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Finley Surprised Pop

Chuck - Red's Army March 2, 2010 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Finley Surprised Pop

A lot of people were kind of surprised that Michael Finley got bought out by the Spurs — including coach Greg Popovich

Popovich stressed that the Spurs had not ‘let Finley go,’ a connotation that would have implied dissatisfaction with a payer who had signed a free agent deal with the Spurs on Sept. 2, 2005. ‘We didn’t let him go,’ Popovich said. ‘He requested a buyout so he could leave and we granted that

He wants a shot at a ring.  And if he comes to Boston, he'll probably get enough minutes to feel like he's contributed.  But Finley hasn't exactly been "impressive" this year.  And he's only shooting 2-16 in February.

Maybe he can recapture some of the glory years our friends at Project Spurs re-lived today.

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  • The only ring contribution he can make in Boston is to BO-ring.
    >He wants a shot at a ring. And if he comes to >Boston, he’ll probably get enough minutes
    >to feel like he’s contributed.

  • Can’t blame Finster. Jefferson took his job, and RJ has been pretty much sucking all year other than a few decent games here and there. Finley was such a great 2 guard during his prime, and def could still contribute. It’ll just be a matter of sharing minutes w/T.A. and Doc and Danny deciding if they want to A)get another old dude or B)wait and see who else gets released/bought out. There was a good debate yesterday on this. I also think this shows motivation on Fin’s part. Alot of older vets who already have a ring may have just seen this as a chance to sit back and collect a check while the younger player gets the minutes. Not Finley-he wants to play, and wants to win. These are some attributes the Celtics desperately need right now in their personnel…

  • Danno

    It would give the Celtics another 3pt threat off the bench, to replace what House too with him.
    We have the roster spots open right? Why not.

  • thetitleisours

    Maybe a change of scenery may revitalize him. at least for the rest of this year. Worth a shot

  • if we do sign finley, i think Doc pretty much gives him all of TA’s minutes and then some; Doc loves playing veterans and isnt particularly fond of tony
    i think signing finley would reserve TA to a matchup defender role, which is probably the role he is best suited for now anyway
    maybe it’ll work out like PJ and Powe did in 2008 ; PJ was the more solid contributer and the guy that got minutes, and was overall more important to our champioship run, but Powe did have that one game against the lakers
    maybe thats what we’ll be able to say about TA after the season, he did have that one game against the lakers
    anyway, there is alot of ways you could go with this; and it really is a great argument; do we want to spread the floor or be more athletic, do we want a better defender or better size, do we want a veteran presence or the youthful spark
    always great debating with the one and only kwapt

  • Yeah man-we have to hit a game together dude. Get at me on Twitter: