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Your Morning Dump… Where maybe its not as bad as it looks

Celtics on the floor

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Here’s another way of looking at it – that starting five has been in
place for 10 games since Garnett’s injury.

“I don’t because I don’t know if we have maybe one game or two,”
Rivers said last night of how recently he’s had that luxury. “In games
it’s important, but it would be nice to have them in practice so you can
get ready for the games. But we should still be winning games and
playing better than we’ve been playing. We have to correct the way we’re
playing with whoever is on the floor, and it has nothing to do with
injuries. Injuries have kept us from playing as well as we want to play,
but it hasn’t kept us from winning games. We should win more games.

“When you look at the scale in the rest of the league we’re not in
bad shape. Everybody, except for the Lakers and Cleveland, is a game
apart. Maybe it’s not as bad as it looks. You plan on being healthy, but
when injuries happen you just go through it. We’ve probably been
through it more with our key guys. But the Lakers missed (Pau) Gasol for
a couple of games and Kobe (Bryant) for a couple of games. Everyone
goes through it.”

Herald: Robinson draws on past experience/Celtics notebook

I'm not going to pretend that the Celtics turned some corner last night.  They didn't look great at all… but a win is a win.  And Doc's right… the Celtics are 2.5 games out of the 2nd seed. 

After all that… after everything the Celtics have been through… they're still only a couple of games out of that #2 seed.  The Celtics had their starting 5 intact for the first 26 games of the season… and only 10 games since.  They're fighting through injury and general malaise.  And they're still right there.

Just sayin…

Maybe it's not as bad as it looks.

Coming up… Page 2, Where Rondo's been working on his free throws

Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images

"I've been working hard on it," said Rondo, who had 15
points and a game-high 11 assists. "Teams are going to foul me, so I
have to step up and try and knock them down."

Said Ray Allen: "He
looks like he's in a great rhythm. And that rhythm, it gives you
confidence. He shot the free throws, up, down, they didn't touch the rim
. . . it just seemed like it went in the way you hope to make your free
throws. I like it."

So did Kevin Garnett, who has talked to
Rondo about approaching the line with the same high level of confidence
he has when he's driving to the basket or pulling up for a jumper.

wants it," Garnett said. "I think he's out to prove not only something
to us, and you [media] guys, and whoever else and himself. I told him,
'Don't be afraid of anything in basketball, especially when you work on
it.' "

CSNNE: Talking Points

When he was fouled with 6 seconds left with the Celtics up 3, I said "just need one Rondo."

He calmly swished both.

After starting out shooting 38.5% from the line in November… he raised that percentage to 59.1% at the All Star break…. and he's been shooting 70.4% since.  He's improving.  It's a work in progress… you can see how his form has evolved throughout the season… but he's improving. 

I do think Rondo should bear some more of the responsibility for the Celtics' sloppy play… but we'll save that for later in the day.

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  • DRJ

    Yeah, to your last point. Rondo’s TOs are not HORRIBLE based on is A/T ratio… but there are still too many of them. Too many needles he tries to thread. Too many brain-freezes, where he just stops paying attention for a second and -poof- the ball’s in the other team’s hands.
    The whole team has that problem. I just hope it stops as games start getting more serious. But that sloppiness… seems to me THAT’S a switch that’s hard to throw at will.

  • The Obama administration needs to hire John as master spinster.
    After unemployment spikes or stock market crashes or terrorist attacks, he can say “it’s not as bad as it looks..”

  • DRJ

    He said “MAYBE” it’s not as bad as it looks. That’s called “plausible deniability”. (You know… where they lie their asses off to us but insert a word that gives them one tiny wormhole through which they can crawl out if they get caught.)

  • Orb

    I liked that double leg stretch Rondo was doing before freethrows. I didn’t know if he was just tight and stretching, or if that’s a new style. Not a bad idea, gets your mind on your legs, orients everything forward… maybe Shaq should try it assuming he can bend that far.
    Hey, where’s the T-Mobile section you guys going to be in tonight?

  • There’s no section, really. The tickets are scattered all over the place.
    I, personally, am in section 305

  • I was just quoting Doc….
    … and someone has to be the person to talk everyone off the ledge.

  • Orb

    Got it. I did notice a hell of a lot of tickets became available after they lost to the Nets… We’re in 330, I’ll be the guy in the Celtics shirt.

  • tyquinton

    Walker scored 21 points for the NEW YORK KNICKS last night
    Thanks a lot Doc

  • Perry

    Caution. You’re about to enter the no-spin zone.
    Right on the money.
    A nice road win, coupled with the emergence of Nate, and a re-loaded Shelden. If his number is never called again, at least Doc knows he has a guy sitting at the end of his bench who can provide hard nose play.
    But let’s be honest here. Pierce and Kevin are not 100%. This team cannot realistically contend for a title with their two most versatile offensive players hampered by injuries.
    The good news is Kevin seems to be more fluid, but his game is not a measured as we’ve accustomed to seeing. Eight shot attempts is not enough. He needs to be more aggressive as he was on Saturday. Both guys need to be more selfish and start establishing their offense in the 1st quarter.
    We’ll see this transformation occur when their healthily. Till then don’t expect a sharp turn because it’s going to be gradual. No longer are we seeing a starting five who dismantles the opponent in quarters 1 and 3. Frankly, they’re not as dominating as they once were, but that will change if both guys overcome their respective injuries. When that happens we’ll all know this team is all the way back.

  • There were a few occasions last night that scared the crap out of me.. one in particular when KG, PP, and RA were literally WALKING up the court at around the 6 min mark in the 3rd I think.
    Rondo dribbled left and nobody tried to break free, Rondo ended up with a TO. I don’t hold him responsible at all. He needs to have fewer mental errors though if others on the floor played with his intensity he may have more open passing lanes.

  • Ok… I’ll be sure to look for the guy at the game in the Celtics shirt. Should find you no problem 🙂

  • Rob G.

    Amen! Since I also remain friends with a little thing called “reality” (a concept with which John has been at war for months), might I also point out that the Celtics are a whopping game and a half better than the Oklahoma City Freakin’ Thunder?
    If in October (before the season started and before John began his jihad with reality) I told John that Boston would be just 1.5 games better than OKC on March 3rd, I wonder if it would have been hosanas or expletives coming from his mouth!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Once again….they beat a crap team (BARELY) and other than not blowimg the game, didnt look that good doing it.
    I agree with BigMck…..John, your day job is in PR? A certain NBA team could maybe use you if they intend to continue selling out games……strange how games that used to be a “gimme” are now so closely contested or lost.

  • I would have been surprised that the Thunder were that good.
    Hey… by all means, you are welcome to write the team off. Pardon me for not taking a flying leap off the Tobin Bridge

  • Be prepared for the "the OKC are a really good team" defense.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Too many turn overs!! He played 35 minutes!! It’s like he’s playing for the New York Red Claws (which is to say Walker only got those kind of minutes in the NBDL over here)
    Doc would only get him ten minutes at most. The energy would be there but I doubt the touches.