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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray might finally get rest

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“I think the Spurs understood at the
time not really being in the mix for the first time in his 15-year
career,’’ [Finley's agent Henry] Thomas said. “They were very understanding of his situation
and the fact he felt he still could contribute. [Not playing] was a
difficult thing for him to handle.

“Unlike guys his age, normally it’s sort
of a gradual thing, they move into the reality of being on teams and not
being part of the mix. That wasn’t his experience.’’

Globe: Celtics bring in Finley

Finley is coming to Boston with aspirations of winning a title, but
he isn't coming to sit on the bench. Part of the reason he wanted out of
San Antonio was a reduction in his minutes this season (15.8 minutes
per game, down from 28.8 last season). With the flexibility Paul Pierce
and Marquis Daniels offer, we envision Finley not only spelling those
two natural small forwards, but allowing the Celtics some flexibility to
pull [Ray] Allen off the court and use some combination of Pierce, Daniels
and Finley at the 2 and 3 spots.

ESPN Boston: More rest for Ray?

Anything that can reduce Ray's minutes for a few weeks so he can rest a little before the playoffs is fine with me.  Although I've been crying for Ray's minutes to be reduced all season long and he's been getting better lately… so what the hell do I know? 

I do know that instead of fighting all the barbs about our age… we might as well go with it.  Yes, our team got older with the move.  But it's a zero risk signing.  He's coming here for the bare minimum. They'll try him out.  If he doesn't work… he won't play.  It's not our money that's being spent.  So why not give a veteran guy with no fear of the moment a shot?

We talked about the Michael Finley addition last night on The 2 Man Game.  Zach Lowe from swung by to provide some actual analysis before the second half of the show devolved into an unstructured mess around our ticket giveaways.

We've still got 3 more sets of tickets to give away today.  Watch for that later today.

Coming up, Page 2… where they just don't make players like they used to

it just seems like players are far more sensitive then they used to
be. And I think because of the three referees, just think I played three
or four years with just two officials, and it was accepted — it was
like baseball with the inside pitch and the brush-off pitch, and you
just accept it. Being physical, getting hit if you drove to the basket,
and it no longer is accepted, guys lose their cool over it.

Anything that you remember specifically?

Not much that you can say on the air, but I can tell you one of the
best trash-talkers played in Boston and his name was Larry Bird and he
was terrific. And he said things that hurt — not personal family stuff,
but about your game and about his game. And it bothered you sometimes,
but not to the fact that you wanted to fight, what you wanted to do was
get him back on the floor with your game.

Don’t you have to back it up, too?

Exactly right. The great players were the great trash-talkers because
they could. Now everyone does it. The game [Bird] had
61, I was in the game unfortunately, in New Orleans, and he started
calling shots. The last 3 that Bird made, bringing the ball down the
floor, he leaned and said, 3-pointer, falling into the trainer’s lap,
and that’s what he did. So either we were awful defensively or Larry
Bird was really good.

Doc on D&C: Trash-talking no big deal

That quote started with Doc talking about the dust up two nights ago between Paul Pierce and Stephen Jackson. 

I don't care to talk about that Thug.  Let's talk about how awesome you have to be to come down the floor in an NBA game and start calling your shots.  Dropping 61 on an NBA team while telling everyone exactly how you were going to do it is just flat-out spectacular. 

The rest of the links.

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  • Sweet photoshop.

  • The Truth is Here

    Larry Legend man, he was fantastic…

  • Lex

    Disappointed with 15.8 mpg?
    he won’t average that here.

  • As Doc Brown would say “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”
    Agree w/ @Lex. 15.8 mins and he wants more. Maybe Doc will feel forced to give him more than that since that is the main reason he wanted out of SA.

  • Dont understand why if he cant get minutes with the spurs…why he can get minutes with us..
    or why, for that matter, bill walker couldnt get minutes, and now finley is expected too

  • Shawn-cvd

    I think he was discouraged over all the DNP’s coaches decision. He’ll be ok with a diminished roll if he can get in every night.