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Boston & That Sports Babe tonight at 9pm

RedsArmyAdmin March 2, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on Boston & That Sports Babe tonight at 9pm

I'm going to continue to be the optimist here and say that by 9pm, the Celtics will be so far ahead of the Pistons that you're going to want something to cure your boredom.

Enter Boston & That Sports Babe.

We're live tonight at 9pm to talk about the Celtics recent woes… as well as the Shaq vs. Big Baby thumb controversy, the crazy emergence of Washington's Andray Blatche…. and we'll wonder why, in a world where drunk drivers kill as many people as guns, do Al Jefferson and Andres Nocioni get 2 game suspensions while Gilbert Arenas is taking the rest of the season off.

Jared Wade of Both Teams Played Hard and Hardwood Paroxysm will join us at 9pm.  If you want something to pass the time until the game and the show… check out Jared's comparison of the Celtics to the movie Major League.  It's great.  And since they win in the end… I'll accept the comparison as accurate.

You know what to do:  Visit our show page to listen and call in.

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