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T-Mobile Recap: So that’s what a blowout feels like


For the 3rd time this season, the Celtics throttled the Charlotte Bobcats. The damage inflicted tonight: Celtics 104 – Bobcats 80. This was the Celtics first double-digit win at home since Dec. 20.

We saw vintage Paul Pierce in this game. 27 points, 4-6 3FG, 4 assists and 3 steals. When he wasn't draining threes, he was attacking the hoop. He even looked quick at times.

Nate Robinson (16 points, 4-6 3FG) led the second unit once again. The bench finished with 45 points.

Three point shooting: Celtics 10-16, Charlotte 0-9

The Celtics had 8 blocks, 10 steals and held Charlotte to 36% FG shooting.

Thanks to a 13-0 run by the reserves, the Celtics built a 17-point lead in the 2nd quarter. However, the Bobcats clawed their way back and trailed by 9 at the half. The teams traded baskets in the 3rd quarter until the Cs ripped off a 13-2 run midway thru the quarter, fueled by Pierce (7 points). The game was over at this point.

An unusual stat-line from Ray Allen. 18 minutes, 3 points, 1-2 FG. Ray did a great job harassing Stephen Jackson (8 points, 2-6 FG).

The lead reached 31 a few times in the 4th quarter.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Krypto-Nate! Amazing game! Celtic Pride! Additional enthusiastic comment!

  • DRJ

    I finally feel good about this team. Paul was the last big problem… and he showed tonight that he’s back, that it wasn’t anything serious, just a slump, maybe because of injury or fatigue.
    Sheed sucked, esp on D, but we figure (hope) he’s saving it for the playoffs. Everybody else was pretty great. I feel a lot better now.
    (Refs were typically stupid… maybe a little stupider than usual.)

  • Lee in Oregon

    They actually looked like a team out there. I was worried about this one but they held strong in the second half, I thought they all hustled, both starters and bench. I’m not gonna get all silly and say they’re back but thats’s a step in the right direction.
    Maybe I was wrong about Nate though, he has the green team all fired up. Sheldom Williams needs minutes, preferably Sheed’s.

  • greenbeand

    lets not omit the obvious: sheed 0-0 3pt

  • Alex

    Preferably Sheed’s or Big Baby’s.

  • DRJ

    Yeah… great stat, for Sheed. Maybe this is one more benefit of Nate coming to this team. Sheed can stop bombing 3s, since Nate’s there spacing the floor for us.

  • Scott

    I’m getting increasingly pissed we let Bill Walker go. He clearly wouldn’t have gotten the minutes he’s getting in NY but we certainly could use his athleticism and energy off the bench and he’s showing he can play when given the opportunity.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yup career high in points again tonight… and he started and played 30+ minutes and shot a high %. He’s gonna be a good player!

  • 1st time I’ve left the Garden feeling satisfied in quite a while. Agree with the other posters that ‘Sheed not only needs to ease up on the 3’s, but tonight his lack of effort was atrocious. My friend Brandon and I watched him play “matador”, not get back on defense, let guys into the paint uncontested, and I could go on and on. I keep hearing from those who “know him” that he’ll take it up a notch come playoff time, but I don’t know. The better the C’s play, the worse his laziness sticks out. Ok, enough whining and player bashing..Glad to see Shelden in there again. Kid works hard and really hustles. He deserves more mins. We cannot be satisfied with this tonight-we now have 7 of our 8 next games vs subpar teams that we should easily beat. I hope we take advantage and go on a nice win-streak to build confidence for the rest of year/playoffs.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I bagged on NY on Monday but that’s not Walker’s fault. Third quality game from him. Doc still wouldn’t play him but he would have gotten his chance here in 1-2 seasons. We certainly shouldn’t have let him go…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Have faith all. We declared the old Celtics dead last Sunday. Look what has risen from the ashes. Very encouraging:)
    Welcome back Truth!!! His shot is true and it was good to see him without those knee braces. Don’t forget that during our torrid start (to this year) Pierce was our most consistent player. It would be huge for Paul to get back to being that assassin once more.
    I’m gonna be a broken record about this: Nate will win us some games as well as keep our second unit out on the floor with his scoring, energy and quickness. In turn our starters will get valuable rest. Our second unit no longer looks stagnant on offense and it will get better as Nate gets more integrated.
    Loved how the C’s closed out the second quarter then took over in the third. Keep playing that horny D guys!!!

  • DRJ

    Well… Doc should have given him a chance here, which he never did. But if “not letting him go” means no Nate deal, I wouldn’t take that… I’m starting to believe the Nate deal was BRILLIANT… the perfect guy to bring in at this time. His energy, his persona, his connection with the crowd, his playing, everything about this guy seems right for this team, right now. And it seems that it goes both ways… a match made in heaven, for both sides.
    So for sure, I was sorry to see Eddie go, and now it seems Billy too… but I’m still overall glad the deal was made.
    ‘Sides… ya never know… both Eddie and Billy could end up coming right back home this summer.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Finally the C’s.
    I saw a different attitude and a team spirit, and everything looked better: KG played better, Ray did some great defense, Sheed played better, Pierce looked like he was not carrying heavyweights on the ankles and so on..
    I think Nate is getting great, and he’s already a favorite of the fans. His arrival is shaking up things inside the team, I hope Rondo will take the challenge the right way ‘cos last night sometimes he looked kind of somewhere else.

  • Shawn-cvd

    +1 on that. This window is closing we HAD to get Nate. Straight up for House couldn’t work due to $$$ unfortunately.

  • Favorite stat of the night: Boston scores 104 and Pierce had the most shot attempts at 13. Nice.

  • aaron

    see me when we play someone with a winning record.

  • Shawn-cvd

    A win is a win. A blow out at that. There are obviously more questions to be answered. For now they gotta play the schedule. Stay tuned…