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Rondo hasn’t stopped playing HORSE

That's Rondo and Nate Robinson firing up shots from the bench before the Bobcats game. 

Rondo's got an H.

Video courtesy Chris Forsberg

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  • DRJ

    Think that’s Nate that has the H. Pretty good shot too! Man, that kid’s got talent.
    It’s good to see the 2 young/little guys having fun horsing around like this. It’s part of what Nate brings… carefree, fun-loving, game-loving… exactly the kind of thing that D’Antoni got all pissed off about and benched him for a month. Amazing.

  • No.. he made the shot, Rondo missed. So Rondo’s got the H

  • Bas Rutten Jr.


  • DRJ

    LOL… you’re RIGHT. Can’t believe I FORGOT HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED !! Jezuss… Alzheimer’s setting in………