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Your Morning Dump… We need the angry Celtics back


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The lovefest has to stop, and some Celtics agree they have become too chummy, unlike the surly 2008 club.

was us when we won it,’’ said the king of surliness, Kendrick Perkins,
who picked up a technical in the second quarter of the Celtics’ 96-86
win last night at Philadelphia. “We were a team that didn’t really care
about nobody else in the league. I think we’re starting to be too
friendly, see a lot of talking to guys. I think we need to get back to
who we are. If that means no shaking nobody’s hands, then that’s what
we got to do. We didn’t care about nobody else unless you were in green
and white.’’

The Celtics don’t need to be a team filled with guys strutting after
every dunk or posing following an impressive play. Leave that to
Cleveland. The Celtics need to become a team that stops players such as
New Jersey’s Devin Harris or Philadelphia’s Lou Williams from driving
unimpeded into the paint without a message.

Defensive-minded teams are tough, and pride themselves on execution and
intimidation. The Celtics don’t need to be dirty, but they need to
regain the toughness and bitterness that defined Celtics teams of the

Globe – Please Shake This Behavior

Great article by Gary Washburn. As someone who fell in love with the NBA in the 80s, I agree with every point he makes. This lost anger stems from the Celtics we-don't-care-about-the-regular-season mentality.

(Rasheed) Wallace shocked the stat crew by not attempting a 3-pointer during
Wednesday’s win over Charlotte. The last time Wallace didn’t launch
from beyond the bonus arc was during a Dec. 18 loss to the Sixers in
the Garden.

Though not necessarily connected to a new emphasis on starting the
offense in the blocks, it does work well with Rivers’ view of downtown

“I haven’t really talked to him about that, but as a group we want to go down low,” said Rivers. “We’re an inside-out group.

“We’re trying to get him better 3-point attempts,” said Rivers. “He’s
been taking a lot of them on the move, and that doesn’t work as well
for him as when he catches and shoots.”

Herald – Finding a Right Fit

Doc needs to do something. Here are Sheed's horrific three point shooting numbers this season. At least he's taking fewer bombs.

November:  20-76 26%

December: 14-50 28%

January:     21-59 35%

February.    6-35  17%

On Page 2, why Paul Pierce was happy with his 1-9 shooting.

The numbers were ugly, but the looks were gorgeous.

Pierce went 1 of 9 from the floor in the Celtics’ 96-86 win over the 76ers, but . . .

loved every shot I took today,’’ he said. “I looked at a layup I
missed. I looked at a jump hook right in front of the rim. I looked at
two wide-open threes on the baseline. I loved every look I got. I know
that’s going to come and I know those shots are going to fall for me.’’

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I wanted to see how well they played in March before I wrote them off. 3-0 gives me a little more hope. KG’s numbers going up is also a good sign, now we need Paul to return to form. Nate seems to be fitting in and we’ll see how Finley helps. Getting Battie to take away Sheed’s minutes would be great too, neither really can be counted on for offense but atleast Battie would bring some defense.
    Now get pissed and get tough and get that #2 seed!

  • I so agree with Perk’s thoughts on this team getting tough again. When a guy who loves to penetrate is coming down the lane early on in a game, give him a hard foul-make him earn the 2 at the line and set the tone early. I also chatted with some of the guys over at CSL last week who felt that Perk’s comments (“starting to be too friendly” “alot of talking to guys”) were def directed at ‘Sheed. I’m all for sportsmanship and dudes being tight with guys on other teams, but once that jump-ball is thrown, it’s on like popcorn.

  • DRJ

    I wouldn’t mind if Paul was a little less in love with his shots and a little more angry that he missed 8/9 of them.

  • Perry

    Pierce is right. They were all his kind of shots. He did manage to get to the line and grab five boards leaving his +/- at +2. I recall one play in the first half where he missed the shot but hustled back on D and took a charge. I mean if it’s not going down on certain nights just do the other things. The roster is deep. Some guys will click one night. Others the next. The good news is they won by 10 with their best scoring option having an off night.
    Here’s the stat I like…32 minutes played. That’s where he needs to be if we want to see the type of consistency we’re all accustomed to.
    Celts should have blown this team out in the 2nd quarter. So there’s much more work to be done.

  • Shawn-cvd

    You don’t go from losing at home to the Nets to blowing out teams in a row a week later. Wins are what I like seeing. Teams haven’t been afraid of us. They are playing us hard. This is a very important stretch for us to get our consistent game going…