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T-Mobile Recap: Nate to the rescue


Pfew. The Celtics got back on the winning track with a 105-100 win over the Pistons.

The Celtics got a fantastic effort (39 points) from their bench. Nate Robinson had 9 of his 14 points in the 4th quarter. Glen Davis had 12 points, 3 rebounds in 18 hustled-filled minutes. Even Shelden Williams (6 pts, 4 rebounds) contributed. The second unit started the 4th quarter with a 17-6 run.

The Celtics sealed this from the free throw line. Their final 11 points came from the stripe. Rajon Rondo (15 points, 11 assists, 6 TO) was 4/4 in the final 24 seconds.

Doc Rivers stuck with Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels for much of the 4th quarter. Rondo and Paul Pierce (9 points in 29 minutes) didn't play until the 3 minute mark.

The Celtics stretched their 3 point halftime lead to 8 points midway through the 3rd. As usual, the Celtics couldn't pull away. Detroit closed the quarter on a 19-8 run and led 75-72 going into the final period.

The Celtics shot 9-for-18 from three, Detroit was 3-for-20.

Credit Doc for adding one of the Knicks plays to help make Nate Robinson more comfortable on the floor.

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  • This is Nate Robinson. Doc needs to find this guy more minutes and let the damn offense just play! He tries to keep the bench so structured it gets in the way of scoring some damn points. This team struggles scoring so often because Doc keeps the clamps on them… Just let the damn guys ball, especially Nate he can score like crazy

  • DRJ

    But for some reason, Doc took the red-hot Nate OUT of the game with 3 minutes in the 4th, and inserted the ice-cold apparently-brain-damaged Paul Pierce at the same time.
    I swear, there is NO understanding Doc Rivers. I do believe he might be a nutjob.

  • and ALSO, I am convinced Shelden can give you good minutes crashing the board, Doc has got to get him minutes too. If the starting 5 are on cruise control, which they have been for awhile, give the bench some real run they will atleast hustle and play hard

  • I was Shaking my head, Nate comes out and starts the game 2/2 just hit a 3 and then Doc pulls him midway thru the 2nd, then he gets red hot in the 4th and he pulls him again? I completely agree man Doc is a nutjob and it is so irritating sometimes

  • pomps

    big baby shoots too much, and passes to little
    14 shots, thats more than any other player on the team, ide rather have better players taking better shots than baby

  • greenbeand

    Nice road W. However 1 block and out rebounded is not team defense! How sweet it would be to run the table on the rest of the month 🙂

  • I didn’t have a problem subbing Rondo back into the game.
    How about giving Doc credit for keeping Rondo on the bench until the 3 minute mark?
    And Rondo made his free throws down the stretch…

  • Quis had played about 12 straight minutes at that point. Maybe he was gassed.

  • DRJ

    No problem with Rondo in the game. Problem with PAUL in the game. And Nate not.

  • DRJ


  • DRJ

    And some of those shots were unmakable.

  • Who you want shooting on that second unit? Tony Allen? Shelden Williams?
    Maybe Davis forced a few shots, but we need him to be aggressive.

  • Perry

    Baby steps for Doc tonight. We know he’s not to keen when it comes to subbing Pierce or Ray. Well Pierce, rusty yes, but only logged in 29 minutes. So at least give Doc some credit for not riding a dead horse. Like the fact he stuck with Quis and Nate, but eventually you have to wind the game down with Romdo and Pierce.
    Good points on Nate being pulled too fast in the 2 quarter. Also agree on Quis losing stamina. Yes, Rondo looked composed at the free throw line, but a little sloppy (6 tos).
    Did not like the shot selection when the starters took command late in the 4th.
    Why does Kevin kick the ball out 25 feet when he’s 10 feet away from the basket? What was Ray thinking dribbling on the baseline only to turn it over? Should have pulled back and took the foul.
    Another omen — 5th game allowing the opponent 100+ points. Davis is hustling his ass off. Shelden did not hurt us out there either. I wanna see more of him and less Scal.

  • pomps

    i like seeing nate being aggressive and ide like to see him shooting, i appreciate baby’s hustle, but he tries to do too much offensively
    i think if most bench players shot that much we would see the same if not better numbers

  • Shelden busted his ass out there tonight. Hope some of the “superstars” were watching. Also noticed KG very vocal on D-things like that seem small, but he is the defensive leader of this squad and I like him in that role. Glad to see that despite his struggles/being hobbled he still is mentally staying focussed. Man it wasn’t pretty, but hopefully we can build off this and get a nice string of wins going. 8 of our next 9 games are against sub-par teams that we should beat- before another tilt w/the Cavs in Cleveland. C’s NEED to take advantage of this and try to get some momentum going.

  • Shawn-cvd

    This is what I was talking about 6+ wins will distance us from the debacle. Let’s start with winning our back to back:)

  • Shawn-cvd

    The only reason I want Ainge to go after Battie is because Doc won’t play Sheldon. Here’s a better idea coach; PLAY SHELDON!!!

  • Shawn-cvd

    This won’t be the first time this year Nate will win us some games. Ainge’s best mid-season pick up since PJ. Dude is potent.
    Stupid blackout prevented me from seeing game on League Pass Broadband. What I learned from the box score:
    Reading everything above I thought Nate played more…only 15 minutes! He was averaging a point a minute and Coach couldn’t find more time for him?
    Welcome back Truth! As stated earlier happy Doc didn’t over play him. Also his thumb must be better as he actually hit a three and was perfect from the charity stripe…
    It’s nice he hit two of them but could Sheed stop chucking 3’s? Especially when starting at center stay…in…the…paint.
    Everywhere you look at this game is a well balanced team effort. And I’m saying that of both teams. No 20+ scorers. Their rookie put in a double double. As did Rondo… Ray is still playing well it seems.
    I liked how they Green opened the fourth with their run. After Detroit’s 18-9 close out of the third the Celtics went on a 14-4 run to retake the lead. Answering their opponents runs is very encouraging.
    The only downside I see was allowing 100 points and losing the rebounding. Any win right now is a good win. It becomes a great win should we string them together.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    He did that a lot when eddie house was on fire and the bench was building momentum. I have a lot of issues with docs coaching moves. It seems he doesn’t have a good read on the flow/momentum of the game. His timing feels very irrational to me. And of course, the miles he was putting on the big 3 is unforgivable.

  • james

    Happy we got the win…but it makes my eyes burn every time big baby catches the ball 15-20 feet from the basket, faces up, and bricks a jumber. who the hell told him to go one on one every time he catches the ball.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Shelden did some nice job on the offensive side last night, but he was useless on rebounds: at some point we couldn’t get any.
    I saw some team effort and I’m cool with that, but I think a more decent team than Detroit would have got us; we have to do more and better if we want to switch the trend, and tonight it’s a key match to keep those good signs alive.

  • If the Celtics get Battie now, he won’t be eligible for the playoffs. That deadline passed on March 1… I believe.

  • DRJ

    I doubt anybody told him to do that. He can be very good with the pick-and-pop, where he has a pretty wide-open jumper from 10-14 feet or so. But going up vs. tight coverage? Huh? The boy can’t jump but maybe 6 inches off the ground. What’s he thinking?

  • lol @ the people whining about Big baby, who in my opinion has relly played with some heart lately and been a big boost, so just stop the complaining already.
    a win is a win…not impressive
    and if you’re going to hold out the startes until the 3 minute mark, and the bench essentially wins the game in that stretch…why the fuck put the startes back in at all?

  • While he certainly needs to improve his percentage, we need BBD to stay aggressive. We need his shot to come back, especially with Perk out, ‘Sheed starting and ‘Quis getting a lot of minutes, he and Nate are really the two shooting options with the 2nd unit.
    If he hits his j’s, TA and others can drive. BBD can’t take it to the hole or he gets blocked so developing his j is required… remember BBD late last year? Part of the argument for bringing him back was the development of his shot.

  • Ian

    The Clamps!
    That should be someones new nickname, Doc?

  • I was at the game. Sheldon looked lost on offense and defense. Yes he knows how to rebound, but how can he not know the offense and defense at this point of the season?

  • Again, at the game, Davis is useless on the block. Isn’t he the guy who made his mark by hitting jumper after jumper last year? He needs to get back to doing that.

  • Great to have the win. Funny to see how we have all changed our expectations on the team though. Paul Pierce was terrible tonight, he made Austin Daye look like an All Star. Davis needs to get back to shooting jumpers and occasionally mixing it up inside, not the other way around. Sheldon looked like he just got the play book, he is a hustler for sure but man he didn’t look like he knew what to do with himself. What’s with ‘Sheed going at Ben Wallace every chance he got? Dude, he owns you!!
    Nate won’t play like that every game, but he did exactly what he was brought here to do. He won the game for us. Thanks.
    Doc surprised me by going with the bench as long as he did while they were winning the 4th for us. Nice job there Doc. Detroit’s coach is awful.
    I’m happy for the win, but can someone tell me other than Nate in the fourth, how is this game different from the Nets game?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Free throw discrepancy?

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Did any of you read this article on espn? Here’s a quote: “If Robinson continues to put up numbers like he did Tuesday, the Celtics ought to toss their own playbook out the window and let Robinson add in some more Knicks plays.”
    Essentially, Robinson was given permission to use Knick’s plays out there. Its a nice gesture to rapidly acclimate nate, however it concerns me how open Doc is to changing his game plan. I don’t think doc has control over this team anymore. I think sheed and pierce just do what they want out there rather than sticking to a defined strategy.