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Photo Essay: Did KG eat his spinach or something?

Kg looks jacked

Photographs of NBA games unintentionally catch funny or interesting
moments.  When we see those kinds of photos, we'll show them to you in
a little photo essay of the previous night's game.

I know it's the angle and way his body is turned, but KG looks like he's on an HGH cycle.  He looks flat out scary. Can you imagine if he was that huge? Holy…

Robinson layup

Conversely… I know Nate Robinson is small… but sometimes he can look even smaller in photos.  It looks like Tyrus Thomas and Theo Ratliff are playing catch with him here… or maybe a game of "keep away" with Stephen Jackson.

Nate after buzzer beater

Paul Flannery suggested last night that Nate Robinson has become a fan favorite.  Starting out blazing hot… especially from 3… will do that for ya.

Ray felton

What the hell is Ray Felton doing in the top right?  Skipping down the court?

Tony ball on hip 

In this photo, Tony had been fouled, he was on his way down, and the ball was on his hip.  He made the shot.  That happens in 20+ point wins.

Kg sheed gino 

These are my favorite photos to post… because it's KG looking up at Gino and the people dancing.  He LOVES watching that.  Hey Celtics, more of these, please.

Kg sheed ray gino

Sheed's either making fun of someone's dancing… or he's constipated.

All photos courtesy Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • KY Celts fan

    I think Nate is joining the crowd for a rousing bout of YMCA.

  • jared

    call me odd but ive actually thought KG has looked beefier than ever before this season…ive been chalking it up to the injury and lack of conditioning.

  • Just me – but he looks the same as he has

  • PutDJintheHall

    Nate for Eddie trade is looking good so far (not just because of his shooting) He plays hard and does a lot of things well. I loved Eddie, but we get better defense, better ball handling, better passing, better overall scoring and still good 3 point shooting.

  • Alex

    I wouldn’t say better defense. I think House is a better defender than Robinson…