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Red's Army Player of the Week: Kevin Garnett

Kg and kids

Games this week

  • @ Detroit:  14 points (4-8 fg) 9 reb., 3 assists, 2 steals
  • vs. Charlotte:  12 points (5-9 fg) 5 reb, 4 assists, 2 steals, 4 blocks
  • @ Philly: 22 points (8-11 fg), 8 reb, 4 assists, 3 steals

Each week, it seems like KG is taking another little step closer to being where he wants to be.  Shooting almost 61% this past week is one indication… but it's the types of shots he's taking.  It's not all long-range shots for KG.  He's mixing it up and taking more shots from 15 feet and in than we've seen this season.  He's getting in there for the rebounds a little more… and the 4 blocks against Charlotte were a great sign that he's getting a little of that explosiveness back.

KG is the emotional leader out there.  And if he's got his game… and confidence… back, then the Celtics are going to start playing more like we expected them to play.

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  • Perry

    A healthy, fine tuned KG = SWAGGER.


    I haven’t seen any of the C’s games this week but it’s good to read KG is getting more mobile and more boards. Best sign was how much they beat up on the 76ers on the boards.
    Also fun to watch ToTheRuins do his best to downplay any KG progress and continue to pick on any negative he can find rather than the several positives that KG is showing… KG shoots – 8-11 – ‘punk missed 3 shots…’ etc etc ad nauseum…

  • zauer

    The rebounding is higher, thats for sure, we haven’t seen 8-9 boards in his statsheet in first half of the season. Post moves starts being sharp. But his growing confidence is the most important thing to improve, they have to post him more often to help him regain it.


    8, 9 and 11 field goal attempts is too low although I think KG is part of the problem there. Passing up too many shots…

  • zauer

    True, i think it’s good to have PP back on the floor coz he post up KG often and make his ears full if he passes up shots.

  • paul

    What about his awesome screens? without those rondo wouldn’t get to the hoop