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Big Baby’s lost season

Glen davis in trouble

In June, it seemed like Glen Davis was on his way to some good NBA money and maybe even some starter minutes somewhere.  He was a restricted free agent.  He'd just developed a mid-range jumper.  He'd shown a tenacity that belied his "undersized" body.  And he had dedicated himself to keeping his weight down.

But then it all started to unravel when Danny Ainge played the GM waiting game by announcing to the league they'd match offers for Glen… without actually offering Baby a contract of his own.  He effectively drove the market down to a point where Glen had to agree to a 2 year, $6.3 million dollar deal in a market where Marcin Gortat got about $33 million over 5 years.

Little did Glen know that was the high point.

He missed time after breaking his hand on his friend's face.  He got fined for swearing at fan… prompting questions about his maturity.  He got ridiculed for suggesting, after he was asked the question, that he get a new nickname.  And he's been accused of purposely injuring Shaquille O'Neal.

He can't buy a break.  And it's showing up on the court.  Glen Davis is having what many fans are starting to realize is a disappointing season.  But its disappointing in a way that just fits the frustrating pattern of everything else since June.

Glen still hustles.  He still brings a ton of effort and energy when he's on the floor.  So it's not like he's not trying.  But the results are just not going his way.  Last night against Charlotte, as a 17 point second quarter lead evaporated, Glen Davis was front and center… turning the ball over, getting blocked, and committing fouls.  It seemed there was a stretch of a few minutes where anything bad that happened had Davis' finger prints on it.

He's numbers are down almost across the board.  He's a power forward, playing down low a lot more than he used to last season, and he's shooting 42.7% from the field.  According to, 30% of his "inside" shots are blocked.  Glen does a great job of getting himself into the paint… but once he's there, he gets surrounded.  And with all the trees around him and only 3 seconds to make a decision, there's no reason to go for any of his shot fakes.  You just wait there for him to jump and then you feed it back to him when he does. 

Those numbers are flat out terrible.  Shooting 5 of 14 against the Pistons?  3 points and 1 rebound against the Bobcats? 

Baby will still do good things.  He'll still play hard.  But he negates the good things he does with bad plays.  And right now it's got to be in his head.  There was more than one occasion last night where he'd drop his shoulders, tilt his head back, and give that frustrated gaze to the heavens as if to ask "Dear God… how did I not make that play?"  He knows it's not going his way.

Nothing has… for a while.

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  • aaron

    he has no one to blame but himself.

  • Donald

    I could not agree more with this article. Sheldon Williams needs to get Davis’s minutes. He’s a better rebounder, and has a higher basketball iq. He doesn’t try to do to much and knows his role.
    Also as a side note did anyone else see Tony Allen take himself out of a play because he was frustrated that Rondo didn’t hit him on an ally oop? Are you frigging serious Allen! Your team is trying to string something together and you pull that bull sh*t!

  • Lex

    Shelden has definitely been making some noise. He throws people around like no one else on the team.
    But I’m still firmly in baby’s corner.

  • G4L

    Two words… Leon Powe!

  • I guess I am just naive about NBA teams. How can we say he has no one to blame but himself? How can it be that Davis is making the choice to post up rather than run whatever play gets him a jumpshot? Seems to me it is a team decision to get him down low and try to make something happen. Something that he just isn’t physically able to get done. Anyone?

  • He is being asked to play a different role. last year he was kinda filling in for KG, so he was shooting a lot more jumpers.

  • Exactly my point. He is being asked to play a role completely different from what his skill set is suited for. He can take the jumpers and still crash the boards and take charges and such. Seems likes folks here (not you) would like to see him rot on the bench rather than do what he is fully capable of doing.
    I think Doc should start using him like the guy who helped us go as far as we did go last year.

  • But it's also on Glen to realize when he's in trouble down low and reset the play.  Don't be a black hole out there, Glen. Pass it out… get set up… and let's try to score a different way.  It does us no good to grab and offensive board and then have the shot blocked.

  • After reading this, (and agreeing), I got to thinking about KG. Bear with me..
    A lot of BBD’s success I believe came from the influence of KG, and a lot of Perk’s progression too. Now compare BBD to the start that Perk had. Perk came out like a MONSTER to start the season and has been declining since. I wonder if the lack of KG’s influence is affecting them both.. whether KG can’t focus on team development because he’s focusing on his health, or has less confidence.
    I’m not blaming KG whatsoever, nor comparing his troubles to Perks. This is all on BBD. However I do think that BBD isn’t right in the head and if his vets aren’t there to straighten him out he hasn’t shown the maturity/fortitude to pull himself out of it on his own.
    When KG was at his best, we all talked about the influence he has, the way he changed the team, etc.. wouldn’t the opposite also be true?

  • thetitleisours

    I rather go with a guy with more heart than talent. Powe and Walker were two guys with attitude that we let get away

  • Perry

    Your points are well taken. My question is — if healthy, would you have signed Leon and jettisoned Davis? I’ve always thought Davis was more polished offensively.
    Yep, sure he’s flawed, which is why no GM over paid for him. Part of his struggles I think come from being paired with Sheed who loves that high post. When Davis played alongside Leon or Kevin he was more comfortable picking and popping then posting up. So who he’s substituted with does not play to his strength. Personally I would like too see more him and Kevin especially since Kevin is dishing more than swishing these days.
    But you got to cut him some slack. As you mentioned he’s not taking plays off. The energy level is there. I love the way he slides into a charge and he’s the only guy who gets offensive rebounds. His jumper is just not as consistent as it was last year, but hopefully he’ll round into shape. Or is that an oxy-moron?

  • CFH

    I like both of those guys and wish they were still Celtics, but I don’t think the Celtics really “let” either of them get away.
    Because of the contracts involved, they HAD to trade Walker to get Nate when they needed scoring/energy/ a shakeup.
    And Leon… originally he said he wouldn’t sign unless he got mid-level money with the second year at HIS option instead of the team’s. That’s insane. When Cleveland offered him a sane deal, reports were the Celtics offered to match and he said no.
    Besides, Baby had his great playoffs last year. The Celtics weren’t going to let him go regardless of what happened with Leon. Leon was fighting Shelden, not Baby, for the other backup forward spot. So if the Celtics had kept both and Baby broke his thumb, the front line would have been way too thin.
    Losing Leon and Walker sucks… but it’s not as if the team lost them through stupidity or incompetence.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Never really thought about it that way. This could be true, I mean we all know the sort of influence KG had on Perk and baby’s careers. He played a major role in the progression of both of these players.

  • Nick

    This is a fucking ridiculous article..Glen ain’t what he was in the playoffs because he’s not playing 35 minutes per game. R u guys serious? I guess this time of year ain’t just the dog days for is for writers too because Glen has been getting better and better the last month and a half. All u goobers clamoring for Leon Powe pease just crawl into a shell and dissapear. Glen is twice the athlete and player that Benedict Powe will ever be. I agree that Shelden Williams should get burn. He’s very underutilized on this squad because he’s what we need a YOUNG BANGER who always plays as hard as humanly possible. Play all 5 bigs I say or slide Baby down to the 3 for stretches. Right now are team is so deep I love what Doc is doing he’s FINALLY got it right. And u guys love to keep hopping on the fact that he gets blocked all the time.. Great point but so does Carl Landry, Craig Smith, Leon Powe, Ryan Gomes, Dejuan Blair, J.J Hickson, I can keep going too. Cmon u guys Bib Baby plays really hard so stop complaining. If u get the ball under the hoop esp from an offensive rebound u go up..Thtas what we’re taught at the earliest stages of basketball. Just deal with it.

  • KY Celts fan

    whatever happened to Perk’s little eight-foot jumper? Haven’t seen it for a while.

  • thetitleisours

    Thanks for your thoughts CFH. On Powe, the Celtics could have at least made an offer, even the minimum. If he refused that then at least it would have been his choice.
    On the Walker issue I agree with this guy:
    I just like players who punch a clock rather than play just to get it over with (Sheed? 😉 )

  • 11 rings

    Whoa dude. Leon Powe does not get his shot blocked as much as Baby. In fact, he is a much better finisher than Baby. Down low is where Powe wants the ball and he can actually elevate and finish. To call Baby twice the athlete the Powe is, that’s crazy talk. Powe is short, but he can jump. Baby is short and unfortunately can’t jump, which is a bad combination and why he gets blocked so much. Ever tried jumping with a 45 pound weight on your back? A blocked shot is not that big of a tragedy, but why should we “Just deal with it”? It’s Baby’s job to deal with it by losing the excess weight. If I had Spalding tattooed on my head on the regular I think I would drop the weight.
    Also, Powe is a monster on the defensive boards and decent on the offensive boards. Baby is good at grabbing offensive boards but is weak on the defensive boards, which is a big problem for a 4.


    baby is the new tony allen

  • aaron

    you obviously do not watch the celtics often

  • aaron

    nick is also the dude that said we’d win another ring….
    if only we could get corey maggette (and get rid of Scal of COURSE!) LMFAO

  • DRJ

    It’s on “Baby” Davis because he has failed to lose the extra weight, which creates the inability to jump, which creates the ease with which he is blocked (league leader in that dubious department).
    But, Davis is a much better defender than Shelden… knows how to take a charge, for sure, and able to handle the perimeter threats as well as the big bigs. Shelden, on the other hand, is not only weaker on D, he’s got stone hands on O. But he’s a better finisher and rebounder, and a better overall athlete. So… it’s a tradeoff.
    But if Baby would lose the damn weight… which is inexcusable, really, if this is what he thinks is his livelihood… then it would be a clear win for him (over Shelden, Powe, et al).
    Btw, nick… you called Powe “Benedict”? Why, because he was let go by the Celtics? (It’s important to try to make sense, you know.)

  • Classless

    Glen Davis is a disaster waiting to happen once he gets paid. He already has a ring, now his motivation is money. As soon as he gets his contract, he’ll become Othello Harrington. He’s too small, gets blocked too often, refuses to shoot the mid range jumper he developed last year, and is yet another slow big man on this team.