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Celtics Signing Finley

Chuck - Red's Army March 4, 2010 Uncategorized 56 Comments on Celtics Signing Finley


Fin is excited to come to Boston.

Via Yahoo Sports

Veteran free agent swingman Michael Finley has decided to join the Boston Celticsand will sign over the next few days, an NBA source told Yahoo! Sports.

Finley is expected to sign the prorated veteran minimum in “the next day or so,” the source said.

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  • Danno

    This is good stuff right here.

  • Beastondo32

    Looks like we got out 3 point specialist to replace eddie… overall upgrade with nate handling the scoring and fin knocking down 3s late in games

  • rico

    if fin can get any where near where he was a few years back then this is a good pick up

  • BleedGreenInOrlando

    Great pick up Celtics now let’s just see if it will work out.

  • Celtsfan33

    Michael Finley…..for threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Let’s hope we hear some of that. I’m down with the Fin-dog!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Another topic for the 2 man Game! This is a great pick up! Improving with waived players at this time of year is unlikely but so was Finley leaving the Spurs.
    Our bench just got deeper. I still think Nate will hit more threes but we now have spacing in the second unit. Get Sheed’s fat ass on the blocks.
    I imagine TA will still play some. It’s nice now that if TA is ef-ing up we’ll no longer have to put back in Ray or PP. Doc is gonna have chance to finally control some minutes around here. He’ll trust 1-10 on our squad (though inexcusably not Shelden).

  • MikeintheNEnowNYC

    if we were playing nba live 96, this would be a great move. on second thought, it’s worth a shot so long as numbers make sense.
    Pleased to see Sheldon getting some time.

  • Hella

    Average age just jumped. AARP?

  • CFH

    Loved Finley when he was younger. Have no idea what he can do now. But I’m sure that Finley > empty roster spot.
    There’s no downside to this move. The absolute worst he can do is not play well.

  • Perry

    I’m not a big fan of this move, but you guys are right. It’s low cost and a sound insurance policy should Ray get hurt. Maybe he can hit a few big shots, and keep Sheed inside. Let’s hope so and welcome him aboard.
    Two items jump out at me.
    First, no bold moves or blockbuster trades. Adding Nate and Finley proved that management is committed to the core players (at least for the remainder of the season).
    Second, even though he’s past his prime as was Cassell and PJ, isn’t it amazing how top flight NBA names take the veteran minimum to play in Boston.
    Finely in Green? Never thought I’d see the day.

  • Walk

    If this keeps TA on the bench, then I’m all for it

  • cmoney

    “If this keeps TA on the bench, then I’m all for it
    It likely will, since Doc hates young people, but unfortunately for you and the rest of Celtics fan, such a personnel switch will be a disaster. There’s a reason Finley couldn’t get off the pine in SA. He’s done. Absolutely done.
    Just another sad, last grasp at relevancy by the Cs organization. Just admit it, guys, our window is gone. ’08 was certainly worth it, we just got older faster than expected.

  • aaron

    I dont see how finley playing between 8-12 minutes a game can hurt us.

  • Danno

    Why would we admit this coming off back to back wins, and a 30 point drubbing of Charlotte who are fighting for a playoff spot – when KG, Pierce & Ray all played >30 minutes?

  • thetitleisours

    Battie next?

  • Danno

    Battie didn’t seek a buyout. too late.

  • celtified

    what i don’t like is that Fin wasn’t happy with his reduced minutes in SA which might mean he got some assurances from danny and doc that he would play a certain amount. i certainly think doc will “overuse” Fin instead of riding a hotter younger hand. bottom line, we got a little bit deeper for cheap

  • Perry

    There’s nothing wrong with a little insurance going into the post season. He doesn’t necessarily have to break a 9-10 man rotation and I assure you Doc will shorten it come playoff time. Unless he’s on fire don’t be surprised to see him log in some DNP’s.
    He didn’t play much this year, so does that mean Pop lost confidence in him? Or was he a victim of the numbers game playing behind Jefferson along with the emergence of George Hill?

  • I like the pickup but I don’t think he will be taking to many minutes from TA. Doc loves to use TA because of his defense, which means he’ll still be in there playing but the reason for the pick up is not to replace TA.
    This signing gives Doc just more versatility with his lineups. If we need scoring and spacing Finley will be in, if we need some defensive stops, then TA is in. A great pickup for a pure versatility standpoint.

  • nick

    everybody says well he can play 8 or 9 minutes a game it can’t hurt..True, but the thinig is Doc is a stupid fool when it comes to distributing P.T…He doesn’t know wtf he is doing and gets stuck with weird rotations that he keeps 4 no real reason. I think this team should play the starting 5 obviously and Nate,Baby,T.A,Sheed,Shelden,Finley, and Queezy. All 12 of them, ur damn right i think they should all play. We have an old team and if this can help us stay healthy then y the f not? But no Doc struggles to play even 8 guys consistently, so lets just hope finley eliminates Scal from ever touching the court again. Scal and Marcus Landry should now be inactive for the rest of the year. This deal is worth it just for the fact that it eliminates Scal from ever playing in green and white again. BYE BYE SCAL U SUCK. Finley is a good shooter and a effort guy. He’s essentially our 12th man and he is better than Jamario Moon or Anthony Parker so I’ll take it

  • Shawn-cvd

    This one was different though. Every other acquired player was out of the league or not in the contender hunt at the time. We essentially traded Lester Hudson (who Doc refused to play) for Michael Finley (who Doc will play).

  • I like it. Another veteran w/playoff/Finals experience for the locker room, dude who can hit the mid to long-range jumper, play some D and who won’t run his mouth/complain/distract. Just a solid player-period. Yeah, I like everyone else am not thrilled he turns 37 in 48 hours, but oh well-he really is the best avail option for us right now. I think if Doc can use him and T.A. where appropriate, this could work out real well.

  • This might just mean Paul Pierce and Ray Allen can get an extra 2 or 3 minutes on the bench. Then depending on the lineups, he could get a couple minutes from Tony or Marquis… and right there you’ve got 8-10 minutes.
    It can work. Will it? We’ll see, I guess.
    How’s that for analysis?

  • *think he actually turns 38 Saturday

  • Ta-DOW.

  • Shawn-cvd

    It’s easier to pick the field then to pick the C’s. Enjoy the humble pie when we’re celebrating number 18.
    If Fins only significantly contributes *once* during our play off run it can be all the difference we need.

  • DRJ

    But we still have one open roster spot. So we gave Lester away…. fer nuttin.

  • DRJ

    Weird time to be making that statement. The Cs just proved they still have it, didn’t you notice? The window is still wide open, son… and will stay that way for a while longer (health permitting).

  • Lakersfans laughing at you

    MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Celt’s average age just jumped to 62!
    The thing is, if Finley actually results in an improvement for the Celts, this means bigger problems than what we all thought. There’s a reason why Pop hasn’t been playing this guy for the Old Spurs team. Now some of you really think he’s an ‘upgrade’ in any sense of that word?

  • Lee in Oregon

    I dont like it in that he’s another broken down old man who’ so far past his prime some guys dont remember his prime was in Dallas….
    Yes, he can shoot better than Quisy or TA….but I’d rather see those driving than see Finley shooting. One of my problems with this team is they’vr become a jumpshooting team, they have been all year.
    Like most of you, I’d rather have Bill Walker, who is starting to look like the next Joe Johynson.

  • Shawn-cvd

    OK we traded Lester and Giddens (who Doc wouldn’t play) for Finley. Point is Ainge knows Doc isn’t into the youth movement so he’s giving coach pieces he’ll USE.

  • Shawn-cvd

    TA and Quisy on floor st time really screws up spacing and get’s Sheed camping on the three point line. I’d rather our second unit be designed to get Sheed doing his thing in the post. Finley won’t get us touches…he’ll spread the floor.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I meant Finley won’t get many touches….

  • john

    Choice between Finley and an empty seat on the bench. This is a no-brainer.

  • Shawn-cvd

    If you look exclusively at the age of players to determine their worth your knowledge is non-existent.
    Finley is an upgrade compared to Scal, Landry and arguably TA. Our core is established. This is a tweak.
    Oh and one more thing troll: Last time we got older off waivers (a retired PJ Brown and a 38 year old Sam Cassell) the Celts went on to completely embarrass the Flakers in the Finals.

  • DRJ

    Good point. Kinda funny… Ainge has to dig up geezers or he knows Doc won’t use em. This team sure is funny.

  • cmoney

    if it’s 8-12 minutes that TA isn’t playing, it will hurt us, because he’s a lot worse than TA is.
    Just like the minutes Baby plays over Shelden hurts us.

  • DRJ

    After much analysis, and study, I am ready to proclaim that this acquisition……. is very close to meaningless. Boring, even.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Come playoff time the game will slow down. Many more half court sets which TA does not thrive in. Not saying Fins can thrive there but he will space the floor so Sheed can be on the blocks and TA or Quis has space to drive. Even if it’s only 5-8 minutes a game that can only help.

  • Lex

    Thanks for the link yesterday. Just saw it!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Why didn’t Battie leave the Nets to play on ANY play off team?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Funny, last I checked the Lakers were the other team in hot pursuit to sign Finley… and he chose us. Maybe he has a thing against Rapists…

  • RAS

    This couldn’t hurt

  • Perry

    Hope you’re right. Never know — he could hit that one big shot ala PJ Brown.

  • Dude Bro Guy

    Cavs just got Z back.

  • jared

    Yes yes….if this bumps scal im all for it.Sick of the phoney mocking cheers and sick of his brainless brand of basketball. And im sick of the fact hes still fat.

  • DRJ

    And that’s a good thing, for the Celtics. We need the Cavs to have either Shaq (preferably) and/or Z playing. Brown’s not brave or smart enough to sit them, and either of those two slows that team down to where they’re much easier for the Cs to handle.

  • i dont think you are, but it sounds like you are implying that all PJ did here was hit one big shot? becuase that would be totally false
    he did hit a big shot, but he did soooooooo many other things to help our team win that year that it would be stupid to say he just hit one big shot
    if finley contributes to this team as much as brown did to the championship team, we will be in fantastic shape

  • Tony Allen hasnt made a single three all year
    Finley will give the bench a total of 3 players that have scored more than 20 points in a game this year (sheed and nate being the other two)
    finley was playing 15 mpg for the spurs still this season, so why would he want to come here to have it cut down to 10 as most of yall are suggesting, i tend to think he will be playing more in the 15-18 min range, especially during the season
    he allows Doc the option of not having both paul and ray on the court at all times with rondo as he has had to in the past, Marquis and Finley give the second unit an effective slash/shoot duo at the back up wing spots
    The celtics needed Finley because playing Marquis and TA together was redundant, and basically alowed the defense to sag off two to three guys at all times
    with nate, finley, sheed, and baby in the game we can post up sheed more effectively, and even Quisy as he is very comfortable posting up smaller guards
    I think doc might even slot finley into the starting lineup if pierce or allen were to go down for a game or so
    a lot of people are down on finley right now but i think a change of scenery will do him good, i think he will be a valued contributer by the time its all said and done this year
    and FINALLY danny added a high character, steadying presence to a bench full of headcases, which is exactly what they are, sheed-headcase, big baby-headcase, nate-by all acounts is a headcase, TA-a different tony shows up every night, marquis-the guy has a diamond replica of his face, and scal landry and sheldon need not apply for playing time apparently

  • Shawn-cvd

    LOL on the diamond replica. Our bench is kinda like the Island of Misfit Toys…

  • oversee-spectator

    pure desperation move… celtics are done and this is the prove. they just don´t know what they should do instead to come back this year…
    nevermind….good luck…u will need it…

  • Perry

    Sure. You’re absolutely right about PJ being more than a one trick pony. I was just referencing that one shot because that was his signature moment as a Celtic. I don’t see Finley having a huge impact rotation wise, but we all know he’s capable of making a pressure shot or free throw. Or is he?
    As I said at the begriming of this thread his presence will coax Doc into giving Ray a rest. We all agree both Ray and Pierce log in too many minutes. All of us know Doc trusts veterans over the younger guys. I would have liked to have seen what Walker could do, but I knew based on Doc’s track record he, Giddens, and Hudson would be nothing more than glorified caddies.
    Many of us believe Finley can at least space the floor better than TA, which is true. But I see a little chemistry developing between Nate and TA, and Nate’s game could bring out the best of TA. I could stand 5-8 minutes of TA during the course of a playoff game – if he’s in lock down mode on ‘D’.
    As for Scal, he tries hard, but we would rather see Finley launching a 3 even though Scal shoots it at a higher percentage this year. Scal is now truly the last man standing on the bench, and has reached the pinnacle of Hank Finkel status.
    All kidding aside, I think we do have two able, interchangeable veterans (Quis + Finley) backing up Ray and Pierce. That’s a void which was never filled last year. Let’s face it, this team ran out of gas in the playoffs. That being said, I don’t see Finley or TA being part of a set rotation when the postseason begins because Doc will trim his bench to a 9 man rotation. This move gives him options, and you can never have enough of those in the playoffs.

  • Perry

    Desperation move signing a player at the veteran’s minimum?

  • Perry

    Zach Lowe at Celtics Hub has complied some sobering numbers racked up by Finley.
    Where do these guys find the time to do this kind of extensive research?

  • ‘Quisy may have that diamond-encrusted head, but ya gotta admit he’s a man of few words-just plays ball and works hard. But I agree that Finster is def a great addition to the locker room. But mainly the reason I replied to you is to stress that we now have a stoic presence to compliment T.A.’s youthful spark! ;D lmao..

  • Do they sell HaterAde overseas? Or “oversee”? *glug* *glug* Don’t forget to pour a little out for your dead homies. *gulp* *glug*