonight… they looked terrible and grossly OLD. Dammit, I said it.

  • KY Celts fan

    Celtics win, Lakers lose. Savor these moments.

  • Sorry you didn’t like the DLeague stuff. We tried something new. I will disagree, though. A few people cared.

  • DRJ



    I’m superstitious like that so I’m thanking u for the win!!!!
    Sounds like KG had a stinker but great to hear he was back physically.
    I was following the box score at work. At the half KG was crap, Pierce was shite, Rondo was invisible and Perk had 12 on 5-6 shooting – then it got WORSE!
    Thank god for Jesus is all i can say….

  • prefuse

    lakers win champion celtics didnt make it to finaly, still savoring

  • Christopher

    You should probably savor a book on the English language instead.

  • From a Lakers fan that post is actually fairly clear.

  • Christopher

    Good point. With some process of elimination and fill in the blank techniques I could string together what he was trying to say. Though in true Lakers fan form it was still completely nonsense.

  • Thought the D-League stuff was pretty cool. All they have to do is click “unfollow”. Dammit, I said it.

  • What a night. I was at the game and people were NOT happy. Alot of negativity in the crowd, and who could blame them. I will say this-KG is a warrior. He was having trouble keeping up w/Andray Blatche and Javale all night. He was really laboring and frustrated. But he used basically his last breath to dive and get that loose ball and call a timeout. He really changed the momentum w/that play. This was a totally emotional night. From the depths of despair to the exhiliration of a win. But I tell you, this will not cut it in the playoffs. They need to find a way to play like this for 48 minutes a game,every game.

  • DRJ

    They will, they will. When the playoffs actually arrive, they will.

  • paul

    Where the hell is Perk’s rebounding

  • bostonfanatheart

    on a brighter note, anyone else notice the newly added brooklyn decker to the side panel?

  • Shawn-cvd

    I know this much…KG will NOT threepeat as the Reds Army player of the week…I nominate Ray!! Where’s Clutch-Jesus?!
    A badly played game that became a huge win! There were moments in this game that NOTHING was staying down for the C’s. Then they played a little bit of the horny D and great things happened.
    Time to channel John…”At one point Baby out hustled four Wizards to get a rare Celtic offensive rebound. Surrounded by four opponents he inexplicably attempted to lay it up and was blocked. Glen has done well by getting that rebound. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to go for his ball fakes. Glen’s defender only has to wait for Glen to jump and then the shot will be disrupted. So Glen do us all a favor and kick it out to reset the play.”
    Four in a row 🙂

  • BigMck

    Thanks for noticing my hard work.

  • Doctor Hardwood

    Sad to say, but I’m actually in shock that we won this game. Anyone else getting sick of seeing ALL of our guys getting blocked by people you’ve never heard of?

  • Matt

    I saw images of Stephon Marbury on the court when Nate Robinson played. Come on Nate! We need that scoring punch you gave us for the first few games.

  • A very frustrating win, but a WIN. I’d be a lot more pissed if they hadn’t won, that’s for sure.
    4-0 on the week. I’ll take it.
    1 blow out, couple road wins, and then a lazy Sunday win at home. Far from ideal, but a step in the right direction with 20+ to go.