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Enemy Chatter: Rondo made everyone his B

Chuck - Red's Army March 6, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on Enemy Chatter: Rondo made everyone his B


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Philly.

Rajon Rondo made everyone who attempted to guard him his B tonight.

That said, it's not like Rondo was blowing by people left and right. He was receiving tremendous screens from his teammates.

Liberty Ballers

Are you old enough to remember when the Celtics at 76ers on a Friday
night in March was something really big?  Some of us here at
Phildaunkia are old enough to remember the days when a nasty rivalry
existed between these two franchises and we miss it.  Back in those
days, a Friday night game against the visiting Celtics would have been
the only thing people in this in town would be talking about and the
Spectrum would have been standing room only.  Sadly, in 2010 a visit by
the Celtics does not garner a whiff of interest from sports fans here
in Philly…


"They made key stops, got a steal, got a block late in the game. . .
." said Sixers power forward Elton Brand, who scored 17 points. "Yeah,
it is disheartening."

Sixers swingman Andre Iguodala said Boston's "smart play" often results in victory.

"They figure out a way to win," said Iguodala, who finished with 14
points and nine assists. "There's no gray area; it's plain as black and
white. If you want to model yourself after a good team, you get a lot
of vets who play the game the right way."

Philly Inquirer

I too am old enough to remember the rivalry with Philly. Andrew Toney, Dr. J, Moses Malone, and Bobby  Jones were hated by Celtics fans back in the 80s. The best part of this rivalry? The Celtics won most of the time.

When Philly saw a mini-resurgence in the late 90s, early 2000s, the Celtics were flat-out awful. And now that the Celtics are back, the 76ers are awful. Oh well…

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