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The 2 Man Game presented by T-Mobile: tonight at 9 with Zach Lowe

The Celtics
have finally given us the blowout we have so desperately been looking
for. So, everything is fixed, right? We discuss that, and
whether Rajon Rondo deserves any blame for the C's woes, Glen Davis'
performance, and what we expect over the last 20 or so games… all tonight at 9pm.  And we'll be discussing it with Zach Lowe of

Oh.. and we'll be giving away tickets to Sunday's Wizards game.  You've got to listen to the show to find out how to win.  And you HAVE TO CALL IN FROM AN UNBLOCKED NUMBER.  Just so you know… it's the way Blog Talk Radio works.  I can only see phone numbers on my dashboard.  When we get a winner, I'm going to write down the number and call you back to set up how you'll get tickets.

So do that thing you do… visit our show page, listen, and call in

While we're here, I'd like to thank our readers for swinging by and saying hi at last night's game.  It was great to meet everyone.  I know not everyone got a chance to come over… so to those I didn't meet… we'll try to do it again later in the season.  We did manage to take a few photos, which are below.  Thanks to the Celtics for cooperating last night and giving us a Gino game. 

Winners 1 

Winners 2

Winners 3

Speaking of the Gino game… I fired up a live Qik session towards the end of the Gino dance… which gives you a little taste of 2 things.  1:  The crowd going nuts for Gino.  2:  The crowd going nuts for Scal.  There's even a "Scal – a- bree- nee (clap, clap, clap clap clap)" chant.  Fun times.

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  • once again thanks forlast nites tix the guy in the second pic with the (Reds) green tshirt–had a lot fun–Nate seems like his fitting in perfectly hopefully it carries on the playoffs..til next time or next Reds Party GO C’ssssss

  • It was great to meet you.
    Yeah… Nate’s lookin GOOOOOD. So much for being concerned about losing Eddie’s 3 point shooting.

  • Chris

    Thanks man, sorry I didnt get around to come finding you. I was so into the game. I actually just realized me and my gf were sitting next to the kids on the bottom picture. Pretty damn good for balcony seats. Thanks again and go C’s.