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Nate vs. Eddie

RedsArmyAdmin March 4, 2010 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Nate vs. Eddie

Since the trade:

Eddie House:  11-38 from 3, 10.8 ppg

Nate Robinson: 10-19 from 3, 10.8 ppg

Just sayin.

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  • G4L

    How about Nate vs Walker

  • no way walker was going to get the minutes in boston that he gets in new york.

  • BleedGreenInOrlando

    Walker has scored over 20 the past 2 games

  • Shawn-cvd

    Just as everyone says how New York is the perfect system to showcase T Macs abilities it is doing the same for Walker. Walker doesn’t have to play D to be on the floor as Doc requires.
    In Boston he was a victim of being a rookie low on the depth chart at every position. Walker would(should) have gotten some PT with Quis and PP injured but TA was actually playing well. When Walker found his way onto the parquet (during garbage time) he was surrounded by our other scrubs and couldn’t showcase his talents. Imagine Walker playing significant time alongside Rondo? How good would those fast breaks be?

  • BleedGreenInOrlando

    Shawn your totally right. I just wish Doc gave him that chance and more playing time.

  • Vakld

    Eddie is getting 27 minutes per game since he debuted for the Knicks and Nate is getting 18. So same ppg with less minutes is a good look.

  • PutDJintheHall

    Nates on fire right now. it will drop off.
    he is younger, more athletic and a better fit with the celts. Much improved ball handling as well

  • Yeah, KG said it last night in the post game.
    “we all hate to see Eddie go, but nate is like a breath of fresh air and he is pure energy fits in good with the team, especially his personality”

  • So that’s Eddie 29%, Nate 53%

  • DRJ

    The 3 point shooting is gravy with Nate. Just means we won’t miss Eddie’s. We got Nate for his ball handling, energy, driving ability, playmaking, etc. Nice to get the better long-distance shooting to boot.

  • Teddie House

    Eddie with MORE assists and rebounds than Nate, and he’s averaging 0.1 more in points overall.