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Your Morning Dump… Where KG isn’t dead yet


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Garnett’s four blocked shots were further evidence that he had taken a
giant step further away from right knee surgery that had him laboring
and thinking through most of this season. And his four assists – mainly
interior passes where instinct has to rule – were proof that he’s again
playing the game with a level of comfort and confidence that is
absolutely critical to this club.

“He’s back,” said Kendrick Perkins.
“You can tell just how he got up on the shot-block. I thought the way
he was blocking shots tonight was great. His help defense was great,
the way he was spreading the court. As long as he keeps getting healthy
with his leg, you can tell it’s coming. He’s picking it up.”

Boston Herald – KG's Inspired Play Just the Ticket

Paul Pierce garnered much of the attention after last night's win (deservedly so), but a deeper look reveals more positive news about KG. Even the doubters (myself included) have to admit Garnett is moving around a lot better of late. He still gets beat off the dribble more than we'd like, but there finally is some explosiveness to his game.

Last night's performance by this team was great, but I'm not backing off the ledge just yet. It will take a couple weeks worth of wins and solid defensive performances before I deem them "championship caliber" again.

On Page 2, Stephen Jackson says Paul Pierce challenged his manhood.

“It turned disrespectful when certain things were said,” Jackson said.
“You can be emotional in the game and you talk to your teammates and do
all that but when you get personal and direct certain things to people
as far as their manhood, that’s when the problems come up. And I
guarantee you that if I wasn’t in this gym, that wouldn’t have been
said to me.”


When I look at Stephen Jackson, two things come to mind: crazy and dangerous. I wouldn't say one word to that guy under any circumstances.

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  • Danno

    When I look at Stephen Jackson two things come to mind:
    1. Prison.
    2. Why isn’t he in one, instead of on an NBA court?

  • DB

    Hahahaha….too true, I agree 100%

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Great post!

  • Now let’s keep this going. Stay hungry. There is absolutely NO reason why we shouldn’t go ahead and run off wins against Phi, Milwaukee, Pacers, Wiz, the Grizz..

  • Perry

    I was reading somewhere that Jackson was on the brink of becoming a solid NBA citizen. However I doubt he’ll ever be the prototype for ‘NBA Cares’. Clearly he was outclassed by Pierce last night. I thought Pierce was a bit of ball hog in that 3rd quarter, but it was me who said yesterday he should be more selfish. So I liked the way he put the offense on his back last night, and in doing so settled a little score with Mr. Jackson.
    Anyone notice Pierce shed the knee pads? And Kevin’s knee leave shrunk as well?
    Yeah, the night went pretty smooth when you’re noticing the fashion elements. Seems to me the energy and depth off the bench has provided a nice spark for the starters who needed a blood transfusion.
    Maybe this team gets on track from the bottom up, and all the doubting and nay saying will finally be laid to rest. Maybe when all is said and done we’ll have come full circle and ask the same question when the season started. How close is Kevin to being the force he once was? If last night was any indication May and June could be sweet months.

  • KG isn’t dead, but he also isn’t all the way “back” either…. somewhere in between

  • You might want to stop giving credit to Pierce for “outclassing” stephen jackson…considering Ray Allen was the one who defending him extremly well and seemed to get in his head..all without having to run his mouth.
    I dont know why everyone hates Sjax…Posey is like an extreme poor mans version of Jackson, i think he would fit in great with the celtics

  • nick

    I think S-JAX is a good player. never an All-Star but a very good starting 2 or 3. But wow he is fucked in the head. Everything with him is about fighting and dumb playground shit. If he just shut his mouth and played ball I can garuntee you he wouldn’t always be on crumby teams like Charlotte and Golden State. Like wtf just shut ur ugly face dude k?

  • Perry

    No I think you misunderstood. Ray was defending Jackson, and picked up 2 quick ones in the 1st and 3rd quarters — I believe. That explains his lack of minutes played. Of course all the starters were rested in the 4th quarter. But Jackson was defending Pierce along with Wallace who drew the assignment and he too was frustrated. Simply put, it was a good night for Pierce and a bad night for anyone who got in his way.
    I’m with you on Jackson’s skill set and Wallace is a monster. Posey is nowhere near as talented as they are, but Pose is a different breed who could care less about making Sports center’s top ten. That’s why he’s such an asset for a contending team. You really can’t replace a guy like Pose, but signing Quis was good option.
    I’m surprised at the margin of victory in these 3 wins. A year or two ago Charlotte gave us fits. Matter a fact, they have beaten Cleveland 3 times this year. Maybe we don’t want any part of Atlanta, but the Cavs don’t want to see the Bobcats securing the 8th seed.
    By the way, take a look at points in the paint for Charlotte. Those dudes couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn last night. Most of their points were scored in the paint. Another reason why they were frustrated. That signals not only frustration, but immaturity. I think that’s what (John/Chuck?) was trying to point out. A pro like Pierce could shoot 4-14, but the other parts of his game wouldn’t suffer. LOL

  • Um…. I like S-Jax game as well, underrated player in the league (terrible game last night), who in recent years has actually gotten his head straight…I dont understand celtics fans talking about him shutting up on the court, firstly, because by all acoounts Pierce was the one who said something disrespectful, and KG and Pierce never ever shut up or stop talking trash, voted by NBA PLAYERS as 2 of the top 5 biggest trash talkers in the NBA..and KG is just absurd with his chest thumping biploar taunting tirades on the court

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Your so quick to Defend Stephen fucking Jackson but you can’t help yourself when it comes to Kevin Garnett and talking shit about him

  • What did stephen jackson do? talked trash back to pierce and they got double techs?
    people in here are saying S-Jax should be in prison and Pierce is some kind of angel…i dont know whats so hard to figure out Pierce said something that offended him and he talked back.
    And anyone knows KG has the biggest mouth in the league…usually only when hes winning tho


    Yeah but Jackson always has to insinuate ‘I’d beat the crap outa him if we weren’t in front of people’ – ‘he wouldn’t do that if I had my guns’ etc. He said nothing about guns but he’s always like that…
    Jackson has run into the stands chasing fans for a fight and he’s been done for guns around or in a nightclub……
    A bit more dangerous than your usual KG slagging off for a bit of trash. He has his prematch routine so get the fuck over it. Bipolar my ass (that was quite funny!)
    KG wasn’t even mentioned in this thread except for his improved play but great job for managing to bag the shit outa him again.

  • Jackson has gotten his act together since those incidents by all accounts.
    also, i happene to agree with him that Pierce would not have said whatever it is that he said on some basketball court on the street – S-jax obviously said nothing about guns.
    And KG is the biggest loud mouth in the league, dont ask me, ask his peers


    So what – my point is u shit on him every chance u get. For a celtic fan u take any chance u get to shit on them